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Explore our entire array of sparkling diamond jewelry. Choose the perfect jewelry for your collection, made with 100% ethical diamonds.

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Types of Diamond Jewelry We Offer

Enhance your diamond jewelry collection with a variety of classic jewelry style options and unique pieces. All diamond jewelry at Clean Origin is made with conflict-free lab created diamonds and recycled gold. Shop by collection to discover the perfect diamond fine jewelry that you can feel good about.

Clean Origin offers ethical loose diamonds, engagement rings, and diamond jewelry of all types. We offer many staples in your jewelry collection, such as diamond tennis bracelets. If you're looking for diamond earrings, we have many options for you including beautiful diamond stud earrings.

Diamond Earrings

For many, a pair of diamond stud solitaire earrings is a must-have. We offer solitaire studs in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum. Our multi-row hoop earrings will dazzle anyone that looks in your direction. Or maybe opt for a dramatic look with our diamond drop earrings. A diamond necklace is another staple in every jewelry collection. We carry both solitaire pendants and fashion necklaces.

At Clean Origin, ethical diamond jewelry is endless. There are many options to choose from and fill your jewelry collection. Needing some help choosing diamond jewelry? Contact a Clean Origin jewelry consultant today for a free virtual consultation.

Made with Ethical Materials

At Clean Origin, we strive to go above and beyond when it comes to purchasing ethical jewelry.

Every pair of hoop earrings, engagement ring setting, or diamond necklace in our elegant collection is encrusted with lab grown diamonds. Lab created diamonds are an ethical alternative to mined diamonds. Lab grown gemstones are 100% ethical and more environmentally responsible than natural diamonds.

By creating diamonds in a laboratory environment, we can ensure safe and fair work practices. The mined diamond industry has a long history of unsafe working conditions, unfair wages, and environmental damage. Lab grown diamonds eliminate the need for diamond mining without sacrificing quality.

Lab Grown Diamonds at an Excellent Price

Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds, but are often 20-30% less expensive than mined diamonds. By shopping for lab grown diamond jewelry, you get a radiant jewelry piece at a responsible price. Shop by collection to explore all of the options.

From a classic white gold tennis necklace to brilliant, earth-inspired engagement rings, Clean Origin is proud to create beautiful pieces for beautiful moments.

How to Clean Diamond Jewelry

Cleaning diamond jewlery is simple and easy to do with just a few items you likely already have. You will need a small bowl, soft brush, gentle soap, and a soft cloth.

First, soak your jewelry in the bowl with warm water and a bit of soap. After it soaks for about 10-15 minutes, gently scrub it with the soft brush to loosen dirt and debris. Once you're done scrubbing, rinse your jewelry and pat it with the soft cloth. Finally, leave it out to air dry.

Diamond Jewelry at Clean Origin

Ready to expand your fine jewelry collection? Start by visiting our online store, searching for a new image or two that catches your eye. To shop similar items, search one or two words relating to the jewelry you're looking for on all your devices. Our visual search find tool allows you to find the perfect diamond jewelry for you with just a few search words.

A Clean Origin jewelry expert is also available for a free virtual consultation virtual consultation. All online orders qualify for expedited FedEx shipping and our no-questions-asked 100 day return policy. If you're located near one of our showrooms, you might even be eligible for in-store pickup today.

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