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Bridal Sets

A coordinated wedding band and engagement ring make for a stunning pair. Bridal sets are a fantastic option for those who desire a seamless matching set.

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Bridal Sets

Bridal sets enhance engagement rings by pairing them with complementary wedding bands. Worn together, they symbolize the commitment made at both the engagement and wedding. These sets match and fit perfectly together, creating an enduring set representative of your love.

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Should You Propose With a Bridal Set?

Traditionally, you would only present an engagement ring when proposing. Wedding bands are exchanged during the wedding ceremony to complete the bridal set and symbolize your union to your partner. When you place the two rings on the same finger, it creates the iconic two-ring stack.

Occasionally you will see an intentionally two-tone set using gold and another metal like sterling silver. There are other ways to make your rings stand out, such as using an emerald or princess cut diamond. If you are looking for unique engagement rings this may be the perfect jewelry option for you.

Are Bridal Sets Worth It?

Bridal sets are often the best value for their price. Compared to purchasing an engagement and wedding ring separately, buying the set saves money because you buy two or more rings together. In addition, when you purchase two rings together, it will save you time.

What Do Bridal Sets Include?

Bridal sets are a combination of two or three rings that represent a couple's marital union. Most commonly, they include engagement and wedding rings. The rings fit together, both stylistically and physically– representing the "perfect fit" created by the couple's marriage.

Occasionally there are three-ring bridal sets. The three rings represent three different aspects of a couple's marriage union. First, the engagement ring represents the commitment and promise made to get married. Second, the wedding ring represents the actual marriage union on the couple's wedding day. Third, the specialty ring represents a milestone down the road in the couple's future—for example, an anniversary or the birth of a child. Combined, the three rings are a reminder of the past, present, and future of the couple's life and love together. 

What Does a Bridal Set Mean?

The most common and traditional meaning of bridal sets is an expression of undying love and commitment. Together, they represent the union of two in marriage. You may choose to have just one ring that symbolizes both engagement and marriage. Whatever your choice, the most important part is what your ring or set of rings means to you! 

Bridal Sets vs. Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is a ring used in a marriage proposal. It's known as the "sparkler" and usually (but not always) contains one or more large diamonds or gemstones. A wedding band is the ring exchanged during the wedding ceremony. The engagement ring and wedding band together are known as a bridal set.

Clean Origin's Bridal Sets

Do you still have questions about engagement ring sets? You can schedule a virtual appointment with a jewelry consultant today. If you take the time to speak with one of our diamond experts about these ring sets, you will learn everything you need to purchase bridal jewelry with confidence. Our certified lab-created diamonds make for the perfect bridal set that you can feel good about wearing now and forever.