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Gold That Glitters: Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

by Brandon
Last updated on February 4, 2022

Throughout history, pure gold has been highly valued. Pure gold is bright yellow and tends to be quite soft. Despite many assumptions that people may have, pure gold is usually not recommended by jewelers because pure yellow gold tends to wear out quickly and lose its shape. Gold is measured in karats based on purity, the highest form being 24 karats, which would be too soft for jewelry.

To withstand the softness of pure yellow gold, other metals are generally mixed in to produce a stronger, more durable compound. Yellow gold is typically strengthened when it is combined with other metals like copper or zinc. The amount of gold determines the color, strength, and value of the metal. You’ll see that yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold are generally designated by karat, such as 14k or 18k. The total amount of a ring is determined by 24 parts. 14k would mean that 14 parts of the metal are gold, and the other 10 parts are an alloy or other metal.

Today jewelers have the capability to create a variety of colors in gold engagement bands and wedding rings. You’ll notice that there are typically three options: white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. The difference is in their color and what they are composed of. White gold typically includes nickel, silver, and palladium. Rose gold is mixed with copper to give it the rosy color. Yellow gold is mixed with metals like copper and zinc, and retains the yellow coloring of pure gold.

While rose and white gold are growing in popularity, yellow gold engagement rings are timeless and classic. Yellow gold is a great choice for modern and vintage style rings. Yellow gold wedding ring settings look stunning on any hand, but are particularly beautiful when contrasted with olive and darker skin tones. There is also a sense of purity and excellence to yellow gold engagement rings. After all, yellow is the natural color of gold and is associated with trophies, medals, and other symbolic accomplishments. When you think of achievement, it is almost always associated with yellow gold. Other great advantages to yellow gold are that it is easy to maintain and easier and less expensive to resize.

When shopping for any ring, it’s important to consider the type of jewelry the recipient prefers. If a woman wears a lot of yellow gold, she would most likely prefer an engagement ring that can match her other jewelry. You should not only consider what type of jewelry they prefer, but the lifestyle of whoever is going to wear the ring. Are they extremely active? Do they want a simple band that won’t get snagged by clothing? What kind of style do they like? The last thing to consider is, of course, price. Regardless of price, you want to get the best quality you can afford.

One of the many reasons why our yellow gold engagement rings here at Clean Origin are so popular is because we provide lab-grown diamonds that are about 20-40% less expensive than mined diamonds. Here at Clean Origin, you can expect lower prices and less environmental impact than that associated with mined diamonds, but with the same quality and clarity as stones that are pulled from the ground. Our jewelry takes lab-grown diamonds and the best gold rings and combines them to give you the top quality you deserve!

Clean Origin carries many of its signature styles in the brilliance of yellow gold, adding a dash of shine to your engagement ring. Take a look at the list below of some yellow gold engagement rings that Clean Origin offers!

1) Symphony Ring

Available with a number of different center stones and cuts, the Symphony Ring features 14 detailed gemstones amid this classic and dignified design.

2) Golden Gate Ring

Pardon our opinion, but we believe this timeless yellow gold ring is even more beautiful than the bridge it’s named after. Sixteen gemstones adorn this beauty, which is actually gold colored instead of that woeful orange found on the bridge in Northern California.

3) Tapered Solitaire Ring

One of our best sellers. The Tapered Solitaire Ring in yellow gold is the perfect blend of traditional elegance and dignified beauty. This ring is the definition of the perfect yellow gold diamond engagement ring.

4) Braided Halo Ring

Featuring 64 glittering gemstones, the Braided Halo Ring in yellow gold wraps around one’s finger like an olive wreath. It screams “goddess” for those who sport it.

5) Moon Beam Ring

The golden moon carries a number of different symbolic meanings, from purity to unification. Our Moon Beam ring features 34 adorning gemstones that give it its unique, starry shine.

We’ve covered a ton of ground about yellow gold and shared 5 beautiful examples of options for “gold that glitters” engagement rings! Here at Clean Origin, we are here to assist you on your journey to find the perfect engagement ring!

This post has been provided by Clean Origin, curators of 100% lab-created diamonds. We bring our customers exceptional, high-quality jewelry for any momentous occasion. Our team of experts has been in the industry for three generations, providing superior quality settings and diamonds for a fraction of the price. Clean Origin offers concierge service and a 100-day money back guarantee to back all of its fine jewelry. We’d be honored if you made us part of your life’s journey.