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Unique Earrings

by Chante Walker
Last updated on October 16, 2023

Unique earrings range in styles, sizes, shapes, and materials. With ever-growing jewelry styles, you will find the right pair of earrings. Unlike clothes, earrings are less likely to go out of style, so you can invest in a few unique pieces and still look stylish for years to come.

What Are Unique Earrings?

Earrings are a way to accessorize the ear with dazzling jewelry pieces. A standard earring includes common elements, such as a round brilliant-shaped diamond stud or silver hoop earrings. These are popular choices but do not include obscure details.

Individual style and preference are the driving force behind creating unique variations. Across jewelry categories, one design will not satisfy the wants and needs of all women, men, and people seeking accessories. Combinations of metal, size, gemstones, and color are just a few aspects that can differentiate one jewelry piece from another.

Earring Artisans

If you are looking for a bracelet, necklace, or earrings, fashion artisans make incredibly unique jewelry pieces. Earring artisans craft handmade collections with obscure shapes, sizes, and materials. You will likely find a pattern like no other and fabric you had no idea would make cute earrings. Look to handmade craftsmanship if you want cool earrings that no one in your area owns.

The downside is that artisan jewelry sellers create accessories by hand, so their stock is limited to what they can manually produce. The time and resources it takes to make the item may also appear in the cost of the product, as handmade fashion typically costs more.

Earring Shapes

For both stud and hoop earrings, the most common shape is circular. A round diamond is a typical centerpiece for stud earrings. Hoop earrings are usually circular, silver, or gold metal with no gems.

Below are examples of how Clean Origin reimagines ordinary earring designs with our GIA-certified lab grown diamonds.

Stud Earrings

Pear Diamond Stud Earrings

Take your style to the next level by changing the cut of your center stone. Above are the Pear Diamond Stud Earrings in a 3-prong setting. The asymmetrical design allows for an artful oddity to complement an overall outfit.

Luminescent Halo Stud Earrings

Experiment with your fashion and try alternative diamond cuts like emerald, princess, and oval. Or transform the original round-cut diamond stud by adding more to it.

The Luminescent Halo Studs show the standard round stone elevated to extravagance with a diamond-filled halo surrounding it. Suddenly, it’s not just your typical pair of round diamond studs.

Round Four Prong Earrings

The prong setting can also offer a drastic shift in the appearance of your diamond stud earrings.

Round Three Prong Earrings

The diamond can appear longer and larger depending on the positioning and number of prongs. See how the four-prong earring set carries a square form while the three-prong set is triangular.

Hoop Earrings

Vita Hoops

Have you ever considered square hoop earrings? The Vita Hoops are an angular take on the standard circle hoop earring. Angled hoops transcend a singular style and are suitable for anyone that wants to add pointed edges to balance a relaxed curvy outfit.

Veni Huggies

Another hoop alternative is our collection of Huggies that hugs the ear. The Veni Huggies include a round diamond studded hoop with an emerald diamond dangling below. It adds just enough movement to a simplistic jewelry design.

Drop Earrings

Teardrop Diamond Drop Earrings

Drop earrings kick the stud design up a notch. Instead of a single diamond, how about three stacked together?

The Teardrop Diamond Drop Earrings showcase 3 round brilliant cut diamonds that dangle from the ear. As you go down the earring, each diamond is larger than the one above, adding another dimension to the slim design.

Earring Jackets

Single Tempus Earring Jacket

An earring jacket is a way to have two earring styles with one stud earring. An earring jacket has a small hole to slide onto any stud earring of your choice. The combination turns what was once a simple stud into a delightfully new pair of dangling earrings. The Single Tempus Earring Jacket includes 28 lab grown diamonds to help your stud earrings sparkle.

Earring Metals

Cool earrings defy standards and are made of so many different materials. It ranges from cotton to wood to metal. A benefit of this range is that if wearing one fabric or alloy causes your skin to react, you have other options.

Copper or nickel inclusions can cause allergic reactions from alloy jewelry. Pure metals are recommended for people with sensitive skin, also called hypoallergenic metals. Options include 24k gold, stainless steel, and titanium, as well as fine and sterling silver jewelry.

Unique Diamond Colors

Pink Cushion Stud Earrings

Beyond the cut and design of the earring itself, maybe you are looking to be adventurous with the color of your diamond.

At Clean Origin, our lab grown colored diamonds come in shades of green, blue, pink, and yellow. Color can boost a simple pair of stud earrings while keeping them minimal. Above are Pink Cushion Stud Earrings, and below are Blue Oval Stud Earrings in a 4-prong setting that is both minimal and grand.

Blue Oval Stud Earrings

You Make It Unique

Even if you do not gravitate to unique shapes, colors, and materials for your accessories, it does not mean that your fashion is not unique. Not everyone has the combination of necklaces, rings, and earrings that you do.

Even if all your jewelry is not as uncommon as others, your style will dictate how you unite a necklace, bracelet, or stack of rings with a set of earrings.