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The Halo Diamond Ring

by Clean Origin
Last updated on September 1, 2023
halo diamond ring

Many people try to get an idea of the type of engagement ring they might want. Today, we’re fortunate to have a wide selection of engagement rings to choose from. Most of us fall into the classic minimalist styles or the flashy and sparkly side. But what about those of us who fall between? What if a solitaire is a little too boring, but that Art Deco ring is a bit much? Where can one turn to? One answer: A halo diamond ring.

Halo engagement rings are one of the oldest styles of engagement ring. They give the wearer a perfect opportunity to choose between a more reserved look with extra sparkle, or a stunning showstopper to draw all eyes in the room.

Let’s learn more about one of the most popular styles out there for engagement rings.

What Is a Halo Engagement Ring?

It’s not hard to see why halo engagement rings are popular styles. They are highly versatile and can be incorporated throughout a variety of other ring settings.

The main things you will see in a halo engagement ring are a center stone and a ring of smaller diamonds around it. The size of the smaller diamonds depends on the ring. Some halo rings have tiny diamonds in their settings called micropave.

Halo engagement rings aren’t to be confused with bezel engagement rings–those have a ring of metal around the center diamond, not more diamonds.

Even though halo rings were popular in the 21st century, they have been around since the 1700s. More specifically, the Georgian era of diamonds and jewelry. The diamonds in a halo ring weren’t as small as you see in many engagement rings today. Instead, they were slightly smaller than the center diamond.

You have to remember that diamonds weren’t cut to exceptional brilliance back then. Halo diamonds rings didn’t quite have the sparkle we see in store or online now. The center diamond was also much smaller than the options we have today.

The use of halo designs in the Georgian era gave way to halo engagement rings in the Victorian jewelry period. Most halo engagement rings had a colored center stone instead of a center diamond.

Types of Halo Engagement Rings

There are many different kinds of halo engagement rings. Some have bigger diamonds in the halo, some are arranged in flowers, and others are blended with other popular styles. Here are some of the major types you might come across both in store or shopping for engagement rings online.

Classic Halo Diamond Ring

A traditional halo engagement ring has a prong setting with standard pave style diamonds. Pave settings are small diamonds that have been set closely together to give the illusion of a paved street. You’re also less likely to see the metal in between the diamonds. Halo rings have similar features to classic engagement rings.

A halo ring can have any shape, but round halo rings with a round brilliant center stone is the classic choice.

Round Fancy Halo Ring

Round Fancy Halo

Flower Halo Rings

Flower halo settings started in the Victorian period. Garden-inspired jewelry was popular during that time and remains so today. One could probably argue that every halo diamond ring is arranged like a flower.

Still, some flower halo rings feature a halo that has bigger diamonds or a different shape besides round. The band may be straight, wavy, stones, or simply polished. Many of these halo rings feature weaving or twisted bands to simulate vines.

Collette Halo Ring

Collette Halo Diamond Ring

Hidden Halo Rings

Hidden halo rings are a modern variation of the original halo engagement ring style. They’re somewhat popular, but some don’t think they’re worth the money.

When you look at a hidden halo engagement ring, it appears like a solitaire. Your center stone doesn’t have a halo around it. Instead, the halo is beneath the center stone. The prong basket is encrusted with a halo that can be seen from the side (profile) view if you look on the underside.

The main reason someone might skip this style of halo engagement ring is because the diamonds are hidden where no one sees them. It’s important to choose a high set hidden halo diamond ring to be able to see them.

Still, most people don’t want to pay for a diamond that isn’t front and center. Colored stones are good options to make that extra diamond layer underneath stand out.

Secret Sapphire Hidden Halo Ring

Secret Sapphire Hidden Halo Diamond Ring

Double Halo Diamond Ring

A double halo engagement ring is exactly as it sounds. Instead of one ring of diamonds around the center stone, there are two. Diamonds in double halos are smaller than ones used in a traditional halo engagement ring.

If the diamonds are too big, they’ll detract from your center stone and drive up the cost–another characteristic of this style of halo engagement ring

Petite French Double Halo Ring

Petite French Double Halo Diamond Ring

Hybrid Halo Rings

“Hybrid halo ring” isn’t an official name. However, it’s the term most fitting for the remaining halo engagement ring styles we are looking at. These halo rings incorporate a halo alongside another type of ring setting.

The style of a halo engagement ring is characterized by the way the center stone looks. Many engagement ring settings focus on the band instead. These styles are best for hybrid halo diamond rings because they don’t overwhelm each other.

Perhaps the most popular of the hybrid halos are solitaire halo engagement rings. This is the perfect jewelry type for the bride who’s in between solitaire engagement rings or traditional halos.

Ava Halo Ring

Ava Halo Ring

While not as common, some engagement ring styles don’t necessarily focus on the band, but they still work with halo engagement rings. One of the these is the bezel halo diamond ring.

We mentioned that a bezel setting involves a metal ring around the center stone. When it’s blended with a halo engagement ring, the bezel is set on the inside or the outside of halo.

Halo engagement rings with bezels on the outside of halo have better protection than all halo engagement rings. The metal protects the diamonds from chipping or loosening.

MoonBeam Ring

MoonBeam Diamond Ring

Cost of Halo Diamond Rings

As with most engagement rings, the cost of a halo engagement ring depends largely on the diamond grades. The biggest cost factor would be your center stone. Every diamond follows the 4cs of diamond quality: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

There’s all sorts of tricks and tips to cutting down the cost of your center stone without sacrificing quality or appearance. For halo engagement rings, one of those is to choose a smaller carat weight.

The average carat weight for a solitaire engagement ring is around 1.2 carats. A center stone that size might look too big for some. Not everyone likes a big and blinding ring, some want just a tad more oomph from their setting.

You’ll want your diamond to be bigger in a solitaire ring because it’s the only diamond there. With halo engagement rings, you see more sparkle overall. A half-carat solitaire diamond might look small.

But in a halo setting, the ring would appear larger. You don’t have to spend money on a big diamond, or better grades to go along with its size. That being said, halo engagement rings with smaller diamonds in the halo usually cost less. Diamond grades have to be higher in bigger diamonds, which raises the prices.

But if you like a lot of sparkle and price isn’t a factor, halo engagement rings with a larger diamond in the halo are stunning.

Nova Halo Ring

Nova Ring

The metal you choose for your halo ring could impact its cost. Sterling silver is the most affordable, but not the best metal for a bridal set. White gold, yellow gold, and rose gold should all cost the same as long as they’re the same karat. Platinum engagement rings are more expensive than gold rings.

Custom-made engagement rings can drive up the cost of halo designs quickly. These are the engagement rings that take weeks to a month to make and are inspired by pictures you’ve brought in. Local jewelers will add in labor costs. Vintage halos and double halo rings will also cost more.

A great way to save money on a custom engagement ring is to buy online. We offer our customers the flexibility to choose their own diamond and semi-mount. You don’t pay for any labor either.

We also offer a warranty that covers routine maintenance. It can help protect the vulnerabilities of halo by tightening loose stones when they need it, as well as rhodium plating white gold.

Pros & Cons of Halo Engagement Rings

Kent Ring


  • Halo diamond rings are extremely versatile. There’s a style for everybody.
  • Halo engagement rings allow you to add more sparkle to a traditional engagement ring setting.
  • Halo diamond rings can make your center stone appear larger than it is.
  • The smaller diamonds in a halo engagement ring cost less than bigger side stones because they don’t need high diamond grades.


  • Halo engagement rings are often sent in for repair for a loose or missing diamond in the halo. It isn’t always due to the craftsmanship of the ring either. The prongs holding the melee stones will wear down over time. The wrong bump can knock a diamond right off its short prong.
  • Halo engagement rings are more vulnerable to chipping because of unprotected small diamonds in the halo.

Additional Halo Engagement Ring Options

A halo diamond ring is a popular and versatile engagement ring option that many people love. If you would like more information about our halo selection, be sure to check out our website.