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Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring: A Unique Choice

by Lucy Coleman
Last updated on August 22, 2023
Fancy Light Yellow 1.14ct SI1 Cushion Lab Created Diamond

Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes, but they also come in many colors. Colored diamonds, including yellow, are popular for engagement rings, earrings, and necklaces because they give you that extra layer of personality and style. The yellow diamond engagement ring (also known as canary diamond engagement rings) has been around since the 1800s.

Now, yellow diamonds are popular for their beauty and rarity.

Consider a yellow diamond in your search for the perfect engagement ring. After you learn about yellow diamonds, you’ll see just how stunning they are.

Yellow Diamonds

Fancy Vivid Orangy Yellow 1.89ct VS1 Radiant Lab Created Diamond. Yellow diamond engagement ring.

Yellow diamonds are naturally yellow colored. They are also sometimes called canary diamonds. Just like colorless diamonds, canary yellow diamonds are graded by a gemological institute based on cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

Secondary Hue

Sometimes yellow diamonds have a secondary hue that gives them an undertone. The most common ones are orange, brown, or green.

Including diamonds with these hues, there is a wide range of possible colors. In nature, you will see more variation. When shopping for a yellow diamond engagement ring, however, you’ll tend to see the most popular shades of yellow.

What Makes It a Fancy Colored Yellow Diamond?

Fancy intense yellow radiant.

The term “fancy” refers to a diamond that is out of the normal color range. Fancy diamonds come in yellow, pink, blue, and more colors.

Whatever comes after the “fancy” refers to the saturation of the color.

The GIA grades colored diamonds as one of six color grades. There is fancy light, fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid, fancy deep, and fancy dark. Each color grade is generally more saturated than the last.

Fancy Colored Diamonds

Fancy yellow diamonds and fancy intense yellow diamonds are the most popular because they have the beautiful fancy color but are not the most expensive.

A fancy yellow diamond is a great choice for anyone in the market for a yellow diamond ring because it is fairly abundant in nature.

Fancy light yellow diamonds have the lightest color. In fact, they can look a lot like “colorless” diamonds with low color grades.

Different colored diamonds may vary in price, it just depends on how rare the specific color grade is.

When you shop for an engagement ring, make sure you know exactly what grade your fancy yellow diamond is. If you know this it will make a huge difference in how it looks.

How to Shop for a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Fancy Vivid Yellow 1.34ct VVS2 Asscher.

Yellow diamond engagement rings (especially solitaire engagement rings) are popular for being unique. They are also known for their beautiful color. If you are thinking about a yellow diamond ring, then you should know how experts grade them. You should also know what ring styles go best with honey yellow.

What cut and metal you choose for the setting is just as important as the diamond itself. When it all goes well together, you’ll have a more elegant and desirable ring.

The setting of the ring is vital to how it will look overall. There are a lot of choices you have to make–white gold versus yellow gold, the band style, and more.

Spend some time thinking about how to design the perfect ring. If you need help, be sure to talk to a jewelry expert.

You can set up virtual appointments with Clean Origin to get all your questions answered and find the perfect diamond for you.

The Best Cut for a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Fancy Intense Yellow 1.02ct VS1 Pear. Yellow diamond engagement ring

A yellow radiant cut diamond will show off the fancy yellow color more than a brilliant cut.

A cushion cut diamond ring is also a great choice for fancy yellow diamonds. These cuts make full use of the sparkle of the diamond.

A fancy yellow oval cut diamond ring is another common style. An oval cut makes stunning rings and goes well with a fancy yellow stone better than the more commonly seen round cut. Considering oval engagement rings? Be sure to check out our extensive collection.

Metals to Complement Your Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Fancy Light Yellow 1.85ct SI1 Princess Lab Created Diamond.

Many yellow diamonds are set in yellow gold bands because gold brings out the yellow hue of the diamond. Paired with yellow gold prongs, a gold band will truly make your yellow diamond shine.

White gold and platinum will make the yellow diamond a lighter yellow color rather than a true fancy yellow. Someone who wants something more subtle than a fancy intense yellow diamond may prefer this look.

Think of setting a fancy yellow cushion cut diamond in a white gold setting. This would truly make the yellow diamond center stone shine. For some added contrast, consider a rose gold band, as it can create a striking and unique appearance when combined with a yellow diamond.

Yellow Diamond Price

Light Yellow 1.51ct SI2 Round. Yellow diamond engagement ring.

Are yellow diamonds pricier than white diamonds?

It depends on the type and color of yellow diamond you get. Yellow diamonds are more rare so they can be more expensive. Although, sometimes yellow diamonds can be more affordable than colorless diamonds.

However, if you go for a fancy vivid yellow diamond or a fancy intense yellow diamond, you may be spending more than you would on a traditional colorless diamond.

Fancy vivid yellow diamonds tend to be the most expensive out of all the fancy yellow colors.

Celebrities With Yellow Diamond Rings

Many celebrities have worn a yellow diamond center stone on their finger. Fancy yellow diamonds are a popular choice.

Heidi Klum’s engagement ring from Seal was a yellow diamond with a yellow gold band that makes the stone even more special.

Kelly Clarkson’s engagement ring from Brandon Blackstock has a yellow center stone with white diamonds around it.

In 2009, Mike Fischer gave Carrie Underwood a striking yellow diamond engagement ring worth over a million dollars.

Stars from Iggy Azalea to Paris Hilton have worn the most beautiful yellow diamond engagement rings and we love them all!

Why Buy a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring?

Fancy Intense Yellow 1.74ct SI1 Emerald Lab.

Yellow diamonds are perfect for anyone who is a fan of the golden color or wants something different.

They are just as traditional as diamonds and will last forever. Yellow diamond rings are perfect to pass on to future generations and have something special to represent your love by.

They are a novel yet elegant choice for your special ring. If you’ve never seen yellow diamond rings before, now is your chance to explore your options and consider a unique style.

Yellow Lab Grown Diamonds

Fancy Intense Yellow 1.04ct VS1 Princess Lab Created Diamond

Lab grown diamonds are exactly what they sound like–diamonds grown in a lab.

Labs can create colored diamonds like fancy yellow diamonds. They have the same brightness and sparkle as mined yellow diamonds but at a more affordable price. With lab created diamonds, you can get a beautiful stone that is ethical and responsibly sourced.

If you’re thinking about a yellow diamond or yellow diamond ring, check out Clean Origin’s fancy yellow diamonds. Whether you choose yellow or other fancy color diamonds, your ring is sure to shine with Clean Origin’s selection.