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Lab Grown Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings have stunning designs that remind us of the past. Their stylish designs and range of metals and lab grown diamonds make vintage rings so special. Clean Origin's vintage-inspired lab grown diamond rings feature delicate detailing, unique settings, and romantic retro-era styles of the past

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Styles of Vintage Engagement Rings

Once upon a time, vintage engagement rings were only available in antique stores. Thankfully, they have been revitalized, and ring suppliers have analyzed and reproduced stunning vintage rings. This has inspired a trend of popular vintage styles that remain fresh and timeless today.

Contemporary diamond suppliers often recreate vintage-inspired engagement rings from the Victorian to Mid Century era. Victorian and Edwardian rings were a staple of this era, featuring beautiful geometric shapes and lots of bling.

Victorian rings are often large statement pieces that feature eye-catching details. These rings are stunning and feature the perfect combination of unique style and timelessness. Edwardian rings are unique engagement rings with elegant lace-like designs.

There are so many different styles and features that go into a vintage engagement ring as they are inspired by the past. Nothing is more romantic than a vintage-style engagement ring with stunning details.

Tips For Buying Vintage-Style Engagement Rings

You may be wondering what to look for when purchasing a vintage engagement ring. Many factors go into crafting a vintage ring. With so many styles to choose from when crafting the perfect ring, the process can be overwhelming so...

Here are some things to consider to help you craft the perfect vintage ring.


Vintage engagement rings come in a variety of styles. Making it important to think about what you like. It's good to keep in mind whether you like a simple band or a detailed band.


There are many metals to choose from, including yellow gold and rose gold, which can add the perfect touch to a ring. It's good to think about how the tones of the metal will impact the overall look of the engagement ring.

Center Stone:

The diamond you choose matters! It's a good idea to look at the shape and sizes diamonds come in to see what you like.

Balance Your Bling

When considering the perfect vintage engagement ring, it's a good idea to think about how much bling you would like. Vintage engagement rings can be quite intricate, meaning that they are very detailed.

If your loved one likes bling, you should consider looking at vintage diamond engagement rings with lots of gemstones and details! Emerald cut diamonds, as well as radiant cut stones, are great options for those who like detail and bling. There's a vintage engagement ring out there for everyone, so if your partner does not like lots of bling, there are simple options that Clean Origin offers.

Gold or Platinum?

In the past, yellow gold was a very popular color for engagement rings, so you'll find that many vintage rings are gold. While yellow gold is a gorgeous color, you should also consider platinum and rose gold bands.

Platinum is quite strong, so a band from that metal may work best for a loved one who works with their hands.

For those who prefer a pink tone on their finger, rose gold is a great option. Rose gold provides a delicate, romantic color for a woman who likes an extra feminine touch.

Vintage Vs. Antique Engagement Rings

Vintage and antique engagement rings are not so different.

An authentic antique engagement ring is typically recycled from past eras and has older styles incorporated. Antique rings are older than vintage rings as they are older than 50 years. They have lots of bling and unique shapes that make them stunning!

On the other hand, vintage engagement rings can resemble various other rings from the past, such as art deco engagement rings and victorian engagement rings.

Victorian Engagement Rings

Decorated with exquisite foliage and floral patterns, Victorian rings are often large statement pieces that feature eye-catching details. Victorian rings are rather stunning and feature the perfect combination of unique style and timelessness.

Symmetry was a staple of the Art Deco era aesthetic, and the large rings nearly always reflect that. Mid-century Modern designs moved away from geometric shapes and toward more fluid designs. Engagement rings of this era began to feature many more diamonds, and bold designs were en vogue.

Clean Origin's Selection of Vintage-Style Engagement Rings

No matter the cut of diamond you choose for your significant other, a vintage-style engagement ring will complement your choice. Featuring everything from intricate bands to delicate diamond halos.

Clean Origins collection of traditional vintage engagement rings provides perfect settings to highlight your stunning center stone.

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