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Western Wedding Rings: The Perfect Blend of Tradition and Style

by Luis Navarro
Last updated on August 23, 2023

Western wedding rings are rich in history. Its style reflects the deeply intertwined relationship between the rugged landscape of the Western United States and the people who call it home. From cowboys to Native Americans, Western rings draw inspiration from many different sources. This creates a unique style that showcases the region’s diverse cultural heritage. Whether you’re looking for something rustic or refined, Western wedding rings are an excellent choice. Especially for those who want a ring with a striking design that’s evolved over the centuries.

What are Western Wedding Rings?

Western wedding rings take inspiration from the cultural heritage and aesthetics of the Western United States. Their designs can vary from classic to contemporary, but they all share similar motifs that harken back to the rugged terrain and independent spirit of those who settled it. They are made from materials associated with the West, such as gold and silver, and incorporate Native American designs that feature feathers, animals, nature, and geometric patterns.

Brief History of Western-style Wedding Rings in the U.S.

When settlers from the Eastern United States traversed across the plains during the late 1800s and early 1900s in search of land and opportunity, they brought the tradition of gifting engagement rings and exchanging wedding bands during a marriage ceremony. Characterized by their simplicity in design, these early Western wedding rings were handmade bands of gold or silver with minimal embellishments.

Over time, Western jewelers began to create more intricate designs inspired by the region’s landscape and the people who inhabited it. By the 1950s and 60s, as cowboy fashion became mainstream across the United States, more and more couples began adopting Western wedding ring styles. Today, western jewelry is a popular choice far beyond the confines of the Western states.

Styles of Western Engagement Rings

Western engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes. They can range in style from solitaire to vintage rings and everything in between. They are as diverse as the people who call the Western states home. What sets a Western engagement ring apart is the incorporation of a classic Western design.

Classic Western Design

A typical style of Western engagement rings is solitaire rings with a round stone at the center of a wide band. This combination provides a simple structure with ample space for hand-engraving intricate designs. One variation of this style uses a square stone with a slim style band instead, which shifts the focus onto the jewel rather than the design of the ring itself. Three-stone rings are a more contemporary style compatible with a classic Western design. A ring like this has a center stone surrounded by several smaller stones – two, to be precise. The setting that holds the gemstones together can also showcase symbols associated with the West.

The Role of Native American Jewelry in Western-Style Jewelry

The contributions of Native Americans to Western-Style jewelry cannot be understated. The use of colorful beads to create patterns serves as the inspiration for many Western designs. The renowned silverwork of the Navajo people, with their detailed designs and high levels of quality, paved the way for silver to become a traditional material used in Western wedding rings. Native American jewelry has been the source of inspiration for many Western designs, and its influence continues to inspire the creation of elegant Western-style jewelry.

Materials Used in Western Wedding Rings

Western wedding rings require durable materials that can be transformed into stunning jewelry pieces.

Traditional Materials

White and yellow gold are common metals used in Western-style rings. They are a classic across all jewelry styles, and their versatility makes them compatible with the intricate designs featured in Western rings.

Turquoise is a stone with a blue-green color found in arid climates, such as that of the Southwestern United States. Turquoise is a durable stone that is cut and polished into different shapes.

Another common material is sterling silver. These often have oxidized silver backgrounds to give the jewelry an antique and tarnished look. One thing to keep in mind about using sterling silver for your Western wedding rings is that it can cause an allergic reaction in those with sensitive skin. Opting for other precious metals, such as 18k yellow gold or platinum, is better to avoid such cases.

Gemstones Used in a Western Engagement Ring

A Western engagement ring can have one or multiple different gemstones. These include diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. Before they’re added to engagement rings, these stones are cut by a skilled gem cutter, which gives them their distinct looks that showcase their natural beauty and sparkle.

The Symbolism of Western Wedding Rings

Western-style rings have a wide range of symbols and meanings associated with them. Each of these represents a particular aspect of Western heritage and traditions. Together, they tell a story about the resilience and independence of the people in the Western United States and their connection to the rugged nature of the land.

Significance of the designs and materials

In jewelry of all types, designers often incorporate cowboy/cowgirl symbols like spurs, horseshoes, and iconic hats alongside Native American motifs such as feathers, animals, nature, and geometric patterns. Every symbol stands for something unique. For instance, horseshoes represent good luck, while an animal, like a wolf, stands for loyalty. Regarding the materials used in Western wedding rings, silver symbolizes purity, gold is for wealth, and turquoise is for spirituality.

Importance of craftsmanship

When shopping for Western-style jewelry, people highly value handcrafted jewelry. The very essence of Western wedding rings requires a degree of attention and detail that can only be found in artisan craftsmanship. Skilled artisans can transform materials like gold into beautiful, durable rings with techniques passed down through generations.

A hand-engraved ring with the couple’s initials is the perfect way for a husband to express his eternal love for his wife and lifetime commitment to their relationship.

Factors to Consider When Buying Diamond Jewelry

Regardless if you’re buying groom or bridal jewelry, if it has diamonds, it is essential to remember the 4Cs. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) established the 4Cs to serve as guidelines and they consist of the following diamond attributes:


Cut refers to how well the diamond was cut and polished to the correct shape. It determines how brilliant and sparkly a diamond will be.


Clarity is how many imperfections or blemishes a diamond has. Even a diamond with slight marks or blemishes will still appear the same when looking at it.


Color refers to the absence of color, with colorless diamonds being the rarest and sought-after. Most natural diamonds have a slight tint of yellow or brown color, but if you get a near-colorless diamond, you usually can’t see this tint with the naked eye.

Carat Weight

While carat weight is an indicator of a diamond’s weight, it directly affects the size perception of a diamond ring. If you want a large center stone, this is the diamond attribute you’ll want to invest more of your budget on.

Clean Origin Selection of Western Wedding Rings

At Clean Origin, we have curated a selection of Western-inspired rings for all occasions. Feel free to browse the rings below!

Two Entwined Solitaire

The setting of the Two Entwined Solitaire ring resembles a western rope edge. This is the perfect ring for someone looking for a traditional ring with a twist.

Primrose Ring

The Primrose is a lovely design with floral-inspired details, giving this otherwise classic style a romantic touch.

Natura Ring

This graceful and elegant vintage solitaire features antique-style filigree and milgrain work along the top and sides – a timeless beauty from a romantic era.

MoonBeam Ring

Vintage bezel set lab created diamonds graces the shoulders of this romantic ring, and a shimmering halo frames and enhances the center stone.

Braided Band

The Braided Band is a wedding band whose design follows a classic look with a twist. The Braided Matching Band has soft lines woven together and adds a touch of drama. This ring looks just as beautiful on its own as it does with the Braided Solitaire Engagement Ring.

How to Take Care of Your Western-Style Diamond Jewelry

To keep your diamond jewelry from looking dull, it’s best to clean it regularly. Everyday wear will contribute to the build-up of dirt and oils on your diamond jewelry. As with everything else, jewelry can carry germs, so cleaning it is more than just about keeping it looking sharp; it’s also sanitary.

While jewelers often recommend you bring your diamond jewelry twice a year to have it professionally cleaned, we recommend you clean it once a week with a mix of warm water and dish soap in a bowl. When you do so, let it sit in the mixture for 20-40 minutes before gently brushing it with a soft toothbrush. Lastly, rinse it with warm water and dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth.

The best way to take care of your diamond jewelry is to use caution and judgment when taking part in your daily routines and activities.

Find the Perfect Western Wedding Ring Sets at Clean Origin

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