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Lab grown diamonds cut with extreme precision.

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Fall in love with the world’s most perfectly cut diamonds -- giving you and your love the most spectacularly bright and shimmering stone to forever memorialize your bond.
Precise Cut
When a round brilliant diamond is cut with extreme precision and craftsmanship, the diamond will show off eight sharp ‘arrows’, visible when the diamond is facing upwards, and expose eight ‘hearts’ when it is reversed. This meticulous facet work takes more time and artistry, but the result is the most perfect symmetry and a premium diamond.
Plenty of Sparkle
With such precision and optical symmetry, light will enter and exit the Hearts and Arrows diamond almost perfectly, creating its own 'hall of mirrors' that will reflect the maximum possible light and brilliance. As a result, the Hearts and Arrows diamond puts off a scintillating fire and sparkle that you have to see to believe.
Precious & Rare
Diamonds -- lab-grown and mined -- with this cut grade make up less than 1% of all the diamonds in the world. Very few hold this incredible certificate of perfection in cut.
Perfectly Symmetrical
If you find yourself drawn to the stunning shimmer of a Hearts and Arrows diamond, you’re not alone. In fact, our brains are actually attracted to symmetry and we tend to look for symmetrical patterns in many things, including other people.

What Is The Cut of a Diamond?

Often confused with the shape of a diamond, the cut actually refers to how well natural light that enters the stone is refracted within and reflected back through the top of the diamond. The more detail and accuracy that is put into cutting the diamond, the better the cut grade. Hearts & Arrows are perfectly cut and extremely rare.

Ideal Cut vs Hearts & Arrows

Oftentimes, Hearts and Arrows diamonds can be confused with "Ideal" cut diamonds, since this is the top cut grade. In reality, Hearts and Arrows diamonds actually go above and beyond the qualifications needed to be 'ideal' cut. For the most part, ideal cut means it has the best light performance and proportions. They don't, however, need to have the Hearts and Arrows design or have perfect symmetry.

Think about it like this: all Hearts and Arrows diamonds are ideal, but not all ideal diamonds are Hearts and Arrows.

Other ‘C’s’ To Consider

Our Hearts and Arrows diamond collection has been designed to accommodate a broad range of budgets. You will be able to find diamonds with varying levels of color, clarity, and carat, while still keeping the incredible proportions, beauty, and sparkle of this most ideal of cuts.

Lab Grown vs Mined

Many people have the misconception that lab grown diamonds are "perfect" after they are grown. However, this is far from the truth. Since they’re made in an environment that replicates and accelerates that of the Earth, natural flaws and inclusions appear at varying levels in all lab grown diamonds. That’s why you are able to find man-made stones with different clarity, color, cut, and carat.

Lab created diamonds are also cut, graded, and certified using the same craftsmen, expert gemologists, and processes as mined diamonds. Our stunning and shimmering Hearts and Arrows diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to mined diamonds.

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