• Engagement Rings For The Second Time Around

    Shopping for an engagement ring for a marriage that isn’t your first can sometimes seem tricky. Many women don’t want their next ring to be too flashy, or even to make a big deal about this diamond. There’s a large possibility that their budget is now much larger than when... Read Story
  • Love Don’t Cost A Thing....But Your Engagement Ring Does

    Let’s be honest. Talking about money can be awkward...even if you’ve been married for years. The cost of an engagement ring can be a large expense, and it might be the first biggest purchase for some couples. Every relationship is different, so every financial talk will be too. But, we’ve... Read Story
  • Online Engagement Shopping Tips

    Are you starting your online engagement ring search? If you’re co-browsing with your significant other, you’re sure to get a ring that works for both her style and your price. If you’re looking to drop a hint — or stay stealth — here are some tips! For The Ladies Let’s... Read Story
  • Are Lab-Created Diamonds Flawless?

    Unlike Beyonce, lab-created diamonds are not completely flawless. Just like diamonds that are mined, the growing process of a lab-grown diamond creates inevitable inclusions and flaws in the stone. To better understand why this happens, we’ll review the growing process of a diamond and discuss how diamonds are graded using... Read Story
  • Tips to Make Your Holiday Proposal Unique

    As nature’s colors start to change around us and families begin to prepare for visitors and parties, many couples out there have one very specific question on their mind...or they’re thinking about when that question will be asked. Although an engagement on the beach during the dog days of summer... Read Story
  • The Perfect Fit: Bridal Sets & Stacking

    So you’ve found your perfect partner, now it’s time to find that perfect fit. Guys...don’t be surprised if your significant other has already added a link to her dream ring on your favorites tab or sent it out to all of her best friends. But one thing she maybe hasn’t... Read Story
  • 5 Reasons Millennials Are Choosing Lab Grown Diamonds

    In a Grey’s Anatomy world full of Addison Shepard’s, millennials have become the Meredith and Cristina’s of our society. This generation is not afraid of breaking the mold -- in fact -- they encourage it. From the acceptable age to get married, to buying a house for your dog, millennials... Read Story
  • Five Engagement Rings We Love This Fall

    For most, fall means football, cozy sweaters and warm drinks from Starbucks. For anyone in a committed relationship, fall indicates the beginning of one of the most important times of the year -- engagement season! Whether you’re looking to propose with a colorful backdrop of fall leaves or you’re waiting... Read Story
  • Stack ‘em high!

    The newest trend in jewelry is getting some major praise from women everywhere. Why? Because it means more rings! Traditionally, a woman wears her engagement ring alone until she adds her wedding band. These two rings usually stack nicely on top of one another and likely match in metal color... Read Story
  • Halo Engagement Rings

    As one of the most on-trend looks of today, a halo engagement ring is a particularly impressive way to ask your special someone for her hand. This ring setting features a circle of small diamonds that surround a larger, center diamond. The effect can be simply breathtaking. Smaller sparklers enhance... Read Story

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