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Lab Grown Diamond Oval Engagement Rings

A wish-list staple, oval-cut engagement rings timelessly combine sparkle and elegance for a diamond that is anything but simple.

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What Does an Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Say About You?

Distinctive yet timeless, oval engagement rings have a cut that stands out from the crowd. Unlike a round diamond, an oval diamond has an elongated shape that lengthens the finger. They are a stunning choice of wedding jewelry for elegant weds-to-be.

Unlike emerald-cut diamonds, an oval diamond ring has a modified brilliant cut. As a result, they emit unparalleled sparkle and clarity. Add to this that they are a perfect match for several bands and styles. Matching your oval-cut diamonds to yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or any number of metals is no problem.

An oval center diamond is often flanked by side stones or set in a classic thin solitaire. Ultimately, oval engagement rings will appeal to a range of individuals, no matter their tastes and styles.

What Wedding Band Goes with Oval Engagement Rings? 

Oval engagement rings are versatile rings that can go with just about any wedding band style. Why not highlight the delicate nature of the oval diamond with milgrain detailing or go glam with pavé diamonds in either yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold?

No matter what you choose to pair your oval engagement ring with, it will be a stunning choice that you will be proud to wear.

Clean Origin’s Selection of Oval Engagement Rings

Featuring a diverse selection of diamonds and ring settings, our collection of oval engagement rings has something that your significant other will adore. Our lab created diamonds come in a variety of carats and colors to suit your love’s fancy and your budget.

Once you choose the perfect oval stone, let its true beauty shine with a compatible oval engagement ring setting. Go with traditional elegance, or think outside of the box with something unique. Choose from our distinctive halo, classic, vintage, and solitaire collections.

Tips For Buying an Oval Diamond Ring

Choosing the proper engagement and wedding rings can be a challenging task. That’s why we’ve created a short list of the most important details you should take into account as you shop for such a special occasion.

Here is an easy ring guide for when it comes to picking your oval engagement ring.

Tall or Short?

While the standard length-to-width ratio of an oval cut is 1.35–1.50, whether you should purchase a longer or wider oval is entirely up to the look that you and your significant other prefer. A more elongated oval cut will appear striking. A wide oval engagement ring will appear slightly softer. If you know that accent stones will surround your oval-cut diamond, choose a narrower length-to-width ratio.

Mind the Bowtie

Every oval-cut diamond ring will have a trace of the bow tie effect, which looks like a shadow in the center of the diamond. Usually, a mild bow tie will enhance the unique beauty of the diamond, but if the bow tie effect is too pronounced, you may want to avoid that particular gem. The bow tie effect is best identified with a visual inspection. Ask the jeweler who analyzes your ring to view the certification report to be sure that the bow tie in your diamond matches its notation on the certificate.

Room to Shine

On average, 1-carat oval diamonds have a 10% larger surface area than 1-carat round diamonds. Because of this particular surface area difference, oval diamonds appear larger than round diamonds with the same carat weight. When you purchase an oval diamond engagement ring, you can get a diamond that appears more significant than its carat, or you can buy a lower carat weight with the same appearance as a higher carat gemstone.

More Beauty for Your Buck

Oval diamonds are rarer than round or princess cuts—but they’re not as in demand. You will pay more for a round or princess-cut diamond than an oval diamond of the same carat weight. This surprising price difference is because oval diamonds allow jewelers to cut away less of the original rough diamond than when shaving a round-cut diamond.

Still not sure where to start? Reach out to a jewelry consultant who can help you compare diamonds and access featured collections so you can find your perfect oval-cut engagement ring.

Celebrities With Oval-Shaped Engagement Rings

Sofia Vergara

The star isn’t interested in subtle, that’s for sure. Sofia's husband, Joe Manganiello, gave her a striking oval engagement ring set off by a diamond halo on a pave band.

Selma Hayek

With an estimated cost of $200,000, Selma’s platinum-set five-carat oval cut was given to her by her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault.

Blake Lively

Husband Ryan Reynolds gifted Blake Lively a gorgeous oval-cut engagement ring with an oval center stone surrounded by a three-sided diamond band. This beauty was designed by Lorraine Schwartz.

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