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White Gold Engagement Rings

by Haley Anhut
Last updated on August 24, 2022

It’s time to find an engagement ring. While it was once possible to make this decision based on a few key factors, now couples are faced with a whole range of decisions. Once you’ve chosen that perfect diamond shape, next comes the setting and metal choice. White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum are the most popular precious metal choices today, with the most favored of the four being white gold. Like round diamonds, white gold engagement rings remain the most chosen metal. If you’re set on white gold for your engagement ring, use this guide to help you find the perfect setting. 

Benefits of Choosing White Gold

White gold is a favorite for many reasons. This is the most classic metal color, making any engagement ring timeless. But what are some other benefits beyond its beautiful appearance? First, durability. White gold is made of a combination of pure gold, along with a mix of other metals such as silver, palladium, and nickel. This mixture is what gives white gold its silver color. 

White gold is plated with rhodium, which gives white gold its resistance to tarnishing and scratches. If you live an active lifestyle or are worried about your engagement ring and the wear and tear over the years, white gold is a great choice. White gold is also a fantastic option if you’re looking for that beautiful silvery look, without compromising on budget. Platinum and white gold look somewhat similar, however, platinum is much more expensive. 

Price will vary significantly, depending on what metal you choose for your setting. Our Classic Solitaire Ring in 14k White Gold will cost you $525.00, but in platinum, the price will be $924.00. If you’re deciding between 14 and 18k for your engagement ring, find detailed information about 18k gold and 14k gold.

Our Favorite White Gold Settings

Now that you’ve decided on a white gold engagement ring, you’ll need to pick your ring setting style! The most popular choices are solitaire, halo, classic, vintage, and three stone. There are many ways to personalize these settings to suit your personal style. Luckily, white gold will look stunning on any setting style, but we’ve chosen a few favorites, below:

Deco Emerald Ring

White gold and platinum were the most popular metal choices for rings with an Art Deco Style. Our Deco Emerald Ring is the perfect blend of vintage Art Deco inspired detail, with a geometric and modern center emerald diamond. 

Scarlett Ring

Our modern take on a classic style ring. With an ultra-slim, diamond-lined 1.6 mm band, and a lower set diamond, this setting is as timeless as it gets!

Alexa Halo Ring

Halo settings are on-trend and are sure to make a statement. With an extra slim 1.5 mm band and two rows of dainty halos, this ring will shine brightly in a 14k white gold setting. 

Lisbon 3 Stone Ring

This gorgeous three-stone setting features two accent round diamonds, with a band surrounded by a channeled strip of lab-grown diamonds. This ring is compatible with 9 different diamond shapes, perfect for those looking to personalize their engagement ring. Try a cushion or pear-shaped diamond for a unique look.

Marseille Solitaire Ring

Classic white gold and a classic solitaire setting go hand-in-hand. Our Marseille Solitaire features a six-prong setting and dainty tulip motif gallery, giving this traditionally simple design a stylish spin. 

Starburst Halo Grand

If you’re choosing a white gold ring, and are looking for something that looks one of a kind, this is one of our favorites. A halo-shaped ring, with beautiful bursts of diamonds that encircle your center round stone. Choose 14k white gold if you’re looking to save on price.