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Minimalist Engagement Rings: A Guide

by Haley Anhut
Last updated on September 13, 2023
Smiling woman wearing diamond solitaire engagement ring and diamonds hoops.

Minimalist engagement rings are a perfect choice for the bride that isn’t big on over-the-top styles but still wants an elegant ring. Not every bride is into massive halos, clusters of diamonds, or intricate vintage engagement rings (think art-deco style), and that is absolutely fine! Your engagement ring should reflect who you are, not the other way around.

A simple diamond engagement ring doesn’t mean you have to compromise on sparkle and beauty. In fact, we love simple engagement ring settings because they allow the diamond to shine without any distractions. We have a beautiful selection of minimalist, simplistic lab grown diamond engagement rings that are a must-see for the bride that loves the simple, non-flashy things in life.

What Are Minimalist Engagement Rings?

A Variety of Simple Minimal Engagement Rings.
A Variety of Simple Minimal Engagement Rings

What does ‘minimalist’ mean? For many minimalists, it means removing excess stuff and living their lives with less. An engagement ring is a reflection of the style of the person who wears it. There are engagement ring styles for every person out there, including those who prefer simple fine jewelry.

Minimalists opt for a simplistic and clean lifestyle, which often influences their style choices. Now, less does not mean boring. Often a simplistic engagement ring style allows for beautiful details and features to shine through, especially for engagement rings. Classic engagement rings are simple yet stunning. Not every bride wants an over-the-top ring, and for those brides, there are plenty of simple engagement ring options for you.

Our Selection of Minimalist Engagement Rings

Perfect Fit Solitaire Ring

Clean Origin Perfect Fit Solitaire Ring, minimalist engagement rings.

Our Perfect Fit Solitaire Ring is a fantastic choice for the minimalist bride who wants style and comfort. The Perfect Fit ring collection is unique in that it is made to ensure your ring will not turn while on your finger. This classic solitaire engagement ring is a crowd-pleaser. Additionally, the sculpted sides sit flush between your fingers for a comfortable fit!

Compatible with round-shaped diamonds, this setting allows the stone on this minimalist ring, whatever carat size you choose, to shine. Sleek and sophisticated, this ring is a staff favorite for a reason. It looks fantastic in yellow gold or rose gold, but white gold is our favorite.

Opera Ring

Clean Origin Opera Ring, minimalist engagement rings.

The Opera Ring is sure to impress any simplistic bride and budget-conscious groom. While still classic, this elegant minimalist engagement ring has whimsical bands that wrap around your center stone. This ring is compatible with our nine shape options: round, pear, heart, oval, Asscher, emerald, radiant, cushion, and princess.

Although this ring looks dainty and fragile, secured by four prongs, your stone will sit firmly in place. The matching wedding band for this setting is effortlessly simple — it creates a classic bridal set for the soon-to-be. 

Elle Cathedral Solitaire Ring

Clean Origin Elle Cathedral Solitaire Ring, minimalist engagement rings.

Our next ring has just the right amount of sparkle for its delicate setting. The Elle Cathedral Solitaire Ring may be a mouthful, but trust us, when you see this ring on, your jaw will drop! Featuring a petite split shank, this setting lends a modern element to a classic design.

Suitable for a round lab grown diamond, this setting is the perfect mix of minimalism and femininity. The thin bands wrap around your center stone to ensure security for your beautiful diamond. Pair it with an eternity band to add a little extra.

Classic Solitaire

Clean Origin Classic Solitaire, minimalist engagement rings.

The queen of the minimalistic style, our Classic Solitaire is as traditional and timeless as it gets! With four delicate prongs, this style will hold any of our nine different diamond shapes — from heart to oval, Asscher to emerald. So while this may be a minimalist engagement ring, it allows for your lab diamond to shine. And if you like the idea of emerald cut engagement rings, be sure to check out our other options.

Quiet Beauty

Clean Origin Quiet Beauty Ring: minimalist engagement rings.

Just because you want a simplistic engagement ring, that doesn’t mean you can’t have sparkle! Our Quiet Beauty ring is the perfect balance of simplicity and glamour. With its hidden band of diamonds under the round center stone, you get the elements of a halo setting without being over the top. The thin band is also exceptionally sleek and modern — perfect to complement a simple wedding band. Or, if you want to complete this set, the Quiet Beauty Matching Band is the ideal minimalist diamond band. 

The minimalist engagement rings mentioned are available in platinum, white, yellow, and rose gold.

Bands Instead of Engagement Rings

Wedding Bands: minimalist engagement rings.
Wedding Bands

Traditional engagement rings feature the main center stone, usually a diamond, gemstone, or another diamond alternative. Even the most minimal engagement ring may be too flashy for a true minimalist bride. For those brides, we suggest a band. This can be as fancy or as simple as one wants it to be, but there are plenty of options that we love. 

Our Serendipity Diamond Ring is perfect for someone who wants a simple band but is still looking for a tiny bit of sparkle. This ring adds modern glam to an otherwise traditional band and is great as another engagement ring option. This can be the perfect ring if the bride-to-be prefers smaller diamonds on a dainty ring.

Another favorite ring of ours is the Sirena Matching Band. With an elegant twist of diamonds, this ring has plenty of glitz while maintaining a low-key style. 

Both of these rings are beautiful on their own or paired with other rings if that’s your style! In fact, the stacking ring trend works perfectly with these minimalist rings. Remember, there are no rules about what style ring your minimalist engagement ring should be — it is personal to you and what you feel most comfortable with. 

Buyers Tips for Minimalist Engagement Rings

Find a Stunning Simple Ring Your Partner Will Love, minimalist engagement rings.
Find a Stunning Simple Ring Your Partner Will Love

The Four C’s

If you are shopping for a simple engagement ring, it is essential to remember that there is little to distract from your center stone. For that reason, picking the right diamond using the 4 C’s is an important step. Our solitaire styles often feature a round center stone, which is the perfect shape for simple settings. When choosing a round diamond, look for brightness, also called brilliance, which will reflect the most light. This comes from the cut grade that you go with. And, although we do not offer any cuts lower than ‘good,’ minimalist engagement rings would likely do best with an excellent or ideal cut. Couple this with a color grade of H or above, and your diamond will speak for itself.

Diamond Shape For Minimalist Engagement Rings

Diamonds Come in a Variety of Shapes, minimalist engagement rings.
Diamonds Come in a Variety of Shapes

Choosing a fun diamond shape is a great way to add personality to a minimalist engagement ring. If you’re interested in a “fancy shape” diamond (anything other than a round brilliant), you need to do your research. Some shapes, such as the princess-cut diamond, can look a bit smaller than what you would expect from their weight. But there are tons of options that can make your diamond appear much bigger. For example, emeralds, ovals, and radiant-cut diamonds can lengthen the look of your finger and create an illusion to the eye. 

Band Metal

Rose Gold Can Really Jazz up an Understated Ring
Rose Gold Can Really Jazz up an Understated Ring

More likely than not, a simple engagement ring has a lot, if not all, of the metal band exposed (not covered in designs or accent diamonds). This is a good chance to add some personal style to your ring by switching up the metal color. Most of our rings come in platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. 

If you prefer to be less flashy, it may be best to avoid rose gold and yellow gold. Instead, go for the more subtle white gold options. You can choose a simple engagement ring without being boring.

Make Your Engagement Ring Stand Out With a Bezel Setting

By making a few bold decisions, you can make simple engagement rings seem unique. By going bold with the diamond shape, you can make a statement with your ring. You can make a play on popular engagement ring styles by choosing an emerald cut diamond or marquise cut diamond to make a play on a classic ring.

Think of beautiful simple designs such as an emerald cut diamond in a lovely bezel engagement ring setting or a marquise diamond ring with a bezel engagement ring setting. The simplicity of the design will allow that center stone to shine with no need for accent stones. Choosing a bezel setting will really make simple engagement rings stand out.

Wedding Bands/Bridal Sets

Simple Understated Bridal Set
Simple Understated Bridal Set

Going with minimalist engagement rings gives you tons of versatility when it comes to your wedding band. If you’re interested in staying minimal with both the wedding band and engagement ring, finding a simple bridal set makes your life easier and checks off one more box down the line.

However, if you decide that you want to mix things up a bit with your wedding band, you can easily find something to complement your engagement ring while also standing out.

Celebrities Rocking Minimalist Rings

The biggest carats and ornate designs may come to mind when you think of celebrity engagement rings. But not all celebs want a 16-carat ring-like Ciara or an 18-carat emerald-cut given to Beyoncé. Many opt for more minimal wedding rings and engagement ring styles in carat size and setting style. 

Ginnifer Goodwin

Actress Ginnifer Goodwin received a beautiful solitaire engagement ring from her now-husband, Josh Dallas, featuring a simple yellow gold solitaire setting with a round diamond. 

Julia Stiles

Julia Stiles received a chic and modern round cut solitaire diamond set in yellow gold. 

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci wears a three-stone engagement ring, which may sound flashy, but the round stones are modestly sized for this classic-style ring. 

These celebrities prove that minimalist engagement rings have plenty to offer. 

Ask Us!

Are you confused about which diamond will look best in the minimalist setting of your dreams? Whether you’re shopping solitaire princess cut engagement rings or simple wedding bands, we are here to help guide you, whatever your questions may be. Schedule a virtual appointment with a diamond expert today. Always feel free to reach out via chat, phone, or email. And remember, you have 100 days to ensure that everything is perfect!