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Custom build perfect diamond engagement rings with a wide selection of hand-crafted settings and 100% lab-grown diamonds.


Clean Origin’s diamond engagement rings turn heads and open hearts, from minimalist solitaires to elaborately adorned art deco rings. Powerful. Brilliant. Enduring — engagement rings are physical representations of emotional connections. And like the relationships they symbolize, engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes.

About Engagement Rings

We offer a full range of engagement rings for every style, preference, and budget. Shop our diamond engagement ring collections, including solitaire, vintage-style engagement rings, three-stone, pave, halo, and classic ring designs.

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Custom Built Engagement Rings

We also offer custom-built engagement rings, and you may start with a stone and construct the perfect ring from our wide selection of lab-grown diamonds. We also offer a variety of recycled metals. Whether you want something grand or understated, widely popular, or entirely one of a kind, we’ll help you find the ring of your dreams.

At Clean Origin, we believe that diamond engagement rings should be pure, untainted from the harshness of the world's mined diamond industry. This is why we use only high-quality, 100% lab-grown diamonds in our jewelry.

Diamonds You Can Feel Good About

Clean Origin’s lab-grown diamond rings are an ethical and conscious alternative to mined diamonds. At the same time, they are visually, physically, and chemically identical to mined diamonds. This is true right down to the carbon atoms.

Other than their origin, the only difference between lab-grown diamond rings compared to traditional mined diamond jewelry is the price. You will find lab-grown diamonds generally cost 20 - 40% less than mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds should fit nicely into your budget.

Choose or customize a diamond engagement ring your beloved can be proud to wear. This will start your lifetime journey together off on the right foot. After all, your ring is a special representation of your love, and with an ethical, lab-grown diamond engagement ring from Clean Origin, that love can remain pure for all time.

Create your own ring

Start with the ring design that suits your partner the best or configure the perfect engagement ring the purest way with our lab grown diamonds.

How Do You Build a Custom Engagement Ring?

Clean Origin maintains a streamlined ring designing process so that you can get a custom engagement ring without having to create your ring from scratch.

How to Create the Perfect Ring

Choose a diamond from our extensive, ever-growing inventory. These lab-grown diamonds are sourced from all around the world. From there, you choose a band or setting style that you love. You can also shop by metal and choose between white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum engagement rings.

To make it simple, you can start by selecting a diamond or a setting first. This process will allow you to shop by shape or shop by style, so you can focus on building the perfect ring. This way, your engagement ring can live up to expectations and lead to the perfect proposal.

Engagement Ring Shipping and Returns Policies

We maintain great shipping, returns, and ring education options if you’re nervous about shopping online. We ensure that you get the perfect engagement ring without the hassle.

Clean Origin has a 100-day return policy. For 100 Days after your purchase, your shipping returns are free, no questions asked. That way, you know we're confident that you'll get the ring of your dreams in time for the perfect proposal.

Our shipping is also free of charge through secure FedEx shipping. This way, you can track your purchase and know exactly what date you'll be ready to pop the big question.

Try a Virtual Appointment

We offer virtual appointments to help you get the best ring education to ensure you get the exact engagement ring you are looking for. A virtual appointment can be a guided tour of our site. Also, you can get answers to specific questions about our diamond engagement ring styles.

You can use this opportunity to get help while you shop. Alternatively, you may use this time to answer questions and tips on the ring purchasing process.

Whatever your needs, you can work with a diamond specialist for free. This way, you will discover or design the perfect engagement ring.

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Engagement Rings: What to Expect

When shopping for engagement rings, many people underestimate what that search entails. Finding their perfect ring goes out the window when navigating this highly complex process alone. For this reason, we at Clean Origin have decided to make it simple.

Below are some tips and things to expect as you shop for engagement rings. We hope that whether you shop online or in-store, you feel better prepared to navigate the process of finding the perfect ring. With us, you are not searching alone. You have a designer and a store behind you to support your journey to get to "I do."

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Average Price

The average price of engagement rings varies greatly. On average, a mined diamond engagement ring will cost around $5,500. That average cost comes down a great deal when you start shopping for lab-grown diamonds. A lab-grown diamond will significantly lower the price of the engagement ring.

When considering your engagement ring budget, make sure you know where the bulk of the ring's cost will come from. Typically, 80% of your ring's price will be the cost of the center stone diamond.

The center diamond is often what people spend the most time looking for as well. It can be tough to know which stones are best without much ring education. When shopping for a diamond ring, you will want to learn more about the 4 C’s: cut, carat, color, and clarity.

Diamond Education

We offer plenty of online ring education through our website to help people shop for their diamonds, settings, and wedding bands. We understand that the price tag is the hardest part of the diamond industry to navigate.

You may have many questions surrounding your engagement ring purchase. What are the most popular ring styles? What is a center stone? What is the most popular diamond shape? And while we will work to answer many of these here, we can also help walk you through the process with a virtual appointment.

In choosing Clean Origin, your diamond engagement ring is designed just for you. This means that when you decide to shop with us, you will get precisely the engagement ring you are searching for. This is backed up with a vast selection of lab-grown diamonds to choose from, along with a team of jewelry experts to help you get it right.

Shopping Process

For most people, the shopping process can be stressful due to overwhelming options. Many do not know whether they should shop the featured collections or ring styles for their engagement rings.

You may choose to meet with a designer or a jewelry expert when looking for the perfect engagement ring. Alternatively, many people choose to shop by metal, shape, style, etc. Rather than panic about approaching this experience the wrong way, try to develop a few basic ideas of what matters. Buying an engagement ring is a highly personal experience.

What Matters to You?

Start by deciding your budget and what diamond price is right for you. Then choose 2-3 main ring attributes, and start looking from there. You'll have a much easier time finding ring styles that suit your needs after you have decided what you want.

You may know if you want white, rose, or yellow gold. Or you may have decided whether you want something vintage-inspired or classic. You may be deciding if you like a halo or a three-stone engagement ring, or even a bridal set.

A diamond engagement ring is a long-lasting piece of fine jewelry, so take your time getting to know the industry and the company you're working with. You can always connect with our jewelers to discuss service, create your custom engagement ring, or get tips for buying diamonds online.

Shop by Style

Looking at ring styles is always exciting because companies like Clean Origin have so many to choose from!

Whether you start with our featured collections, shop by ring style, ring setting, or diamond shape. You may also browse our catalog until something catches your eye. Regardless of your approach, you will find some fantastic options.

If a specific style speaks to you, such as solitaire, halo, three stone, or bezel settings, then it may be best to use our style search tools. You can find engagement rings in many ways, but we work hard to make this process easier to navigate.

Shop by Collection

We have several ways to search through our site to find the perfect engagement ring. Some options include shop by collection, shop by ring style, shop by diamonds, or shop by shape.

Looking through our collections will help you find specific details you may enjoy. For example, vintage-inspired rings in our Art Deco engagement rings collection or sapphire gemstone halo details in our Regal Collection. If you like a particular element on a ring, you should check its collection and see if the perfect setting is there waiting for you.

Valuable Metal

Make sure you buy a precious metal that will appreciate in value, such as white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum. We offer 14K and 18K white gold and yellow gold options. Additionally, there are gorgeous rose gold and strong platinum options. Make sure you research so you know the metal you choose is strong enough to withstand your lifestyle.

Our white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold are all alloys so that they can withstand a lifetime of love! That way, the ring will still look great if you decide to sell later to upgrade your engagement ring. White gold and rose gold are very trendy options that make for lovely engagement rings.

Loose Diamonds

Caring for Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Most of us are so excited about wearing such a gorgeous piece of fine jewelry that we do not realize they come with a need for care. Depending on the shape and metal of your engagement ring, you will need to care for your ring more often or in different ways.

Remember to look into the particulars of your ring. For example, look into white gold, halo settings, or vintage-inspired styles in terms of daily care before you purchase so that you know it will work with your everyday life.

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Protect Your Diamond Jewelry

With all the time you spent finding the perfect ring, you'll want to protect your engagement ring's sparkle. Unless you want to budget for replacing your diamond often, you'll want to protect your engagement ring's center stone.

Diamonds are very strong but brittle, so a hammer smack of force on a diamond could scratch it, bend the setting, or worse. Take your ring off or wear gloves for heavy labor tasks to protect the center stone or, in the case of three-stone rings, the side stones, and the center stone.

Cleaning Your Engagement Ring

Like anything else, your engagement ring will accumulate dirt and dust. You can bring back the gorgeous sparkle. Just soak it in hot water in a mug or bowl with some dish soap and give it a gentle scrub with a baby toothbrush. This will make sure that your vintage-inspired ring looks impressive rather than a museum relic after a few years of wear and tear.

Add Sparkle With a Pavé Band

When it comes to pavé bands and small gemstones added into your engagement ring, it is important to know that those diamonds and stones can pop out more easily. While the sparkle they provide is killer, it is essential to know that you may have to get consistent diamond service if you choose to wear your engagement ring to very high-intensity activities. Get an eternity band or stick with a more straightforward solitaire style if you want to wear your engagement ring to tennis practice, on hikes, or in the pool.

Engagement Ring Sizing

Before you shop by style and start making decisions like whether you want your ring in white gold or whether it should be vintage-inspired, you'll need to figure out the ring size.

Ring Sizing Methods

One way to measure ring size is the string method. Take a piece of string and wrap it comfortably around your ring finger until two points are touching. Mark the two points and measure the distance between them. Use our ring size guide to translate that measurement into a ring size.

Another way to get a ring size is to pick up a piece of costume jewelry for the ring-wearer to try on and compare the size of that ring to their ring finger's needs. This method is less sure and will likely require you to measure a few different pieces.

The last way is to take advantage of our service standards and ship your best guess to you. We accept returns for up to 100 days after purchase and offer free shipping. Take advantage of these services, as we would love to help you find the perfect size!

Metal Expansion and Shrinkage

Make sure to note the heat and humidity where you live, as consistent weather can affect the band sizing. Sizing in the late afternoon or after exercising will help us create a band that fits perfectly in our metal shop.

Do not size up too much, though. This would create wear on your diamond shape, tipping it in the setting or scratching one of the facets. Engagement rings need a custom fit, which is why all our collections come in a wide variety of sizes.

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Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring can seem like a stressful endeavor. When seeking the perfect engagement ring for your partner, you may not know whether to shop by shape or shop by style to build a custom engagement ring.

You may be confused or overwhelmed by all of the custom engagement ring options. When looking to shop by style, there are certain classic engagement ring styles that you should consider when ironing out the details on your perfect engagement ring.

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How Big Should You Go?

First, you need to decide on the diamond and the carat size you think is appropriate. If you are not going to go for a complete surprise, you may want to discuss this with your partner. You will need to know what their expectations are about ring size.

The diamond will have a significant impact on the final cost of the ring. Lab-grown diamonds will save you about 20-40% over traditional mined. If your partner will be concerned about the overall costs, it may be best to involve them when buying an engagement ring.

You may want to ask questions and get a feel for what sort of jewelry your partner enjoys. If you know your partner has an affinity to a particular cut of diamond, you may be ready to shop by shape. Remember, the perfect engagement ring is entirely subjective.

What Metal Should You Choose?

Looking through your partner’s fine jewelry collection, get a feel for what sort of metal they prefer, then you may want to shop by metal. If you notice they have a particular affinity for rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, or even platinum, it may be an excellent clue for what the perfect engagement ring looks like for them.

What Ring Style Is Best?

While you are looking for clues, try and decide what sort of style they would prefer. Remembering that the perfect engagement ring looks different for everyone, are they flashy or understated in their style decisions?

This may help you decide on what carat diamond is going to be the perfect fit. Remember that engagement rings are an incredibly personal decision. You may have discussed tying the knot with your partner. If so, they have likely left you some clues as to what sort of engagement rings they would be interested in.

Some couples even go engagement ring shopping together. Alternatively, you can work together to build the perfect custom engagement ring online. This way, you will get a hand-picked center stone that is the ideal carat and diamond shape.

What Diamond Shape Is Best?

Like many of these variables, the diamond shape is a personal decision. If you know the style, it may help you narrow down the diamond shape. Though with many custom styles nowadays, you can choose any shape diamond for that center stone. Round diamonds in a classic solitaire setting are one of the most popular decisions you can make.

More and more people are going with oval engagement rings. Emerald and pear are growing increasingly popular as well. It is becoming common even to see princess or marquise cut stones. When you create a custom ring, you can find the perfect fit for your partner and your budget.

Different Engagement Ring Styles

There are many varieties of engagement rings to choose from. Some of the most classic styles fall into these categories. Use these to get inspired to create the perfect engagement ring.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement rings are a classic option that is always a crowd favorite. When it comes to engagement ring styles, the solitaire is a go-to. You will never have to worry about it going out of style.

If you are concerned your partner might want a more exciting engagement ring, there are ways to make this classic meet their expectations. If you are saving money on the setting, you may budget for a larger carat diamond. You may also want to look at white gold and rose gold engagement rings to add some flair.

Additionally, you can shop by shape and get a fancy-shaped diamond. There are some beautiful emerald-cut engagement rings. Many women prefer a pear-shaped engagement ring as this elegant shape is very much in style. You can get creative when you build a custom engagement ring, even with something as classic as a solitaire setting.

Halo Engagement Rings

The halo engagement ring is a trendy take on a classic ring. These beautiful rings feature a center diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds to build the ”halo”.

If your partner is a fan of bling this ring style will be perfect for them. Halo rings look great in white gold for a glamorous and yet clean aesthetic. Alternatively, going with rose gold or yellow gold will make these shimmering rings stand out.

There is one significant benefit of adding a halo to engagement rings. The row of diamonds surrounding the center stone makes it look bigger. This way, you may be able to go with a smaller carat diamond, which may help your ring come in on budget.

Classic Engagement Rings

Classic engagement rings are another popular style to consider as you shop. They are often similar to solitaire engagement rings. Classic engagement rings usually feature a single center stone and a pavé band. A pavé features a row of smaller diamonds, like the ones featured around a halo engagement ring. Sometimes these engagement rings have a dual-band to give the appearance of a stacked ring like a bridal set.

It is traditional to see these classic engagement rings in yellow gold, but white gold would give it a cleaner, more simple look. Alternatively, rose gold would make these classic engagement rings look much more contemporary. This combination would make for a striking piece of fine jewelry.

Three-Stone Engagement Rings

When considering three-stone engagement rings, remember that this is a storied and beautiful design. As the name suggests, these engagement rings feature three diamonds as opposed to one center stone. The diamonds are usually in a row across the front of the ring.

These rings signify many things to many people. Some say that the three-stone engagement ring refers to the past, present, and future. To others, it means love, friendship, and fidelity.

These meaningful engagement rings can help build a solid foundation for your marriage. You also may find this ring style fits your budget better than a higher carat center stone ring. These dazzling engagement rings look fantastic in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Go for yellow gold if you want a more classic look where white gold will feel more modern and clean.

Vintage-Style Engagement Rings

Vintage-style engagement rings are perfect for anyone with an affinity for retro styles. If you have been searching for the perfect vintage ring, buying a contemporary ring in a vintage style may have some advantages. The main advantage is that the wear and tear of a lifetime can take a toll on a ring setting. When you buy a new setting that is vintage-inspired, you will be protecting the diamonds in the jewelry.

This ring style will match well with a variety of diamond shapes. Try oval or princess for something unique. Using a unique shaped diamond and setting it in classic yellow gold will really give your ring an old Hollywood-inspired vibe. By building a custom engagement ring in a vintage style with lab-grown diamonds, you can feel good about your purchase.

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