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Wedding Bands for Women

Recently, wedding bands for women have expanded beyond traditional styles. Rather than women's wedding bands featuring one or many gemstones, many women are now opting for simple wedding bands to symbolize their unending love and commitment.

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How Much Do Wedding Bands for Women Cost?

The average wedding ring cost for women is about $1,417, compared to the average of $558 for men's wedding bands.

The cost of wedding bands depends on the type of metal, the style, and where you purchase them. An 18k gold band will cost more than a 14k gold band. An intricate design such as a pavé setting or twisted band will also cost more than a simple solitaire band.

Our expertly crafted women's ring collection has rings of all price ranges, with popular styles starting at $255. It's easy to browse our selection of women's wedding bands on all your devices in the comfort of your own home. You can shop by style to find the perfect woman's wedding band without breaking the bank.

Another way to save on cost is to shop lab created diamonds if you want to feature diamonds in your ring. Lab grown diamonds will save you 30-50% over traditional diamond wedding rings.

Shopping for women's wedding rings? Look for great design, durability, and affordability. Clean Origin has an excellent selection of wedding bands and even some matching wedding bands if you want to complement your engagement ring. If you are in the market for both a wedding band and an engagement ring, you may want to consider a bridal set. That way, your engagement ring perfectly fits in with your wedding ring, and you can save on cost.

Can a Woman Wear Only a Wedding Band?

Absolutely! Regardless of the shape or amount of diamonds, a wedding band is always an accessible option. Due to their durability, many prefer women's wedding bands to more traditional diamond rings.

Furthermore, wedding bands for women come in various styles and metals, such as gold and silver. This makes it easy for one to choose the ring that will last an eternity. Wedding bands can be as simple as one likes or even blinged out with pave stones. An interesting thing to note about wedding bands is that they are unisex, making them an affordable product for everyone.

If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring to match your style, shop our wide variety of beautiful lab-created diamond wedding bands. If you are looking for something a bit different, check out our unique wedding bands. If you want something truly show stopping consider and emerald cut eternity band.

Who Pays for the Wedding Bands?

Traditionally, the bride will shop and purchase the groom's ring, and the groom will shop and buy the bride's engagement ring and wedding band. While this was the tradition of the past, we find that many customers divert from tradition and pay for their wedding bands together or address payment differently. Taking the time to shop for each other's wedding rings can be a fun experience that you are certain to remember.

Are Wedding Bands and Wedding Rings the Same?

Although some people may argue otherwise, wedding rings and bands are the same. The biggest difference between engagement rings and women's wedding rings is the former typically features a center stone. On the other hand, wedding bands for women typically are rather simple and do not have a large centerpiece.

Now that we've gone over the simplicity of wedding rings and bands for women let's talk about browsing for the right ring. There is a wide variety of styles, metals, gemstones, and so much more for one to choose from. All these options can make shopping for a wedding ring, engagement ring, or even an eternity band quite overwhelming. In this case, we recommend browsing online to find the ring of your dreams.

Realistically, women's wedding bands can be any ring you would like! Just make sure to buy a durable metal so your ring lasts a long time. Avoid cheaper metals like sterling silver and stick to 14k and 18k gold or white gold.

What Are the Most Popular Wedding Bands for Women?

Generally, people purchase wedding jewelry in 14k or 18k yellow gold. This metal is durable and protects your ring from rusting, which is why many couples love them. For those who may not like yellow gold, platinum is always a great choice as it will give the same radiant touch as yellow gold, but with greater durability and a slick grey color.

Platinum is more expensive compared to other metals. Platinum is loved for how well-crafted the jewelry is and how it preserves ring details. New designs are gaining traction, such as diamond stackables, two-tone, and tri-tone designs. These are all options to consider that can make the perfect wedding rings.

Although Clean Origin does not have ruby or tungsten engagement rings or wedding bands, they are popular options that many enjoy. Ruby engagement rings are beautiful and have a radiant red stone that is wonderful for women born in July. Furthermore, ruby engagement rings come in various metals, such as rose gold, platinum, and white gold. Tungsten bands are rather simple and are a great option for couples who prefer a simple wedding band or engagement ring. Though if you opt for tungsten, ruby, or even sterling silver, it may be seen as an alternative decision to the traditional precious metals and diamonds used in crafting engagement and wedding rings.

Recently, women's wedding bands have expanded beyond traditional styles. Rather than bands featuring many gemstones, many women are now opting for a simple band that symbolizes their unending love and commitment. Women's wedding bands that feature contemporary metals such as white gold and rose gold are becoming more popular due to their glistening yet classic tone. Wedding rings are priced at a lower fee, making an affordable product to fit with an engagement ring perfectly.

Do You Take Off Your Engagement Ring When You Get Married?

The short answer is you don't have to. Some people retire their engagement ring as a family heirloom for their children, but most choose complementary wedding bands to accent their ring for day-to-day life. Generally, people wear their engagement ring for a long time, especially if it features a diamond.

If your partner plans not to wear their engagement ring, then you can think of gift ideas like a nice jewelry box to keep it safe and sound.

Lab Created Diamond Wedding Bands

Clean Origin has a wide variety of stunning wedding bands and rings, along with engagement rings that your loved one will cherish for eternity. You can design a custom engagement or wedding ring with various metals such as white gold and yellow gold.

If you have a question about lab created diamonds or our online collection, you can schedule a virtual appointment with an expert jewelry consultant. A jewelry expert can help you find the perfect ring for your big day!

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