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Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Buyers Guide

by Sophia Huxley
Last updated on August 24, 2022

Looking for the perfect round cut diamonds? As the most popular diamond shape, many people want a round brilliant diamond in their engagement rings, but few know how to shop for good round diamonds. We have all the tips you need to find perfect round-cut diamonds so that the most popular diamond shape really sings on your finger.

Classic, Alluring, and Bright

There’s a reason that round-shaped diamonds are the most popular cut—with their timeless, effortless shine and aesthetic, about two-thirds of diamonds purchased for engagement rings are round. Round brilliant diamonds are primarily known for their fire and scintillation, making them the most radiant round-cut diamond. 

People love this cut and shape for several reasons, especially for the:

  • Beauty. The simple but striking statement that the round-shape diamond makes is beautiful and will last a lifetime.
  • Versatility. This shape fits with nearly any ring setting and style. Modern or traditional styles, main or side stones, and anywhere from halo to 3 stone settings all work with this shape. 
  • Brilliance. There is a special shine and brilliance that comes with total circular symmetry and 58 carefully cut facets.

If you want a ring that goes with everything, radiates class and elegance, and everyone will appreciate, a round brilliant diamond is a great choice. 

Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Brilliant cut diamonds are specially designed for best refracting white light. Diamonds can be cut this way by utilizing the many facets found in these kinds of diamonds and proportioning them properly. Brilliant cut diamonds can come in different shapes, but a round shape is the most popular and the most brilliant because of its natural symmetry. 

Brilliant cuts, more specifically consider the crown, pavilion, and table facets, which all need to be of good quality and intentionally shaped. Compare this to an old European cut, which is similar in shape but proportionally different. Generally taller, this cut has smaller tables and heavier crowns, which doesn’t provide as much brilliance. Modern technology allows for brilliant cuts, which beautifully catch and refract white light the best.

What To Look For: The 4 C’s

Not every diamond is equal or made with the same level of quality. The 4 C’s are four categories by which diamonds are graded to determine their worth. Round-shaped diamonds tend to excel in each category, which is another reason why these diamonds never go out of fashion.


Diamond shape and cut are two different things when it comes to diamonds, but they do influence one another in some ways. Shape indicates whether the stone is pear, round, oval, square, etc. The cut is an assessment of how well light interacts with the stone and how well the artisan hand-cut the facets of the diamond. When choosing a shape for a diamond, the quality and detail of the cut affect how well the shape catches the light. With round-cut diamonds, you will want the best. Diamond cutters have grading scales so that you can find the brilliant-cut diamonds you need for your top choice diamond engagement rings.

Why it matters: The cut of a diamond significantly affects the brilliance, refraction, overall ability to sparkle of the diamond. Round diamonds have the potential to be incredibly reflective because of how symmetrical the round diamonds can be cut. Round diamonds, incredibly round brilliant cut diamonds are a great option. If you’re going for that unforgettable fire and shine, the round brilliant diamond you select should be cut the right way. 

What you need to know: You want a proportionate cut that takes into account symmetry and polish. Each of the 58 facets, along with the depth of the cut of the diamond, affects light’s ability to refract, so make sure the diamond isn’t too shallow or too deep. In terms of grading, you should go with an “excellent” or “ideal” cut for maximum brilliance.


Diamond color is another grading factor for diamonds. The less color a diamond has, the better. Color is typically graded on an alphabetical scale from D-Z, D being colorless, and Z being considerably yellow.

Why it matters: A round brilliant cut diamond refracts light so well that even a more yellow diamond will still appear relatively colorless in most engagement rings. A well-cut diamond is more forgiving of the color found in some diamonds.

What you need to know: Always consider the color grade, but because this type of cut conceals color better, a lower grade won’t affect the shine and light of a round brilliant cut diamond.


Diamond clarity has everything to do with how flawless a diamond is, especially regarding inclusions and blemishes. Inclusions are internal imperfections that occur during the diamond’s formation, and blemishes are imperfections on the surface of the diamond, usually man-made. These inclusions and blemishes can affect the brilliance of a diamond in most engagement rings. Clarity takes into account the type, number, and size of imperfections in a diamond. 

Why it matters: Clarity determines the quality of the diamond itself, and more obvious, visible imperfections distract from the uniformity of a round brilliant diamond. Any eyesores will stick out even more compared to other diamond shapes.

What you need to know: The grading scale ranges from Flawless to Included (I). Check the grading of the diamond you’re considering and make sure it’s no more than Slightly Included (SI). Check the diamond yourself and see what it looks like to the naked eye: a SI grading can still look great without magnification.

Carat Weight

Diamond carat weight is simply the weight of the round brilliant diamond you choose, which is measured down to 1/100th of a carat. The larger the diamond, the heavier it is, and the more expensive it is, too.

Why it matters: The weight doesn’t affect the clarity or radiance of a round brilliant cut diamond, though the symmetry and proportionate nature of this shape highlight the size of the stone in your engagement rings or other jewelry. 

What you need to know: Especially if you opt for a solitaire setting for a round brilliant cut, consider getting a larger, heavier diamond. However, you can still find beautiful smaller options.  


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