Three-Stone Engagement Rings

This uniquely customizable style symbolizes the past, present, an

d future, giving an added dose of meaning to three-stone engagement rings.

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Tips For Buying a Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Our three-stone engagement rings come in a wide variety of timeless styles: Whether you choose a trio of round stones or a mixture of diamond cuts, a three-stone engagement ring is a romantic choice built to last. Find the pairing that makes a meaningful statement in our curated collection of three-stone rings. Three-stone rings provide a lot of room for personalization, and as such, while you create your engagement ring, you will have a lot of decisions to make. Here are a few tips for working out the details.

Complimenting Shapes for Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three-stone engagement rings are popular for many reasons, but one of their biggest draws is that they are highly customizable.

However, choosing three center stones can feel overwhelming. If you’d like to narrow your choices down, consider keeping the diamond shapes similar. If you would like an oval- or round-cut center stone, choose circular supporting stones. If you’ve decided on a cushion-cut diamond center stone, square-shaped diamonds beside it will continue the linear look. The three-stone engagement ring offers an excellent opportunity for balance.

Band-It All Together
Next, you’ll need to choose the band to hold your three-stone engagement ring. Does your loved one have a simple style, or are they a little more glamorous? If traditional is the name of the game, stick with a plain band and let the three diamonds take the spotlight in his three-stone engagement ring. If your partner likes some extra glitz, add a pavé band for the kind of sparkle that will leave them breathless.
Add a Pop of Color
Whether you’ve chosen to stick with a plain band, or you’re hoping to add complementary diamonds, you also have a choice of band color. At Clean Origin, all rings are available in white, yellow, and rose gold. So, even if you want the band to be a bit more simple, you can still add a pop of color for a unique three-stone ring.
History of Three-Stone Engagement Rings
As one of the more recent diamond designs, the three-stone engagement ring was invented in the early 2000s. Yet, this trend has already grown into one of today’s most popular choices. The three-stone engagement ring is one of the most meaningful rings you can give your loved one. The three stones can stand for friendship, love, fidelity, or past, present, and future. These rings are also popular because of their versatility; you can use any combination of diamonds, cuts, and carat sizes to create a unique engagement ring that speaks to a couple’s relationship. For the modern couple, three-stone rings are a perfect choice.
Clean Origin’s Selection of Three-Stone Engagement Rings
The three-stone engagement ring comes in a wide variety of timeless styles. Whether you choose a trio of round stones or a mixture of diamond cuts, a three-stone diamond ring is a romantic choice built to last. Find the pairing that matches your loved one’s personality in our curated collection.
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