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Types of Hoop Earrings and Drop Earrings

Diamond hoop earrings are a classic jewelry piece and a beautiful addition to any diamond jewelry collection. Whether you love a classic gold or sterling silver round hoop, a two tone hoop with a diamond drop, or a rose gold huggie, Clean Origin has plenty of similar items in stock on our site. You can also connect with a jewelry expert to compare diamond hoops and double check every step of the process.

If you were to ask others opinions on what hoop earrings looked like, they'd probably say circular. Traditionally, most hoop earrings were circular or oval-shaped. However, today's hoop earring trends would suggest otherwise.

Huggies are a type of diamond hoop earrings that fit snugly against your ear. They are small hoops with minimal movement. These diamond hoop earrings are medium sized, making them the perfect jewelry for both a modest and fancy occasion.

Most pairs of diamond hoop earrings are crafted in a delicate single row of sparkly. But multi-row hoop earrings are a showstopper, displaying a stunning sea of sparkle. Brilliance can be seen from every angle with this style of hoop earring.

In addition to traditional diamond hoop earrings, we offer a hybrid style mixed with drop earrings. Most diamond drop earrings are affixed to a base stud earring. Our hybrid diamond hoop and drop earrings allow for a bit of movement.

How to Care For Your Hoop Earrings

Diamond earrings can get pretty dirty. This is especially true if you're wearing your diamond hoop earrings daily. Fortunately, you can keep your diamond hoop earrings looking beautiful with supplies you already have at home.

The best way to clean your hoop earrings is with a mild soap detergent and warm water. Chemicals and machines can damage your precious metals or stones, so a mild soap like dish soap is a fantastic option.

Use a gentle toothbrush dipped into a bowl of water mixed with a little soap. Hold you hoop earring flat in your hand and gently brush away the dirt. Be careful not to apply too much pressure when cleaning diamond hoop earrings. Always dry your jewelry after cleaning it. Store it in a dry place on its own like a velvet-lined jewelry box.

Diamond Hoop Earrings at Clean Origin

Time might cause your diamond hoop earrings to weather; that's where our Forever Service Plan comes in. This one-time purchase covers clasp repairs, diamond tightening, and other regular maintenance. If your earrings have removable backs, we'll also cover back replacements.

Shopping for diamond hoop earrings is easy with Clean Origin's website. Start by deciding what type of earrings speak to you. To shop similar items, search our website using a few search words on all your devices. With our visual search, find the pair of diamond hoop earrings that speaks to you with a text search of one or two words. Once you see all of our diamond hoop earrings, sort based on your favorite precious metal to discover all of your options.

All of our diamond hoop earrings qualify for free expedited shipping through Fedex. Customers who are local to one of our showrooms can visit us in-person to go over any order refinements. Store pickup might even be available. Still have questions about your purchase? Request your free virtual appointment to connect with a jewelry consultant.

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