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Unique Engagement Rings

Explore our unique engagement rings with various intricate cuts, settings, and metals— ideal for those looking for completely custom style.

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How to Find Unique Engagement Rings

When you're shopping for an engagement ring, you may find yourself overwhelmed with all the unique elements at your disposal - diamond shapes, settings, types of metal, etc.

Most unique engagement rings take all of these things into consideration in their ring design. For instance, solitaire engagement rings can be given a unique look by using marquis cut diamonds or rose cut diamonds for the center stone and combining it with a bezel setting. Round cut diamonds are the most popular, so any alternative cut will make your solitaire engagement ring more unique. For good measure, you could tie all of it together with a rose gold band.

If you want to find a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that is sure to turn heads, look no further! At Clean Origin, we offer plenty of unique and custom styles for your engagement ring. A unique engagement ring symbolizes the special one-of-a-kind relationship between you and your partner.

In the end, your engagement ring can be as unique or traditional as you want. What makes it unique is the love and care it represents. If you want your ring to be a reminder of this love that totally stands out in any crowd, read on for ideas to customize your engagement ring!

How to Make the Diamond Shine?

The center stone in the engagement ring should reflect the personality and preferences of your partner. While there are many different gemstones to choose from, diamonds are the de facto stones for celebrating the union between two people. The round cut diamond has traditionally been the most popular center stone. The focus of any engagement ring will always be the center diamond. If you want to make your ring totally unique, there are many ways to make your center stone stunning and draw awe everywhere it goes!

You can even add a unique twist to your engagement ring by using colored stones that will undoubtedly steal the show. If you want to add colorful gemstones, sapphire is a gorgeous color for your center stone, which you can then pair with your favorite styles, such as a solitaire diamond with a diamond halo around it and a gold band. At Clean Origin, you can shop for various rare colored diamonds such as pink, blue, or yellow diamonds.

How to Make an Engagement Ring Unique?

A unique center stone diamond is the quickest way to make your ring stand out. Choosing an emerald cut diamond or marquise cut diamond for the center stone would make even the classic solitaire appear unique. The other materials you choose, such as picking rose gold or white gold instead of the traditional yellow gold, will really make your ring stand out. Adding a gemstone or two, such as sapphire, will go a long way also.

Choosing the shape of your center stone diamond is generally one of the first decisions you'll have to make when shopping for a unique engagement ring. Long a timeless classic, a round cut diamond is arguably the most popular choice, but there are other shapes as well, such as the elegant emerald cut and bold pear-shaped or stunning marquise cut. Choosing a unique cut diamond for your center stone will give it that distinct gorgeous unique look.

Why stop there? Make use of two diamonds at once to create a diamond engagement ring you won't find anywhere else. Toi et Moi designs make stunning unique engagement rings. Instead of one, you get the choose two diamond center stones.

What's important is to remember that each diamond shape has its unique characteristics that can be paired with a special band to create the perfect jewelry piece that is completely personalized for your partner's specific ring style.

If you are looking for modern elegance, choose a gorgeous marquise diamond paired with baguette side stones. Marquis diamonds are bold and can make any engagement ring look unique. For a classic vintage look, an emerald diamond offers old Hollywood glamour.

Clean Origin has a wide selection of unique cut diamonds such as round-cut, emerald-cut, oval-cut, cushion-cut, and many more. Consider adding stackable bands to give your ring set a trendy and modern appearance. There are many beautiful ways to make your ring stand out and shine!

Create a Unique Band

Are you interested in unique engagement ring settings? Our settings come in many precious metals, including rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. These same materials can be used for a wedding band too! You may choose to use a different metal for your wedding band and engagement ring to make a bold statement with a unique two-tone ring stack.

Perhaps you'd be interested in an intricate entwined or ballerina halo with smaller diamonds that adorn the center stone and help it stand out in the light. Consider a halo setting of smaller diamonds around the center diamond or a pave setting to add sparkle and shine to your ring. You can choose a unique band style with features like a split shank ring or a twisted band.

Maybe you want that vintage ring whose setting pays homage to the styles of the Victorian era. Vintage rings with antique diamonds are a throwback to times gone by and always make for unique diamond engagement rings. Check out our vintage style engagement rings for a romantic and vintage feel.

The possibilities are endless, with so many features to choose from. Altogether, these elements will create a delicate beauty that any jewelry designer will praise.

How to Shop for Unique Engagement Rings?

Unique engagement rings signify the exceptional bond you've created with that special someone. At Clean Origin, we're committed to maintaining that special bond by only using 100% ethical lab grown diamonds and providing you with the option to design your engagement ring. Choose from various shapes, colors, and settings to create a custom style.

Our unique ring collection includes various diamond ring options to choose from. No matter what you are after, you will find the perfect ring for you. All of our gemstones are lab grown. This means you can get a chic, head-turning ring you can feel good about for an affordable price.

If you don't already have a specific metal in mind, a great classic option is a yellow or white gold band. Looking for something more modern? Then a rose gold band will make for an astonishing diamond engagement ring. If it's elegance you desire, then a platinum band will sparkle unlike any other. These are the most popular metals because of their durability. You can easily customize the content and look of any of our bands with any of these metals.

Where to Buy Unique Engagement Rings?

If you have a specific designer who makes unique engagement rings, then you can try searching for their work. However, most people shop for unique rings at jewelry retailers.

We recommend learning more about a brand before purchasing a ring. Buying an engagement ring is not something you rush. At Clean Origin, we sell only 100% responsibly sourced engagement rings and ethical lab grown diamonds.

There are plenty of unique styles to satisfy your special style with a new image. When you mix and match intriguing style choices will ensure your ring is like nothing else in this world.

Let us help bring your unique engagement ring to life!

Do You Need More Help?

Not sure what your dream ring looks like? Get inspired by browsing through all of our engagement ring designs, and take note of what stands out to you as a gem. Is it a particular gemstone? An elegant marquis cut diamond? A stunning pink diamond? A modern romantic matching wedding band?

Shop around and discover the various elements of the rings that speak to you. If there isn't a jewelry store near you, look up styles online in the comfort of your own home. By narrowing down your text search you can shop by style, shop by shape, shop by metal, or by other categories.

If you need help putting all these elements together, request a consultation with one of our jewelry experts. We can help walk you through a custom design process, and you can build a lab created diamond engagement ring that is uniquely yours!

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