Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Cushion-cut diamonds — The perfect choice for a bold bride-to-be.

Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Taking the best from both worlds, cushion-cut diamonds feature large facets that increase brilliance and rounded angles that contribute to a romantic look. A favorite of stylish women for over a century, these timeless stones won’t be going anywhere soon. Because their exact shape and facet patterns can be chosen as well as their settings, cushion-cut diamonds are some of the most customizable diamonds for engagement rings.

Clean Origin’s Selection Of Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Choose from over one hundred brilliant cushion-cut diamonds, then pair your pick with a setting from our solitaire, halo, classic, and vintage collections. Decide whether you prefer a more square shape for a bolder look, or a rectangular shape to help accentuate long fingers. Then complement the look with a striking pavé band or a delicate halo. Whichever combination you choose, you’ll be sure to create a unique and modern look for your one and only.

Cushion-Cut Diamonds - The 4 C’s

As with any diamond shape, the overall quality and value of a cushion-cut diamond is determined by four factors: cut, clarity, color, and carat.

Cut — The shape of a diamond refers to its physical appearance, while the cut refers to how well the diamond’s features interact with light. Because cushion-cut diamonds are a “fancy” cut, they are not graded. However, the diamond cut is still important when it comes to cushion-cut rings; you can choose whether you would prefer an “antique” cushion-cut diamond with defined facets inside or a “crushed-ice” cushion-cut diamond with disorganized sparkles inside.

Clarity — Cushion-cut diamonds do not need to be scrutinized for clarity, which refers to the number of inclusions and blemishes in a stone. Each diamond will have a different amount of these flaws, ranging from SI2 (having the largest amount) to VVS1 (having the least). Because of the shape and cut of cushion diamonds, they will hide most inclusions—especially if you choose the crushed-ice facet style as opposed to the antique style.

Color — When you’re examining diamond choices, ‘color’ actually refers to the absence of color. Diamond color is graded on an alphabetical scale, from D down to Z (with D being a colorless diamond and Z being noticeably yellow). Clean Origin only offers diamonds ranging in color from J to D. More than most diamond shapes, cushion-cut diamonds retain their color. If you decide to go with a cushion-cut engagement ring, a white gold or platinum band would be the best if you are choosing a diamond color lower than ‘H’.

Carat — Cushion-cut diamonds can look slightly larger than their actual carat weight, due to their larger facet sizes. They can be made to look even larger by adding a halo to surround the center stone. If a halo doesn’t add enough oomph to your small diamond, a lab-grown diamond will save you 20-30% on the price, allowing you to increase carat size without breaking the bank.

Buyers Tips for Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Two main factors of cushion-cut diamonds are customizable: the stone’s facet pattern and exact shape. “Antique” or “chunky” and “crushed ice” cushion diamonds are your two facet choices, neither claiming any status over the other. With the antique style, you’ll see clearly defined facet patterns within the stone, while with the crushed-ice style, you will see what looks like broken glass (or crushed ice). Size is another item you can customize: While traditional cushion diamonds are often made in a perfect square, they can be found in rectangular shapes as well. Currently, the 1.1–1.2 length-to-width ratio cushion-cut ring is the most popular. That said, your loved one’s preferences should always inform your final choice.

Lab-Grown Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Lab-grown cushion-cut diamonds have identical chemical constructions and appearances to mined diamonds. When comparing the two, you will look for the same qualities in clarity, color, and carat. Both types offer the antique or chunky and crushed-ice styles, and both square and rectangular shapes. However, because lab-grown cushion diamonds rely on a shorter supply chain, they can offer the same qualities as mined diamonds at a 20-30% lower price, empowering you to modify your jewelry and add that extra carat, halo, or pavè while staying within your budget.

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