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How to Measure Ring Size: A Comprehensive Guide

by Luis Navarro
Last updated on August 28, 2023

Buying a ring can be daunting when you don’t know what size to choose. Whether you are shopping for an engagement ring or a wedding band, you want to make sure you choose a comfortable size that provides a secure fit around the finger. To give you an idea, the average ring size is 5-7 for women and 10-11 for men. There are several ways to determine your ring size, and we’ll explore each in this guide, so keep reading if you want to learn how to measure ring size accurately.

Method #1 – Measure Your Ring Size Using a Printable Ring Sizer

A printable ring sizer is an excellent tool for finding your correct ring size at home. Ring sizers are templates with lines indicating standard ring sizes, including half and quarter sizes, that you wrap around your left ring finger.

All you need is a printer and a piece of paper. To get started, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Print the ring sizer image provided below. Make sure the scaling of the page is set to 100%.

ring sizer used to measure ring size

Step 2

Measure the 3½ inches with a ruler or measuring tape to ensure the printout is to scale.

Step 3

Cut along the outline of the ring sizer and cut a slit as indicated by the vertical line.

Step 4

Insert the pointy tip of the paper through the slit.

Step 5

Place the paper around the ring finger and gently tug until you have a secure, comfortable fit.

Step 6

Read your result by locating where the number line meets the slit. This indicates your ring size.

Step 7

Consider repeating steps 4-6 a few times to ensure accurate results.

Method #2 – Measure With a String or Measuring Tape

If you don’t have a printer at your disposal, no worries! You can still use a tape measure or a string to find your correct size. The measurement process is simple; follow the steps below.

Step 1

Either find a tape measure or cut a piece of string that is long enough to wrap around your finger.

Step 2

Wrap the string or tape measure around the base of your finger and mark the point where it overlaps.

Step 3

If using a string, measure the length in millimeters using a ruler.

Step 4

Use the ring size chart below to determine your ring size based on your finger circumference.

ring size chart based on a ring's inside circumference

Method #3 – Use a Circular Ring You Already Own

If you already own a ring that fits comfortably, you can use a ruler to find its size by doing the following:

Step 1

Measure the inside diameter of the ring using a ruler.

Step 2

Use the ring size chart below to determine your ring size based on your ring’s diameter.

ring size chart based on ring diameter

Method #4 – Visit a Jewelry Store

Clean Origin store

If you’re uncomfortable measuring your ring size at home, visit a local jeweler. Most jewelers offer free ring sizing services and will help you find the perfect ring as well.

Ring Sizing Tips for a More Accurate Measurement

model wearing multiple rings

Whether you choose to get your ring finger measured at home or at a jewelry store, it’s a good idea to keep in mind the following things:

Tip #1

Measure your ring size at the end of the day when your fingers are the largest. Your fingers can change size throughout the day due to temperature, exercise, and diet.

Throughout the day, your hands and fingers are subject to various activities which increase blood flow and cause your fingers to swell slightly. By measuring your finger size at the end of the day, you can get a more accurate measurement of your finger size.

Tip #2

Avoid measuring your ring size when your fingers are cold. This is because cold fingers restrict blood flow, which causes your fingers to shrink slightly and can lead to incorrect measurements.

Tip #3

If you’re between sizes, choosing the larger size is best. Going too small could cause the ring to get stuck on the knuckle, and it’s easier to size a ring down if needed.

Want to Know Your Partner’s Ring Size Without Asking Them?

model wearing a ring

Are you looking to buy an engagement ring for your significant other? The last thing you want to do is spend a large sum on it only to discover that you chose the wrong ring size. There are ways to find your partner’s ring size without asking.

You can secretly “borrow” and measure a ring that fits their left-hand ring finger (if they are right-handed, the left-hand ring finger is likely smaller). Then you can easily measure with a ring sizer or tape measure and buy the same size.

Another way to their ring size is to pretend you want to buy a ring for someone else. Make sure you pick someone with similar hands, which will help ensure accuracy. This is also a great way to gauge their personal style preferences.

Lastly, you can ask a friend for help. This needs to be someone whom you trust not to expose your plans. Once you find someone who can help you with this, ask them to take your partner jewelry shopping and have them try on rings, noting what their ring size is.

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