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How to Shop for Wedding Rings?

Congratulations on your engagement! Now that you have the perfect diamond engagement ring and have set a wedding date, wedding planning is in motion. There's a lot to consider, including your wedding rings.

Most couples choose to exchange wedding rings during their ceremony. While wedding bands don't often get the attention and fanfare that spectacular engagement rings do, wedding bands are hugely symbolic. They can be the perfect everyday accompaniment to an engagement ring.

We're here to answer some of the most common questions when considering wedding rings, so you can discover the perfect wedding rings ideas for you and your partner.

What Do Wedding Rings Symbolize?

An engagement ring symbolizes love with the intent to marry, while a wedding ring symbolizes and celebrates the bonds of marriage. Wedding rings are generally exchanged on your wedding day and worn every day after that. Usually (though not always), couples buy wedding rings after the engagement ring.

The first question when you purchase wedding rings is whether they will match the engagement ring or have a different look entirely. There are no wrong answers, just preferences among other styles. When looking for wedding rings, shop around to see what styles suit your needs.

Is The Engagement Ring The Same As The Wedding Ring?

No, engagement rings and wedding rings are two different types of jewelry. An engagement ring symbolizes you and your partner's intent to marry. A wedding ring or wedding band represents the fact that you are married. The terms "wedding band" and "wedding ring" are interchangeable, and either is correct.

Wedding rings range from simple metal bands to more intricate designs involving diamonds or other precious stones. They're often offered in yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold, but many options are available in platinum and other durable materials.

The right style for you will fit your preferences and lifestyle. Wedding bands don't typically involve a center diamond (the way many engagement rings do), but that doesn't mean they aren't striking jewelry pieces alone. Many wedding bands feature a center stone with your choice of diamond shape.

Do I Need A Wedding Ring?

Not at all! Engagement rings can double as wedding bands, and many people prefer only one ring. If you prefer the traditional look—an engagement ring accompanied by a wedding ring—then we recommend getting a wedding ring that stacks and pairs well with the engagement ring. This also allows for a bit of versatility.

You can choose only the engagement ring only the wedding ring, or you can wear them together for the complete look. It comes down to personal preference. You and your partner should feel comfortable doing whatever is suitable for you. You may also shop for wedding bands that match one another or not.

Can Eternity Bands be Used as Wedding Rings?

Eternity bands make excellent wedding rings! Traditionally you will see the eternity band gifted to celebrate an anniversary. Eternity bands feature diamonds around the entire ring set in traditional metals like rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold.

The diamonds are meticulously chosen to match your ring's size. To ensure you purchase the correct ring size, check out this chart. Eternity bands make fantastic wedding rings.

Check out our beautiful styles of eternity bands to celebrate your commitment and the remarkable milestones in your life.

Can I Add Rings To My Wedding Ring And Engagement Ring To Make A Stack?

Absolutely! Ring stacking is a popular trend that represents your growing love. While there is undoubtedly a traditional way to wear your engagement and wedding rings, there is no wrong way to express your love. Many couples choose to add a band to the stack for special events like a child's birth or an anniversary. Adding a ring to your stack for meaningful milestones is a beautiful way to signify love and commitment.

Why not celebrate the various milestones in life by adding more bands to your stack? You will discover beautiful styles of engagement rings, wedding rings, and eternity bands to create a stack as unique as the love in your life. While you craft your stack, leave room to add more stackable bands.

What Hand Does A Man Wear His Wedding Ring On?

People of all genders in Western cultures tend to wear their wedding rings on their left ring finger. In many cases, wedding rings for women and men's wedding bands are equally popular. You also may be more comfortable with non-binary options for wedding bands and engagement rings. You and your partner can choose what suits you best regarding jewelry.

What Hand Does A Wedding Ring Go On?

We picked three of the most common ways people wear diamond engagement rings and wedding bands so you can decide which suits your style.

Worn Together

Many choose to go the most traditional route when styling their engagement and wedding rings, and that's to wear the two together on the one hand. On your wedding day, you'll stack your engagement ring on top of your wedding ring and continue to wear the set daily.

If you choose this route, a bridal set could be the right choice. Why? Because this ensures that the wedding band will complement its engagement ring perfectly, bringing additional sparkle in the form of a pavé ring or matching metals in the form of a sleek eternity band. Bridal sets are intentionally designed to keep all eyes on the original diamond ring while creating added interest in the ring combination.

Worn Separately

Some wear their engagement rings on their left hand until their wedding day. Then, during the ceremony, they transfer their engagement rings to their right-hand ring finger and wear their wedding ring on their left hand. By doing this, each ring stands on its own, and there's less pressure to match them perfectly to each other. This leaves room to play with different designs, styles, or metals and allows you to upgrade later down the line.

Additionally, you can choose to wear only one or the other, depending on the occasion or circumstance. Wearing the wedding band alone is perfect for running errands or casual outings every day or going on vacation when you might not want to bring all your fine jewelry. And for those special occasions, some might wear their engagement ring as a fun accent piece all on its own.

Retire Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is undoubtedly a special item, but some choose to retire them after the wedding ceremony and opt only to wear their wedding ring. This is an excellent choice for those who view engagement rings as items with a set purpose or intention and plan to save them for future generations to pass down as a celebrated family heirloom.

If this option speaks to you, you may want to consider a wedding ring style typically reserved for engagement rings, as it will become the main piece of jewelry representing your commitment. Since it won't compete with or complement the original engagement ring, there's a lot of room to play with center stones, diamond trios, and unique designs. Some opt for a unique rose gold ring for a trendier look or add a bespoke ring to their collection.

Should Our Wedding Rings Match?

Whether or not you and your partner's wedding rings match is entirely up to you! Some couples love to combine styles and wear rings that reflect a bit of each partner's essence. Others prefer their wedding bands to express their unique style and choose different wedding ring styles and metals. No pressure either way.

However, if you want everything to match perfectly, we recommend choosing a bridal set and going with matching metals so that every ring will be in harmony color-wise. This option will also ensure that the rings sit perfectly together.

Can Wedding Rings Have A Diamond?

Absolutely! Who said engagement rings should have all the fun? We firmly believe that wedding rings are and should be exciting, so whether you want a rose gold band, a diamond-encrusted halo ring, or a simple white gold solitaire, you should have it. Some brides even choose three-stone rings for their powerful symbolism as wedding bands.

Diamond wedding rings are gaining in popularity anyway, and we are thrilled to offer some excellent woman's wedding bands that feature significant shine. We also have a variety of men's wedding bands to choose from. We're confident you'll find the wedding band to reflect your personal taste and style.

Clean Origin's lab grown diamonds are an ethical alternative to mined gemstones, and they are also entirely identical to mined diamonds in every way imaginable. You can get the diamond you love without any compromises or worries. This is true right down to the carbon atom structure of the dazzling diamonds themselves.

The only differences between lab grown and mined diamonds are their origins and price tags. Lab grown diamonds should fit nicely into your budget because of this difference. Lab grown diamonds generally cost 20 - 40% less than mined diamonds.

How Do I Customize My Wedding Ring?

Choose or customize a diamond wedding band that your beloved will proudly wear. You want a band that represents your love, and what better way to do that than to find the perfect ring at the ideal price and be able to say you bought it ethically? After all, your ring represents your love and commitment. Can you think of a better way to signify trust and kindness in your relationship than with an ethically sourced diamond ring?

To us at Clean Origin, this is what we take the most pride in. Our ability to offer you high-quality, thoughtfully designed, ethically sourced diamond wedding and engagement rings that you're able to choose or customize. We're pleased we can be a part of your love story and can't think of a better way to help you express your love and commitment.

How Do I Take Care Of My Wedding Ring?

Your wedding and engagement rings are designed to last, but that doesn't mean they don't need proper care throughout their time with you. Depending on the shape and metal of your rings, you'll need to care for your ring more often or in different ways. Shop smart so you're not caught off-guard.

For example, consider durable setting metals or low-profile engagement rings requiring less daily care. If you know how much cleaning and maintenance you are willing to provide, you will have a good way of narrowing down what style of ring fits you best and will look great on your hand for a lifetime.

You likely learned a lot about setting metals when shopping for engagement rings. You know to double-check the durability of your setting so the gorgeous style you choose stays picture-perfect for a long time. Many people stick with gold alloys, like rose gold or white gold, as their setting's metal because they are durable options with a low chance of causing an allergic reaction.

If you have a metal allergy, check with your physician to ensure you are not allergic to gold. No one wants an allergic reaction to their dream ring. If you're trying to check whether the ring recipient is allergic to metals sneakily, try giving one of our diamond stud earrings or white gold diamond pendants as gifts. This may save you a headache later if they are, and you'll be working with an excellent return policy.

By our standards, engagement rings in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum are durable diamond engagement or wedding pieces. That is why we offer our engagement rings in only those metals. If you experience a gold allergy, our platinum options are likely a safe option for you.

How Do I Protect My Wedding Ring?

With all the time you spend finding the perfect wedding and engagement rings, you'll want to protect your wedding ring's sparkle.

Diamonds are very strong but brittle. Take your ring off for big tasks involving your hands or power tools. Investing in protective gloves may serve you well if you work in a heavy labor industry. This will help protect your center stone and side or halo stones. This way, you can avoid damaging your setting or the rare possibility of your stone chipping, shattering, or scratching.

Some diamond cuts are more durable to force than others, so if you expect your ring to come in contact with a hammer or some other heavy force, quickly check what cut and shape will be the best for your profession.

How Do I Clean My Wedding Ring At Home?

Your wedding and engagement rings will accumulate dirt and dust like anything else. You can bring back that first-bought luster and shine in no time.

Grab a soft bristle toothbrush, soap, and water to clean your ring. Some gentle scrubbing will have your ring sparkling again in no time. This will ensure that your vintage-inspired ring looks well-loved and preserved rather than a dusty trinket. Regardless of ring style, ensure your rings get extra care at least every month.

How Do I Clean My Pavé Diamond Wedding Band?

Adding smaller diamonds to your wedding or engagement ring comes with responsibility. You have to remember that tiny sparkles require extra care. The smaller diamonds and gems are more likely to become unseated and fall out of your ring than your center stone.

Everyone loves pavé sparkle, but not everyone loves maintaining diamond services to protect and manage them. If you want these stones in your engagement rings or wedding bands, be prepared to handle both with care.

We recommend our Forever Service Plan for all our pavé lovers, so they can have the ring protection they need. Our best expert advice is to stick with yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum settings so that your wedding band can be a durable, easy-to-wear staple in your fashion: no damage, no wear, no worries.

Where Should I Buy My Wedding Rings?

Shopping for your wedding rings is easy with Clean Origin. When it's time for your wedding, choose your wedding rings from our stunning collection of ready-to-ship and custom wedding bands.

You can also connect with a Clean Origin jewelry consultant during your free virtual appointment, where we'll answer any questions you have about buying your wedding ring. You might even be able to pick up your order in-store.

On What Anniversary Do You Upgrade Your Wedding Ring?

Love is always in season, so every anniversary is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your and your partner's wedding rings. Find the perfect jewelry to represent your love, whether an eternity band, a replacement wedding ring, or another type of diamond jewelry.

For your first anniversary, a diamond eternity band is a sign of your enduring love. Your partner can swap out their wedding band for their new gift or start a diamond ring stack. Before picking out your anniversary gift, know your partner's ring size and preferences. You know your partner best, so you'll surely be a jewelry expert in knowing what they love.

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