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vintage engagement ring with emerald diamond

Vintage Engagement Rings

Nothing is more romantic than a vintage-style engagement ring. Whether you choose a geometric Art Deco or a glam mid-century modern design, the retro-era style of your vintage engagement ring makes a statement that’s sure to impress.. And while once upon a time these older designs may have only been available in antique shops, modern engagement ring suppliers have analyzed and reproduced the most beautiful of these retro designs. This has inspired a revitalization of popular vintage styles that remain fresh and timeless today.

Clean Origin’s Selection of Vintage-Style Engagement Rings

No matter the cut of diamond you choose for your significant other, a vintage-style engagement ring will complement your choice. Featuring everything from intricate bands to delicate diamond halos, our collection of traditional vintage engagement rings provide perfect settings to highlight your stunning center stone.


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Tips For Buying a Vintage-Style Engagement Ring

Many factors go into choosing a vintage-style engagement ring — things that, as the person buying it, you might not have thought about before now. From style considerations to choosing the type of band and setting for your diamond, here is a simple guide to help you make some of those all-important decisions.

Balance Your BlingVintage engagement rings can be very intricate, so balance is something you should keep in mind. For example, if your loved one appreciates a lot of bling, feel free to match a detailed band with a striking emerald-cut or radiant-cut stone. If her style is a little more subdued, try to match a simple band with a delicate round-cut or cushion-cut diamond.

Gold or Platinum? — In the past, gold was a very popular color for engagement rings, so you’ll find that many vintage rings are gold. While this is a gorgeous color, you should also consider platinum and rose gold bands. Platinum is quite strong, so a band from that metal may work best for a loved one who works with her hands. Rose gold provides a delicate, romantic color for a woman who likes an extra feminine touch.

Era Considerations — If your loved one is a history buff, chances are that she has a particular era she loves. Casually review her most-watched shows or the books on her nightstand to see which time periods she likes best. If she’s a fan of Madmen, an ornate Edwardian-era ring may not be what she’s looking for. If she watches Outlander, a geometric Art Deco ring may not be her style.

Go Lab-Grown — There’s certainly something romantic about tradition, but when it comes to diamonds, sometimes the old ways really aren’t the best. Diamond mining creates approximately 6000 lbs of mineral waste for every carat extracted from the ground. At the same time, the mined diamond industry has some pretty big issues that are difficult to ignore: Illegally traded diamonds account for as much as 10% of the world’s mined diamonds, and these stones are often used to fund violence throughout the world.
As such, an ethical, environmentally friendly lab-grown diamond is the perfect solution. Lab-grown diamonds are physically identical to mined diamonds but without any of the controversy. And, they cost 20–40% less than a mined diamond of comparable quality and carat weight. This makes them the perfect modern addition to your traditional vintage engagement ring.


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Vintage Engagement Rings Styles

Contemporary diamond suppliers recreate diamonds from many eras, but most often from the Victorian to Mid-Century Modern eras. Victorian and Edwardian rings are both intricate. Decorated with exquisite foliage and floral patterns, Victorian rings are often large statement pieces that feature eye-catching details. Edwardian rings return to a more refined and graceful style, but still feature stunning lace-like designs. Reflecting the roaring twenties, Art Deco rings are highly geometric. Symmetry was a staple of the Art Deco aesthetic, and the large rings nearly always reflect that. Mid-century Modern designs moved away from geometric shapes and toward more fluid designs. Engagement rings of this era began to feature many more diamonds, and bold designs were en vogue.

Celebrities with Vintage-Style Engagement Rings

The antique style of a vintage engagement ring means that it is a favorite for those with a classic taste in jewelry. Celebrities are no exception, and there are plenty of famous faces who have chosen to go vintage for their own engagement rings. Here are just a few of them.

Scarlett Johansson — A gift from ex-husband Romain Dauriac, Scarlett’s ring is an Art Deco inspired beauty. Featuring three round diamonds on a large rectangular setting also riddled with diamonds, this ring brings some serious bling to the table.

Christina Applegate —Taking a note from the Edwardian era, Christina’s diamond engagement ring is an elegant echo of the past. The intricate platinum ring from husband Martyn LeNoble features flowing circular designs and a large, diamond-studded band.

Jessica Biel — Actress Jessica Biel received her vintage-inspired ring from Justin Timberlake. The scrolling rope style on the sides adds to an Art Deco look, and highlights the six-carat center diamond.

Olivia Wilde — An Art Deco masterpiece, Jason Sudeikis’s gift to Olivia is a unique piece of jewelry. With a center stone surrounded by a halo of stunning emeralds, this circular piece is a stand-out work of art.

Mary-Kate Olsen — Olivier Sarkozy proposed to Mary-Kate with a unique vintage ring worth $81,250. According to Sotheby’s, the Mid-century Modern ring has a "four-carat European-cut center stone, plus 16 calibré-cut sapphires surrounding it and about 1.5 carats of diamonds."