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Lab-Grown Diamond Push Presents

by Haley Anhut
Last updated on August 20, 2023

Push Present Ideas

The mom to be in your life deserves the world, but let’s start with a diamond push present. We’ve created the best push present jewelry gift guide if you’re looking to spoil the future mommy, and superwoman, in your life.

No matter her style, diamonds are a special way to show your love. Let’s face it, as new parents it’s not going to be glamorous 24/7 once the baby arrives, so these push gifts are the perfect accessories for new moms to add some bling to their everyday looks. And, if you’re the fashion-savvy mom looking for gift ideas after your pregnancy is over, feel free to share this guide with your partner, friends, and family members!

What are Push Presents?

We all know about wedding anniversary gifts and other similar milestones that go along with gift-giving. But if you’re confused about what exactly a push present or push gift is, you’re not alone. This is a gift that you give to your significant other as a big ‘thank you,’ and as a token of appreciation for carrying and delivering your new baby! You’ve probably seen extravagant celebrity push presents on social media and in the news. Kim Kardashian West, for example, received diamond studs and Beyonce was allegedly given a huge blue sapphire ring after her pregnancy with daughter Blue Ivy. What a way to say thank you! Oftentimes, you see this gift exchanged between the new parents, however, push presents can be given by anyone looking to congratulate a new mom! And this isn’t a baby shower gift, these are gifts specifically for new mamas to enjoy, so make her feel the love!

When are Push Presents Given?

After nine months of growing your precious bundle of joy, soon to be moms have gone those a lot, and the rewarding yet challenging time is just getting started. Typically, push presents are given in the delivery room right after the baby’s birth. However, a lot happens after the child is born, and the mother of your child might be too tired or preoccupied to even fully enjoy her gift. It might also be a good idea to give your push present just before the birth is coming up, perhaps while on a baby moon or at a special gathering with the family. 

What is a Typical Push Present?

There aren’t any strict guidelines dictating what kinds of gifts are appropriate for a push present. That said, if you’re interested in purchasing a push present for a new mom, then you’re probably going to want to stick with jewelry. Necklaces, engraved bands, and even brooches are all push present jewelry options, but to really demonstrate affection and appreciation, there’s nothing like diamond rings and tennis bracelets.

A diamond push present is the perfect way to demonstrate the importance and commitment that goes along with the birth of a new baby. Just like the diamonds that are so closely associated with engagement and wedding rings, diamond push presents are a fun and lasting beginning to an important new stage in life.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most popular push present ideas:

Push Present Jewelry Ideas

Diamond Studs

Diamond studs are the perfect push gift for new mamas for so many reasons. First, they are an easy diamond accessory to put on and leave on, removing the worry of taking it off during changes, feedings, bath time, etc. We also love diamond studs as a push present because they are easy to wear especially with grabby baby hands! You don’t want to give anything that will hang down or get in the way when holding a newborn baby. It’s important to think about jewelry gifts that will add some sparkle to a new mom’s life without adding extra stress. We offer two different stud styles, 3 and 4 prong, both beautiful and allow your diamond, no matter the size, to shine! Take your pick between white gold and yellow gold for the setting — in our opinion there’s no wrong choice! 

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Another fabulous gift to give a new mom is a lab grown diamond tennis bracelet! Classic, elegant, and a piece she’ll treasure forever. Maybe, she’ll even pass this special memento down to her daughter one day. Our tennis bracelets are popular and loved for a reason — with a string of shimmering lab-grown diamonds, they add simplistic elegance to any ensemble. A diamond tennis bracelet might not be top of mind for a new mom on the day to day, but it will be a lifesaver when she’s rushing to get ready for date night or a special event. Not only is this accessory easy to pair with just about anything, but it can really dress up an otherwise simple outfit. 

Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 carats, we have the perfect fit for any mom to be. Choose between white and yellow gold depending on her style preferences and what other metal types she usually wears. But don’t stress too much if you can’t decide, our 100 day return policy makes exchanging a push present a breeze.

Eternity Bands

If the mom to be isn’t a fan of bracelets or earrings, eternity bands could be the perfect push present gift! Eternity bands are a fantastic way to celebrate the new mom in your life, because they can be completely personalized. For a more minimalistic look, try our 2.2mm Fauna Eternity Band. This dainty band features a single row of dazzling lab-grown diamonds — a fashionable jewelry piece your partner will cherish forever! We also love the 3.5mm Scalloped Channel Eternity Band for new moms, as the channel setting provides an extra layer of protection for your diamonds — a snag-free and secure design that’s a favorite of women who are juggling a lot of responsibilities.

If you’re looking to give a new mom some major sparkle, we offer a variety of carat sizes that will fit any style or budget. All our eternity bands are available in platinum, white, yellow, and rose gold.

Upgrade Your Diamond

Maybe more than anything else, the soon to be momma in your life really just wants to update her diamond engagement ring. If that’s the case, you’re exactly where you need to be! Our selection of loose diamonds is just as diverse as it is extensive. 

Depending on her setting, she might want to look into a new diamond shape that will add a bit of personalization to her ring. In that case, an oval or emerald diamond are both timeless shapes that have remained in-style but have always indicated a unique owner. 

If you’re looking to upgrade a round brilliant diamond, our Hearts & Arrows collection features perfectly symmetrical stones that will glisten and shimmer like nothing you’ve ever seen. 

Non-Jewelry Push Present Ideas

As a new parent, once the baby arrives, it won’t be easy to get much down time. Things can get stressful! A practical push present that take the struggles of new moms into consideration might be your best bet, or even something you can pair with fresh flowers and a tennis bracelet for the best push present ever! 

A Spa Package

The last leg of pregnancy isn’t always the prettiest. The soon to be mother can experience a lot of fatigue, body aches, uncomfortable sleep, and anxiety about the big day. And it doesn’t stop there. Labor is very hard work, and extremely taxing on the body. Once the pushing is over and the baby is brought home from the hospital, more challenges are bound to arise. A gift of a spa package can help to physically relax the new mama both psychically and mentally, and be an escape for when she needs one. 

Baby Foot Print Art

Framing your baby’s footprint is the best keepsake push present! It is sure to be the most prized piece of art in your home. Hang it in the baby’s nursery where nursing moms will spend much time bonding in the coming months. You can even decorate it by adding the baby’s birthdate, birth height, and weight in roman numerals letterpress art. 

A New Purse

As a new mama there will be lots to carry around for the newborn. Help her do it in style! A new purse is a practical push present that can help her feel stylish a secure knowing that she has everything her baby needs with her. 

Why a Lab Created Diamond Push Gift?

There are several reasons why going with a lab-grown diamond push present is your best bet. First a foremost, they are 100% ethically sourced. This means you don’t have to worry about the path they took to get from their origin to your doorstep. They are also an environmentally friendly alternative to mined diamonds — putting eco-conscious couples at ease. The real kicker? Although they are identical to mined diamonds in their chemical structure and physical and optical appearance, they are up to 40% less expensive than mined stones. 

So what does this mean for a push present? Bigger and better. Your budget for 2-carat diamond studs now bumps up to 2.5! A loose diamond could be upgraded to a better cut, color, and/or clarity, or you could opt for a more expensive metal like platinum on your eternity band. 

At Clean Origin, we sell only high-quality, ethical, lab-grown diamonds, for a push present that you and your partner can be proud of. 

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world, so why not reward her with a beautiful diamond accessory? Lab grown diamond push presents say so much more than ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re amazing.’ They also say, ‘let’s make this world better for our children.’ And we have gifts for other special occasions as well, from birthday gifts to wedding anniversary gifts we have it all.