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Secret Treasures: A Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

by Sophia Huxley
Last updated on December 28, 2021

What is a hidden halo engagement ring? The newest huge trend to add sparkle to your engagement ring is hidden halo rings, where engagement rings feature a delicate halo of diamonds or other stones underneath the setting so that at a bird’s eye view, the ring is a solitaire. The hidden smaller diamonds, usually pavé diamonds, allow room for a matching band and hint at the sparkle you need, without your engagement ring being set to maximum glitter. This keeps your jewelry sweet and light so that it is easy to style. The focus also will remain on the carat size of your center stone so that whatever you decide on for your center gemstone, it gets the attention its beauty deserves.

Why Go for Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

Hidden halo engagement rings are an exciting way to design your ring due to the surprise factor. People love to peak at a hidden halo in an engagement ring, where they get a flash of extra sparkle at the right angles but maintain the integrity of their center stone as the main even. Keeping the attention on your center stone, especially the center diamond really matters to some. They pay a lot for their princess cut diamond or platinum band and want those details to be noticed first in their engagement ring. That’s why a hidden halo is so popular, as hidden halo rings sit flush to the hand, leave room for wedding bands, and have all the added sparkle and diamonds you could wish for, with non of the top view interference.

5 Unique Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

These hidden halo engagement rings are an excellent start to your search, with modern details, a petite band here and there, pavé diamonds galore, hidden accents in every corner, and many hidden halos to delight in.

1. The Devon Ring

This ring is a beautiful example of why hidden halo engagement rings are so loved. The Devon engagement ring is a statement-making engagement ring design featuring a modern hidden halo and split shank band of sparkling lab-created diamonds. All these details create a wonderful focus on the center stone so that your center diamond gets all the attention it deserves. Available in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum.

2. The Scarlett Ring

The Scarlett engagement ring features elegant split prongs, a modern hidden halo, and an extra slim, diamond-lined 1.6 mm band. This hidden halo engagement ring is an excellent choice for adding extra sparkle without necessarily opting for a larger center stone or a traditional halo. Available in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum.

3. The Remi Ring

This delicate and unique engagement ring features a classic four-prong setting with a hidden halo of 10 lab-grown diamonds. At 2.2 mm, this ring setting is the epitome of timeless. Hidden halo rings like these are perfect with a matching wedding band so that the tiny diamonds in the hidden halos match up with the tiny diamonds studding the wedding band.

4. The Caroline Ring

A hidden halo of 16 lab-grown diamonds graces the gallery of this timeless solitaire. Complete your ring with the round brilliant diamond of your dreams as the center stone of this lovely hidden halo engagement ring. The hidden halo accent on this engagement ring does a beautiful job of adding extra sparkle without upstaging the center stone, as well as leaving plenty of room for a wedding band that complements the thin band of the hidden halo engagement ring.

5. The Secret Sapphire Hidden Halo Ring

A hidden halo of lab-created sapphires gives a pop of color just for you. The colored gemstones in this engagement ring’s hidden halo make it a unique find and a gorgeous choice. Hidden halo engagement rings like this allow you to add a little surprise under your center stone so that your center diamond never gets upstaged but really pops.