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What is Rose Gold? – Find the Best Jewelry

by Lucy Coleman
Last updated on August 20, 2023

So you searched: what is rose gold? Well, we have the answer.

Rose gold is a hot color used for many new products. People are sporting the color and metal in accessories everywhere you look.

Rose gold, or pink gold, is a particular type of gold with a pink hue. It stands for refinement and passion, making it a fitting choice for engagement rings and fine jewelry.

It is an excellent choice for your next jewelry piece because it is versatile and pairs perfectly with Clean Origin’s selection of lab grown diamonds. Our fine jewelry collection contains rose gold engagement rings, earrings, and necklaces perfect for expressing your love to your special someone.

Rose Gold as a Color

Rose gold is a romantic color that also gives the wearer femininity and complements almost all skin tones.

Such versatility is not joint with other metals. Warmer skin tones are accented with the warmth of yellow gold, while silver metals best accentuate cooler skin tones.

The rose metal makes your everyday look elevated and unique because it matches every skin tone. It is a precious metal and a gorgeous color for everyday objects you want to give personality.

What is Rose Gold Jewelry?

Gold, silver, and rose gold rings.
Gold, silver, and rose gold rings.

No jeweler makes pure rose gold since it is a mixture of yellow gold and other metals. It still makes beautiful jewelry that will impress.

If you want to add pink gold jewelry to your accessory list, try rose gold chunky bracelets or rings for a feminine quality and romantic feeling.

Is it Pure Gold?

Rose gold is, in fact, gold. Gold is an alloy, so most gold and pink gold used in jewelry are from pure gold and other alloy metals.

Achieve the rose gold metal by mixing 100% pure yellow gold with copper and silver alloys. The copper gives it its pink gold character.

Does it Tarnish?

Rose gold does not tarnish. It also doesn’t need rhodium plating as white gold does. These characteristics make for easy care.

The copper in pink gold rings may darken or become redder over time. Oxidation is a natural process of the copper, but it won’t look like dirt or grime on your engagement ring. It gives the jewelry a vintage look which some people prefer.

Is it Hypoallergenic?

Rose gold is not a 100% hypoallergenic metal. Make sure you check if you have allergies to the metal blend before purchasing it, so you don’t experience irritations.


Rose gold was first called Russian gold. A Russian jeweler originally crafted it initially crafted it in the 19th century. It became popular in the United States around 1920 when it featured in Cartier’s trinity ring.

You may also hear people say red gold because of its copper content. Now, pink gold is a popular metal for all kinds of jewelry.

Different Types of Rose Gold

Rose Gold diamond ring.
Rose Gold diamond ring.

The pure gold content is what determines how strong the metal is. The more pure gold blended in the metal, the more durable it is.

Since the metal is a delicate mixture of copper and silver, the copper content determines how pink the final product is. Your jewelry may have a slightly different pink gold hue than other jewelry or accessories.


Gold content of about 58% pure gold makes 14k gold. Suppose you constantly engage in physical activity and don’t want anything to happen to your precious metals. In that case, you can opt for 14k gold and rose gold because they will last through exercise, cleaning, and other hands-on activities. It has more copper and silver than 18k gold jewelry.


Eighteen karat gold is 75% gold. It is stronger than pure gold but softer than 14k gold. It is also slightly more expensive.

Common Accessories

Rosey colors are popular for phones, phone cases, hair clips and headpieces, watches, sunglasses, home decor, shoes, and clothing. You can find many accessories in pink gold to complement any outfit and personality.

Since the color goes with anything, you can pair different accessories with white gold jewelry if that’s more your style.

How to Wear It

Since pink gold suits everyone, you can wear it with whatever you want. If you have a lot of rose gold jewelry, you can wear your pieces as a simple way to accessorize your look.

If you love pink as a color, you might have a rose metal wedding band or engagement ring you wear every day. It doesn’t matter what other metals are in your jewelry collection.

Rosey tones pair nicely with classic yellow gold jewelry. You may want to pair your gold diamond engagement ring with a yellow gold wedding band and stack them. Rose gold is popular in a trinity ring with other precious metals interlocked with a rose gold band.

Sterling silver and platinum jewelry are also very versatile, so it is possible to wear them with pink metal. You may want to opt for one rose gold piece and wear silver or white gold jewelry in a different place. For example, a rose gold ring and white gold earrings will make your look elegant and put together.

Rose Versus Yellow

Rose gold and yellow gold rings are both popular choices for engagement rings. The main difference between the two is the mixture of metals, which gives each a unique color.

Yellow gold has a classic shiny gold color, while the rose alternative is more like pink gold. Rose gold engagement rings are just as beautiful and classic as yellow gold engagement rings.

Always go with whatever metal matches your style.


The price of real rose gold is dependent on the karat value or how much pure gold is in the jewelry. Rose isn’t any more expensive than yellow and white gold. If it is, it may be because of a company’s copper content or markup.

A 14K rose gold piece should cost the same as a 14K yellow or white gold piece. At Clean Origin, 18K rose gold is the same price as 18K white gold and yellow gold. The same is true for 14K rose gold.


Rose gold is yellow gold mixed with stronger metals, making it more durable than pure gold. The metal is perfect for classic jewelry. You can pass your engagement rings or jewelry that has special meaning down to future generations.

Rose Gold Versus Other Metals

Other precious metals like sterling silver, white gold, and platinum are friendly options for jewelry. Make sure you research what suits you best before purchasing.

Clean Origin Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold jewelry from Clean Origin.

Clean Origin has a wide selection of rose gold jewelry perfect for any occasion. A rose metal setting pairs perfectly with our collection of lab grown diamonds.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Since rose gold is a precious metal, it is perfect for showing love to your significant other.

Quiet Beauty Princess Ring

Quiet Beauty Princess Cut Ring 14K Rose Gold
Quiet Beauty Princess Cut Ring

This ring has a gorgeous rose metal band, and a princess cut diamond for a simple yet stunning statement. Love the princess diamond cut? Be sure to check out our selection of princess cut engagement rings. For a contrasting look, consider a yellow diamond ring!

Kate Ring

Rose Gold Kate Ring
Kate Ring

The rose metal ring has a beautiful slim band lined with diamonds. It features a classic round diamond and a hidden halo.

Pembroke Ring

Pembroke Ring

The Pembroke Ring has a vintage touch with teardrop milgrain frames along the shoulder of the ring. Click for more Rose Metal Engagement Rings.

Other Rosey Pieces

The trendy color isn’t only for engagement rings. Clean Origin has a variety of other jewelry you can find in the stunning metal.

2 CT Teardrop Diamond Drop earrings

Teardrop Diamond Drop Earrings

These earrings feature three lab grown diamonds stacked on top of each other. They are available in rose, yellow, and white gold.

Delicate Halo Diamond Pendant

Delicate Halo Diamond Pendant

This necklace is a show-stopper and elevates any look. It’s a perfect gift for yourself or your special someone.

Check out Clean Origin to find your perfect rose gold engagement ring or jewelry piece. Now that you can answer “What is rose gold?” you have all the information to show off your fine jewelry. We hope you can find something that matches your unique style.