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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

by Clean Origin
Last updated on August 22, 2023

“Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” is a popular English rhyme followed by many brides and has become one of the most popular traditions in the world. And to make their wedding day extra special, brides add something old and something new to their wedding dresses along with something borrowed and something blue.

This famous rhyme dates back to Lancashire, a town in England. Each item was meant to ward off evil eyes that could make the bride infertile. Don’t let that scare you, as these days; it’s more about honoring your loved ones and receiving affection from your parents and family members.

What Is the Saying, “Something Borrowed, Something Blue?”

This Old English rhyme was initially created in England during the Victorian era and represented luck for brides at their marriage. It started with “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in her Shoe.

Something old represents continuity, something new gives optimism for the future, something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness, and something blue represents purity, love, and fidelity. Sixpence is a British coin slipped into the bride’s shoe by her father before she walks down the aisle, meaning she wouldn’t lack money.

Specifically, each piece is a gift given to the lucky bride to bring good luck to her before and during the ceremony and ward off the evil eye. The bride has them somewhere in her wedding outfit or carries them with her on her wedding day.

What Is the Meaning of “Something Borrowed”?

Something borrowed is usually the traditional object of happily-married friends or family members, lent out to the bride, which gives their marriage good fortune. But, today, it is more about honoring a loved one or holding on to something of sentimental value like your mother’s favorite diamond earrings or your grandmother’s wedding hair comb for a touch of good luck as you walk down the aisle.

“Something Borrowed” Ideas for Modern Brides

If happiness multiplies when shared, borrowing can be a good idea to begin the relationship. Here are some something-borrowed ideas for modern brides.

Your Wedding First Dance Song

Music has a way of making weddings very special, and the first couple’s dance is an emotional moment. Playing the song used by your parents during their marriage as your first dance song is one of the couple’s favorite “something borrowed” those who are in on feel so special about sharing your day with you.

Wedding Dress

Borrowing your mom or grandmother’s wedding dress can be sweet, but if you are sentimental, this might not be a good idea as you wouldn’t get to keep it. Aside from how special it would turn out, it can also be cost-effective, saving you a lot of money and maintenance. Not everyone will choose this idea, but it is still one of our favorites to consider.

Groom’s Cufflinks

The groom can also be part of this tradition; family members or friends can loan the groom cufflinks. It’s a way to show their support for a beautiful wedding and successful marriage.

Cake Recipe

Another “something borrowed” idea is your wedding cake; this could be your special family recipe that has been in the family for generations or your happily married friend cake idea you loved. It is always interesting to have something borrowed we can all enjoy.

Wedding Veil

You could borrow the beautiful wedding veil your sister, mom, or grandmother used during their wedding for good luck on your wedding day. Work with your hairstylist to decide your wedding hairstyle and a meaningful way to wear the veil before the wedding day.

A Tie

This is perfect for both the bride and groom. The groom could wear a tie from the father, friend, or family member on the suit, and the bride could use a tie to secure the bouquet she would be holding.

Wedding Shoes

‘Something borrowed’ could be a pair of shoes from your mother, sister, or a close family member. Check if the shoes will fit you; if they do, they are perfect for walking down to your groom and having a beautiful wedding dance after the ceremony.

Wedding Bouquet Bling

You can borrow a pretty brooch and place it on the side of your bouquet if you are not interested in wearing a piece of jewelry from a family member.

Wedding Decorations

Before your wedding day, work with your wedding planner to bring your ideas for your wedding ceremony to life using items borrowed from your family. You could borrow artwork, flower vases, plate settings that fit into the theme of your wedding day.

Hair Accessories

Hair clips, tiaras, pretty jewelry of value, and headpieces are brilliant borrowed ideas. Borrow this from your close friends and loved ones.

What Is the Meaning of “Something Blue”?

Something blue has become part of many weddings, due to the famous English tradition of the bride wearing “Something old and something new, something borrowed and something blue” for luck on her big day.  

The color blue represents fidelity and love’s purity. It also confuses evil spirits and stops them from ruining the couple’s special day. It was the color of the bride’s gown before it became popular to wear a white wedding dress.

Modern brides now use it to honor their loved ones on their big day, either by wearing blue shoes and having their friends write on the bottom, wearing a blue garter, or having your bridesmaid wear blue robes.

“Something Blue” Ideas for Your Wedding Day

It could be old or new, borrowed and blue; either way, blue has a way of bringing unique inspiration to your special day. There are new ideas for a new bride coming up every day. Here are some “Something Blue” ideas to give you lovely inspiration for your big day;

Blue Invitation Cards

Designing blue invitation cards is an attractive blue idea you should try. Your guest is definitely arriving with enough luck for a happy marriage.

Something Blue from Your Happily Married Friend

Interestingly, the bride gets to enjoy something borrowed and something blue simultaneously. You could loan blue items like sapphire jewelry, a necklace, or a purse. The groom isn’t left out; loan items like cufflinks or pocket squares from your friend.

Sapphire Jewelry

The stunning blue of the sapphire diamond will always be in vogue for something blue. A dazzling sapphire ring is just perfect as your engagement ring. It’s even more special if you already have it as a family heirloom, a lovely blend of something borrowed, something blue.

Blue Jacket

We are not leaving the groom out. Wearing a blue jacket is a perfect way to be part of the “something blue” tradition.

Secret Wedding Date

As the bride, you can have the date of your wedding embroidered using soft blue thread and sewn into your wedding dress. Only you would know it is there.

Blue Get Away Car

Any blue ride of your choice should do it, but a vintage blue Chevy is even more fun. Ride away into your delightful future; it’s the beginning of a new chapter.

Table Settings

You can use just the right shade when setting the tables. Each seat should show just the right amount of blue when placing the table clothes, ribbon, stemmed glassware, and taper candles.

Blue Wedding Dress

Brides do not have to stick to the traditional white dress; you can go all out with a blue wedding dress. Keep it simple with a more toned-down shade of blue. You can also slip on a garter to match.

Mother of the Bride Dress

You are a stunning bride in your white dress. Let your mom wear a lovely blue dress for an interesting balance. You can choose from different shades spend time together deciding. It is perfect for bonding just before you say “I do” and leave home to start a new life and future.

The Groom’s Shoelaces

Your shoelace doesn’t have to be black or brown. Switch it up with a hue of blue and go with the flow. This is another way the groom can participate in this tradition.

Bride’s Gift from the Groom

The groom can present the bride with gifts just before they walk down the aisle. These gifts could be items they would share as couples over the years. Most of the time, they are sentimental items like photo books of their lives before the wedding day or photo cards of their childhood.

If you are not sure what to get your partner, you could ask her father or mother for some help.

Something borrowed, something blue, is a sweet tradition for all the love and excitement it brings. It’s your big day soon; while you are coming up with more ways to make it memorable, don’t forget to have fun in a borrowed necklace or clothing belonging to your precious grandma.