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Why Choose Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry?

Lab grown diamond jewelry has all of the stunning sparkles of traditional diamond jewelry with even more added benefits. Our lab grown jewelry is fashion-forward and of the highest quality; it is also made with 100% ethically sourced diamonds. Additionally, our diamonds have a price tag of up to 40% less than traditionally mined diamond fine jewelry.

Lab grown diamonds are not only molecularly identical to mined diamonds, but they're also visually identical - the only differences between them are their origin and price. When you shop lab created diamonds, you are 100% sure you are getting conflict free stones.

At Clean Origin, we do our part to work towards a more compassionate jewelry industry. Shop for lab grown diamond engagement rings and fine jewelry that you can feel good about buying.

Lab Grown Diamonds for Ethical Jewelry

All of our accessories are hand-crafted with 100% lab grown diamonds. In addition, we make every effort to use recycled metal wherever and whenever we can. Whether you are shopping for the perfect loose diamond or ethical engagement rings, Clean Origin is a jewelry store you can feel good about shopping with.

Unlike many other retailers, our accent/smaller diamond details are strictly lab created. We do this because we believe this is the only way to guarantee that every diamond we sell is 100% conflict-free.

How Do I Take Care of Diamond Jewelry?

Since a diamond is one of the hardest substances on Earth, it's tempting not to be as cautious when you wear it. But as with any other type of jewel, there's always a chance for damage.

To properly take care of your diamond jewelry, clean it regularly. Store it in a soft bag or a jewelry box lined with soft fabric when you aren't wearing it.

If you have a diamond ring, remove it before you wash dishes. You should also remove it if you're doing strenuous activities (like working out) so it does not make contact with any hard surfaces.

How to Clean Diamond Jewelry?

Whether your diamonds are natural or lab created, you can clean them the same way. To clean most styles of diamond jewelry, you will need a small bowl, mild soap, hot water, and a soft brush.

First, soak your jewelry for at least 15 minutes in the bowl filled with hot water and soap. Next, remove your jewelry from the water and gently scrub it with a soft brush. If you're cleaning an intricate piece, like a diamond tennis bracelet, get into all the small areas for a thorough cleaning. Finally, rinse everything with warm water, lightly pat dry with a soft cloth, and set everything out to finish air drying.

Should I Use Chemical Jewelry Cleaners?
Harsh chemical cleansers can damage precious metals and can even damage some gemstones. It's best to go with gentler methods to clean any fine jewelry.
Are Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners Safe for Diamond Rings?
The vibrations from ultrasonic jewelry cleaners can loosen the prongs on your diamond jewelry. If this happens, diamonds can slip out and be lost forever. This would be especially unfortunate if you lost the center stone from your engagement ring or diamonds from your wedding bands. When a professional uses an ultrasonic cleaner, they can tighten the prongs at the same time.
Can a Jeweler Tell If a Diamond Is Real?

Yes, a jeweler can tell if a diamond is real--and they have several ways to test and inspect diamonds to ensure they're real.

Typically they will use a loupe or a diamond tester.

What is a Loupe?
A jeweler can tell if a diamond is real with a loupe. A loupe is a type of magnifier a jeweler uses to examine the clarity of a diamond. If a jeweler inspects a diamond and sees inclusions and blemishes, then it is real. If they do not see any inclusions/blemishes and the diamond is "perfect," that is a sign it may be an imposter.
What is a Diamond Tester?

Another way a jeweler can tell if diamonds are real is by testing them with a thermal conductivity probe (aka a diamond tester).

The speed at which heat moves through different materials varies, and diamonds are very good at conducting heat. As a result, the way heat moves through a diamond can determine if it is real or fake. Lab created diamonds will test a real because they are indeed real diamonds.

Genuine diamonds disperse heat rapidly. Therefore, if you conduct a heat test on a gemstone that distributes heat rapidly, it is likely a diamond.

Is Diamond Jewelry Worth Buying?
Diamond jewelry is a gift that will last a lifetime and often holds sentimental value. So if you account for your diamond jewelry as a treasure to be passed down to future generations, then yes, it is always worth buying.
Is it Worth Buying a Diamond Necklace?

Whether a high-quality diamond tennis necklace or a pendant, it is a staple in any jewelry box and worth it.

Diamond necklaces go with many styles of outfits, from casual to glamorous. And they are a quintessential wedding jewelry must-have.

And while most people imagine beautiful white diamond necklaces, they can also feature colored diamond stones like pink, blue, and even yellow. These colored diamond options add yet another layer of style and impressive versatility to a diamond necklace that makes them worth buying.

Does Diamond Jewelry Appreciate?

No, the majority of diamond jewelry does not appreciate in value. For the most part, the diamonds that do increase in value are rare and expensive. But even though it doesn't appreciate in terms of a dollar amount, over time, diamond jewelry's personal value grows exponentially to the person wearing it.

Every time you put on the diamond earrings or necklace you wore on your wedding day, you probably remember the happy excitement or even nervousness you felt. Maybe you can picture yourself, among your closest family and friends, exchanging wedding bands with your spouse and reciting your vows.

These are special pieces of jewelry that you hold close to your heart. They helped to create lasting memories you will cherish for a lifetime. And whenever you put them on, they are, in a small but meaningful way, an opportunity for you to revisit that extraordinary day--if only for a moment.

Does Diamond Jewelry Hold Its Value?
The sentimental value attached to diamond jewelry simply cannot be measured. Did you know that one of the most commonly treasured family heirlooms is a piece of jewelry? No matter if it is a simple style of gold wedding band or diamond engagement ring, each holds a story that can be an inspiration to future generations to come.
Clean Origin Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry
Each piece in our jewelry collection was designed and hand-picked with our environmentally conscious and ecologically thoughtful consumers in mind. From classic diamond stud earrings that sparkle and shine—a style staple in any jewelry box—to white and yellow gold diamond tennis bracelets and even diamond pendants and bold chains.
Our Mission

Here at Clean Origin, we pride ourselves on having a brand that stands for something important. Our 100% conflict-free diamond ethical jewelry really sets us apart. We have a mission beyond being just another jewelry store, and, at the end of the day, it makes us feel good about the work we are doing.

At the same time, our dedication to continually finding ways to deliver increasingly ethical fine jewelry and engagement rings allows couples to express their love to one another in a way that's as moral as it is beautiful.

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