What is Lab-Grown?

  • Are Lab-Created Diamonds Flawless?

    Unlike Beyonce, lab-created diamonds are not completely flawless. Just like diamonds that are mined, the growing process of a lab-grown diamond creates inevitable inclusions and flaws in the stone. To better understand why this happens, we’ll review the growing process of a diamond and discuss how diamonds are graded using... Read Story
  • FTC Rules Lab-Grown Diamonds ARE Real Diamonds

    The most popular question that we receive from potential customers is, “What’s the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a mined diamond?” And, although the answer has always been the same -- the only difference is their origin -- a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ruling from July, 2018 has substantiated... Read Story
  • Your Next Car May Feature Lab-Grown Diamonds

    Three of the biggest names in business have jumped on the lab-grown bandwagon and with good reason. Here’s an overview. Rolls Royce  The luxury automobile maker has announced that cars in its newest limited-edition Adamas collection will feature 88 black lab-grown diamonds. The stones will form the infinity symbol and... Read Story
  • How Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Created?

    Just how are lab-grown diamonds created? Think about it like that middle school experiment where you learned to grow plants under a light bulb. With some advanced knowledge of the Periodic Table to boot! As you’d expect, lab-grown diamonds are produced under laboratory conditions. The two artificial processes through which... Read Story
  • Do Women Care If Their Diamond Is Lab-Grown?

    You’ve likely heard differing opinions on the quality and value of lab-grown diamonds, but the truth is that when it comes to lab-grown diamonds vs. mined diamonds, there is no “better.” They both produce beautiful, high-quality gems, each with an intriguing history, that represent the best feeling in the world... Read Story
  • Can You Spot A Lab-Grown Diamond?

    One of the most frequent questions we get is “Can you tell the difference between lab-created diamonds and real diamonds?” This question is somewhat misleading. That is because lab-created diamonds are real diamonds. So to answer the question, “can you tell the difference between lab-created diamonds and “real” diamonds?” the... Read Story
  • Quick Guide To Lab-Created Diamonds

    Lab-created diamonds have exploded onto the scene, and for the first time, engagement ring shoppers have two types of diamonds to choose from. It’s turned a centuries old industry on its head and has many shoppers asking “what is a lab-created diamond?” So, if you’re shopping for an engagement ring... Read Story

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