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The Best Wedding Band for Halo Ring Styles

by Lucy Coleman
Last updated on August 24, 2023

Now that you have your perfect halo engagement ring, it’s time to shop for a wedding ring to go with it. Since halo rings have large center stones, not every wedding band may fit well with the ring.

If you’re wondering what wedding band to choose, here are some great options so you can find the perfect wedding band to pair with your halo engagement ring.

Halo Engagement Rings

NOVA HALO BRIDAL SET. wedding band for halo ring.

Halo engagement rings are very popular types of engagement rings. They feature a circle of smaller diamonds around the center diamond, forming a ‘halo.’

Diamond halos make the center diamond appear larger, and they add more shine and sparkle to your diamond ring. Many people prefer this style because it adds glamor and character to their ring.

What Band Goes Best with a Halo Engagement Ring?

There are many wedding band options that look great with halo engagement rings. You can keep it simple, but you can also add more brilliance to your finger with different bands. Traditionally, the wedding band and engagement ring match; however, you should wear whatever appeals to you.

If you’d like to add a little unexpected color to your wedding set, pair your engagement ring with a band that features colored gemstones as accents. Do you like to wear both white gold and yellow gold? There’s nothing that says mixing metal colors can’t give a cohesive and interesting look to your rings!

You have so many wedding band styles to choose from, so let’s take a look at some of them.

A Guarded Wedding Band For a Halo Engagement Ring

In general, guarded wedding bands go great with halo rings because they keep the ring secure in between the bands.

A guarded band has two bands that are connected with small bars and have an opening for the engagement ring to slide into. These bands go above and below the ring and enclose it, looking similar to wearing two rings.

Typically, guarded bands either come with the engagement ring or have to be custom made. Since they fit so perfectly with the diamond on the engagement ring, they have to be exact.

A Contoured Wedding Band for a Halo Engagement Ring


A contoured wedding band has the same curve as your engagement ring and works well with round, oval, or pear shaped diamonds.

These can be custom made to fit the ring perfectly, but it may be possible to find contoured wedding bands that fit without getting them custom made.

If your engagement ring has metal supports on the sides, a straight band may not lay flush against it. A contoured band would be best if you want something that is flush against the engagement ring.

A Straight Wedding Band for a Halo Engagement Ring

WOMEN'S LOW PROFILE FLAT BAND. wedding band for halo ring.

Straight wedding bands are the most simple wedding band style. They are perfectly circular all the way around without any notches or curves.

Many people prefer the simple and traditional look of a straight band to complement their engagement ring.

If you have a halo engagement ring, a straight wedding band may be great to keep the look simple and let the halo ring shine. When wearing a straight wedding band with a halo ring, you want to look for a ring that will slide under the raised center diamond. This way, it will lay flush with the band of the engagement ring for an effortless match.

A Notched Wedding Band for a Halo Engagement Ring

A notched wedding band is very similar to a contoured band. It has a semi-circle notch in the center while the rest of the band is straight. The center diamond on the engagement ring sits in this notch and the two pieces fit together like a puzzle.

Notched wedding bands also work for square or rectangle diamonds, as you can find square notches. This would be a case where a notched band is better than a contoured band.

Pavé Wedding Bands


All of these wedding band options come in pavé styles. You can find a matching wedding band with diamonds that enhance the beautiful gemstone in the center.

Some rings may have a small row of diamonds just on the top or all the way around. You can choose what you like based on your personal style and comfort.

Custom Wedding Bands

If you know exactly what style you want, then you may want to look at options for a custom wedding band.

Custom bands may be more expensive but will be designed to perfectly fit your engagement ring. If you have a ring that is a family heirloom or especially unique, a custom band may be a good choice for you.

Consider a Clean Origin Wedding Band for Your Halo Ring

ROUND FANCY HALO BRIDAL SET. wedding band for halo ring.

Halo engagement rings are very chic and beautiful. If you’re still looking for an engagement ring, a halo ring is an excellent choice. You can shop with these wedding band styles in mind so you can find the perfect set.

You could also shop for bridal sets that have matching wedding bands, which would take the extra work out of looking for matching rings.

Clean Origin’s selection of engagement rings and wedding bands is sure to have the perfect rings for you.