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Stunning 2ct. diamonds starting at $1,050.
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Wedding Bands for Women

Shopping for women's wedding bands? Look for great design, durability, and affordability. Check out these stunning styles of wedding bands for women.

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Wedding Bands for Women

Recently, women's wedding bands have expanded beyond traditional styles. Rather than wedding bands for women featuring one or many gemstones, many women are now opting for a simple wedding band to symbolize their unending love and commitment. 

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How Much Should Wedding Bands for Women Cost?

The average wedding ring cost for women is about $1,417, which is a more significant payment compared to the average of $558 for men's wedding bands. Our expertly crafted women's ring collection runs the gambit of price ranges, with popular styles starting at $255! You can find the perfect woman's wedding band without breaking the bank. Another way to save on cost is to shop lab-created diamonds if you would like to feature diamonds in your ring.

Can a Woman Just Wear Wedding Bands?

Absolutely! Regardless of the shape or amount of diamonds, a wedding band for women is always an accessible option. Many prefer women's bands to the more traditional diamond rings due to their durability. Though if you are looking for the perfect engagement ring to match, check our selection of lab-created diamond rings.

What Are the Most Popular Wedding Bands for Women?

Generally, people get wedding jewelry in 18k or 24k yellow gold, though contemporary metals such as white gold and rose gold are becoming more popular. Platinum is not gaining in popularity due to its price, but people love it for how well crafted the jewelry is and how well preserved the details on their ring are. New designs are gaining traction, such as diamond stackables, two-tone, and tri-tone designs.

Who Pays for the Wedding Bands?

Traditionally, the bride will shop and purchase the groom's ring, and the groom will shop and buy the bride's engagement ring and wedding band. While this was the tradition of the past, we find that many customers divert from tradition and pay for their bands together or address payment differently. While you find the perfect ring, make sure you do it your way.

Are Wedding Bands for Women and Wedding Rings the Same?

Wedding bands for women and wedding rings are virtually the same, though some people argue that the band denotes a particular style. Realistically, wedding bands for women can be any ring you would like! Just make sure to buy a durable metal, so they last a long time, avoid cheaper metals like sterling silver.

Is It Bad Luck to Wear Your Wedding Ring Before the Wedding?

No! You can wear your wedding ring whenever you'd like, whether that is the day of your wedding, your anniversary, during your engagement, or even long before that. You purchase your ring for it to be worn, and the only reason to wait until your wedding day is to create a magical moment of wearing your bands for the first time.

Do You Take Off Your Engagement Ring When You Get Married?

The short answer is, you don't have to. Some people choose to retire their engagement ring as a family heirloom for their children, but most people choose complementary wedding bands to accent their ring for day-to-day life. Generally, people wear their engagement jewelry for a long time to come, especially if it has diamonds in it.

If you have a question about lab-created diamonds or our online collection you can schedule a virtual appointment with an expert jewelry consultant. We can help you find the perfect jewelry for your big day! If you are in the Dallas area you may even be able to schedule a store pickup today.