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What Are Pave Diamonds?

by Chante Walker
Last updated on August 21, 2023

So, what are pave diamonds? Is it a center stone? Engagement ring? Is it a diamond shape?

Well, like solitaire or halo, pavé is a kind of diamond setting. Its name comes from the French word pavé, which in English translates to ‘pavement.’

Pavé is not a descriptor of a center stone. However, it describes how small diamonds are set very close together in a fashion that hides the metal underneath. True to its linguistic origin, pavé settings typically entail accent diamonds that adorn the band of a ring–like pavement but can be found in a range of designs.

Delicate Pave Halo Ring

Types of Pavé Engagement Ring Settings

Pavé diamond setting style engagement ring.

The different types of pavé settings you are most likely to come across are pavé, petite pavé setting, micro pavé, and French pave.

Pavé Setting

A simple pavé setting uses metal beads and tiny prongs to hold small diamonds close together. The design makes for a cohesive appearance.

Petite Pavé Setting

Petite Pavé settings are similar to the original pavé. The difference is in the size of the metal prongs, which are smaller in this design.

Micro Pave Setting

As its name suggests, micro pavé uses tiny stones, tiny beads, and tiny prongs. Everything about the micro pavé setting is so small that it gives the ring a seamless look as if the ring is exclusively made of diamonds. The typical size of pavé and petite pavé settings are approximately o.o1 or 0.o2 carats. Micro pavé accent diamonds are much smaller.

French Pavé Setting

French Pavé settings include stylized V-shaped prongs, adding another layer of flair to the pavé design.

Why Choose a Pavé Setting

Pavé setting style engagement rings.

A theme of all pavé settings is the seamless nature that comes with grouping so many small diamonds together. Pavé diamond settings can enhance the beauty of a halo setting and bring more glimmer to the center stone. Clustered diamonds can also distract from any quality deficiencies. Lower-quality diamonds in this setting are less likely to look that way, and still appear quite remarkable.

Clean Origin Pavé Jewelry

Pavé diamond style diamond ring.

Pavé setting appears in more than diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. At Clean Origin, we offer a range of pavé styles in our lab created diamond earring and necklace collections. All of our diamonds are lab grown.

Tinsley Petite Pave Dome Pendant

Our Tinsley Petite Pave Dome Pendant is a take on the popular pavé setting that you can wear on your neck. But we don’t stop there!


Pavé settings are quite versatile and applicable as engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, and earrings on our site. Pick from our many collections and discover other settings you are sure to find intriguing. Our diamonds are always lab grown, and if you want to experience them in person, visit us in-store.