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Our collection of classic engagement rings feature an array of styles designed to transcend trends for timeless appeal.

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Tips for Buying Classic Engagement Rings

From standout solitaires to gleaming lab grown diamond accents, discover our definitive assortment of classic lab grown diamond engagement rings. Whether you choose a round center stone or a fancy shape, pair this engagement ring style with a simple band for an enduring, elegant set.

When you choose your engagement ring, there are a lot of decisions to be made. Even simple classic engagement rings require at least some personalization. Whether you go for a solitaire diamond setting with no band details or a multi-band, platinum wedding ring encrusted in pavé diamonds, you will have to make some decisions to create your timeless ring. While it can be tough to maneuver the ring decision-making process, we want this to be as comfortable as possible. Here is a guide to help you choose your ring.

Finding the Right Shape
Your center stone diamond can come in many shapes, and it is up to you to decide what feels best. While round diamonds are always popular, you can always give your ring a twist with an oval diamond, a princess cut diamond, or a classic emerald cut diamond. Many love the look of princess cut diamonds in white gold settings and find they provide extra sparkle compared to round diamonds. Still, when deciding between center diamonds, you must find one you feel is timeless to you. Combining your ring style with your chosen metal and center-stone should create a classic engagement ring that lasts a lifetime.
Matching a Diamond With the Perfect Engagement Ring

There are, of course, different kinds of classic engagement rings, and it's up to you to choose how traditional you'd like the ring to look. A diamond engagement ring can be highly personalized, and you'll need to decide what kind of center stone cut you prefer, and then decide if yellow gold matches, or if you want a solitaire engagement ring or something more detailed.

You can purchase a double-banded, woven pavé band and pair it with a radiant-cut diamond to achieve a cutting-edge, high sparkle look. If it's a purely classic design you think she'll love, a round-cut diamond with a single pavé band is probably the choice you're looking for.

Up the Bling

The simpler the classic band, the more your significant other's diamond will stand out. If you're worried that a smaller center stone won't cut it or if you want to increase the glamour factor, choose a larger carat size and up the weight of the ring.

The center stone of a diamond engagement ring is the defining factor of the ring's price. So choosing an oval cut or emerald cut diamond rather than a round center stone may also help add some bling without necessarily upping the price.

Choose Your Metal
When you purchase your ring, you'll need to decide what metal compliments it best. Yellow gold is the traditional choice for classic engagement rings and can mimic a family heirloom type of look. Many people want to add something contemporary to their engagement ring. Rather than a gold band, some switch out their yellow gold setting for rose gold for a more modern, updated look. Rose gold settings have all the warmth of a traditional gold band but bring something unique to your ring setting.
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