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Wedding Jewelry for Your Special Day

by Lucy Coleman
Last updated on March 25, 2023
wedding jewelry

Everyone pays a lot of attention to the dress on the wedding day, but adding jewelry can truly complete your outfit and elevate your look for your wedding.

As a bride, you want to make sure your ensemble includes the right wedding jewelry. From rings to other accessories, the perfect jewelry will complete your look. It will also add a touch of elegance and sparkle to your outfit.

Wedding Bands

Canterbury band. Wedding Jewelry.

Wedding bands may be the most important piece of jewelry for your wedding day. You want to make sure you have the perfect rings to exchange during the ceremony and to cherish forever after the wedding.

You may want to keep the wedding bands classic and simple. Unadorned bands are popular for couples who want a timeless and minimalist look.

Diamond bands are another popular option. If you want to add sparkle and shine to your look every day, chose a band with diamonds; it is the perfect way to show off your style.

Other couples may want vintage or engraved bands they can personalize with a date, message, or initials.


Pear Halo Diamond Drop Earrings.

If you have pierced ears, you don’t want to forget the earrings. Your wedding earrings can be as simple or intricate as you want.

A special pair of earrings that have sentimental value to you will make your outfit that much more meaningful. Think of any earrings you may have received as a gift or purchased during a special trip to attribute that memory.

You can choose a simple yet elegant look with a pair of beautiful diamond stud earrings. Or you can go for something a little bolder with diamond drop earrings.

Most brides don’t want to distract from their face with large earrings which could also get caught in their veil. Simple is popular for a reason, but don’t feel like you can’t wear your favorite pair of diamond earrings. Wear them if that is what you feel the most confident in.


Classic 3 ct. tw. Tennis Bracelet

Bracelets for the wedding day can be customized to match the theme of the wedding or the bride’s personal taste. You can choose bracelets of different metals such as gold, sterling silver, or rose gold. Your bracelets can also have pearls, diamonds, or other precious gemstones in them.

If you need some ideas, consider what other jewelry you plan to wear. If you are in the process of deciding on multiple pieces of jewelry, then think about your wedding theme. Consider how you want to present yourself.

Bangles, cuff bracelets, or charm bracelets are all great options to adorn your wrists. Pearls and diamonds are precious gems that will elevate any bracelet, but also look for other stones. Stones like ruby, sapphire, or emerald would look beautiful, too.

If you have any bracelets that are meaningful to you, it would be special to wear them.



A stunning necklace can stand out when you walk down the aisle. If you’re a fan of diamond pendants or want to show off a family heirloom, a necklace is perfect for dressing up your outfit on the big day.

A diamond tennis necklace is a great option for something simple yet elegant and tasteful.

You want any necklace you wear to look good with the neckline of your wedding dress, so keep that in mind.

You also may choose not to wear a necklace on your wedding day which is perfectly fine.

Other Bridal Jewelry for Your Wedding Day

You don’t have to limit yourself to the typical jewelry people wear. Your wedding is your chance to be creative, as well as express yourself. If you want to add extra accessories, go for it!

Either a stunning diamond headpiece or a hair pin make the perfect way to pull together your intricate updo.

The jewelry you buy for your wedding day doesn’t only have to be worn for your wedding. You can shop for timeless and classic pieces that will match other outfits in your wardrobe. Or look for jewelry you love that you can wear for other special occasions in your life.

Clean Origin Wedding Jewelry

All Clean Origin Diamonds Are Lab Grown, Ethical, and Environmentally-Friendly
All Clean Origin Diamonds Are Lab Grown, Ethical, and Environmentally-Friendly

Now that you have ideas for different jewelry pieces you may want to wear on your wedding day, start shopping.

First of all, it’s okay not to know exactly how much jewelry you want to wear. You don’t even have to know how you want it all to look.

We recommend browsing our online store to get some ideas on what you like. Then, when you’re ready, you can feel good knowing your jewelry is ethical and responsibly sourced.

With easy 100-day returns and free shipping, Clean Origin is committed to making you feel your best on your wedding day.