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Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Celebrate special moments, memories, and milestones with our lab grown diamond rings.


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How to Shop for Diamond Rings?

Finding the perfect engagement ring that says 'I love you' has never been easier. Whether you want a princess cut stone with a rose gold setting or a three-stone engagement ring with a two-tone band, we have everything you need to create the ring of your dreams. You can shop for diamond rings for many occasions. Whether you are looking for a three stone diamond ring, a bridal set, or the perfect mother's jewelry Clean Origin has you covered.

You may have gone to a physical diamond store and felt overwhelmed by the endless options for wedding bands and diamond rings. Finding the perfect ring can be laborious whether you are shopping for special events like a wedding or formal occasion or want to keep up with the latest fashion. Clean Origin has you covered.

Our diamond rings sort filter quickly displays similar items in your desired diamond shape, setting, and metal color. You can also sort our jewelry by cut, clarity, color, and carat. You can shop by shape if you know you want an emerald, marquise, baguette, oval, pear, cushion, or heart cut diamond ring. You may seek exotic diamond colors like blue, pink, or even green. We also offer a sapphire side accent on select diamond rings.

Rest assured that a lab created diamond from Clean Origin is on par with the quality standards set by the Gemological Institute of America. Best of all, you get to enjoy your ethical ring with a clear conscience.

Diamond Ring Styles

When shopping for a ring for your love, there are many style factors to consider. Would your partner prefer a yellow gold or sterling silver band? They may even want a multi-color or tri-tone ring. Also, would they love a timeless radiant-cut stone or a classic round brilliant?

If your partner has a conservative style, you can look at vintage rings and classic styles, such as solitaire and bezel settings. Do they want something traditional with a bit of added sparkle? Then they might like settings such as halos and pavé, with side stones adorning the setting.

If they have a more adventurous style, shop some of our unique engagement rings with special twists, such as an entwined halo, multi-stone setting, or a trendy east-west setting. Many women prefer unique styles

You also have the option to purchase a bridal set of diamond stackables. With this choice, you can be sure that your engagement ring and wedding band pair well together.

How to Clean a Diamond Ring

Cleaning a diamond ring at home is very simple. All you need is some hot water and mild soap. Add some soap to hot water and soak your ring for 20-40 minutes. You can brush off any dirt or debris before soaking it. Make sure to rinse your ring after; it should be clean and shiny.

It's essential not to use harsh chemicals like bleach or acetone on your ring as it may erode the metal. You also don't want to scrub it with abrasives that could scratch your ring.

Getting your ring professionally cleaned by a jeweler once or twice a year is recommended, especially if it's a wedding ring you wear every day. This helps it stay clean and last forever.

How Much is a Diamond Ring?

Diamond ring prices will vary greatly depending on what style, metal, and diamond you get. Perhaps the most critical aspect in the cost of your diamond ring is the diamond for the center stone.

Diamonds can cost anywhere from $1000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Depending on the style, metal, and retailer, typical bands will cost a few thousand dollars.

Diamond prices depend on the size and quality of the diamond. Larger diamonds will cost significantly more than smaller ones. Colorless and flawless diamonds will also cost considerably more than lower quality gemstones.

When shopping for a diamond, it's best to understand the factors that go into determining a diamond's price. Then decide what diamond is the best value for your budget.

Who Gave the First Known Diamond Engagement Ring?

In 1477, Archduke Maximillian of Austria had a diamond engagement ring commissioned to give to his bride Mary of Burgandy. This trend grew within elite societies of Europe but didn't gain widespread popularity until later in the 1900s.

Since then, there have been many diamond engagement rings given as proposals in history. It is a common trend that almost everyone in Western societies follows when proposing to someone.

Need More Help Shopping for a Diamond Ring?

If you're in the market for a diamond ring but not sure where to start, take a look at some of our popular styles for inspiration.

The most popular engagement ring choice is a solitaire ring with a white gold setting. However, you don't need to limit yourself to what is popular. This is a piece of jewelry you or your partner will wear for the rest of your life. Go with what speaks to you and complements your style.

Talking to a jewelry consultant can help. Sign up for a virtual consultation with a jewelry expert who can help bring your dream ring to life. If you know of something you like, you can take a photo, upload a photo online, or show our consultants during your appointment instead of spending time in a store searching for something similar. Our experts can lead you in the right direction to find exactly what you need.

Check out if you are in near any of our showrooms after scoping out your favorites online. You may even be able to schedule a store pickup today to secure your dream ring. If we're not in your current location, lookup your options online. Once you purchase, your ring will be securely delivered to you via FedEx.

Discover engagement rings with origins that are as pure as your love. Shop our stunning collection of ethically sourced lab created diamonds today.

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