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The Average Ring Size for Women

by Molly Jones
Last updated on August 28, 2023
Woman wearing diamond engagement ring.

Are you sneakily looking to source your partner’s ring size for an engagement ring? If so, you might find yourself wondering just what is the average ring size for women.

According to the Gemological Institute of America, the average ring size for women is a size 6. But how did we arrive at this number? And perhaps, even more importantly, how do you ensure you’re getting the right ring size for yourself or your partner? Read on to find out!

What Finger Are We Comparing?

When determining the average ring size for women, it is important to establish which finger we are referring to. Different fingers have different characteristics and ring sizes; as a result, exact ring sizes can vary widely.

Thumbs, for example, are normally the shortest finger on your hand and have little room between the knuckle and the base. Alternatively, the middle finger is the longer and more slender of the fingers. A tighter-fitting ring on the thumb may also be loose on the middle finger or pinky. Like the idea of an average ring size, average finger size is hard to pin down.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll be discussing the ring finger. It is the most common finger for rings to be worn on.

What Determines Ring Size?

We determine a woman’s ring size solely by the size of her finger. This means we have to keep in mind her knuckle size, finger length, genetics, and diet or exercise. When we combine these factors, we can determine an accurate finger size.

Knuckle Size

Knuckle size is an important factor in ring sizing. The knuckle is the joint between your finger and your hand. It’s important to know this because the thickness of your knuckle will affect the band size of a ring, so your ring can slide easily and securely over the knuckle joint.

To measure your knuckles, wrap a piece of string or yarn around the widest part of your finger. Then, use a ruler to measure the length of this measurement.

Length of the Finger Bones

The length of the finger bones, also called phalanges, is another factor in determining ring size. Women with longer finger bones tend to have larger rings than those who have shorter bones.

Why? Because if your fingers are longer than average, you’ll probably want a slightly larger ring to show off your hands. You can also use this knowledge to help you find a ring that fits perfectly! If your fingers are shorter than average, try going down a size or two when you’re buying.

Genetics and Diet/Exercise

Genetics, diet, and exercise affect the size of a finger in different ways.

They determine how much you will grow, as well as your overall skeletal structure. Genetics can affect the size and shape of your fingers, but they will not change the length or width of your bones. Your bones are set at birth. So, if you have a longer or wider bone structure than others, genetics may have something to do with that.

Diet and exercise help you gain muscle mass or weight. When you gain weight, you can make your fingers look wider than they are in comparison to someone else’s fingers, especially if they do not have as much muscle mass or weight.

Dieting can also lead to changes in bone density. If you lose weight too quickly or too slowly, there is a chance your bone density will decrease or increase. This bone density loss can make them appear thicker or thinner than average.

Are Engagement Ring Sizes Standardized?

You might be surprised to learn that engagement ring sizes are not standardized. In fact, they vary from brand to brand and even within the same brand. That’s because rings are often made-to-order just for you, so there’s no “universal” size that can be used as a standard.

This affects the average ring size for both men and women in a number of ways. But most importantly, without standardized ring sizes, one brand’s ring size may not be equal to another brand. As a result, while one jewelry store may tell you your girlfriend’s ring size is a 4, another store may tell you it’s a 3.

Since the average ring size can vary, you always want to carefully measure your own ring size or your partner’s ring size according to your preferred store’s measuring specifications.

How Do You Measure Ring Size?

Whether you’re looking at engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings, or simply just want to see how you compare to the average ring size, it’s important to understand how to accurately measure your finger.

Luckily, there are a few trustworthy methods you can use to ensure accurate ring sizing.

1. Buy a Plastic Ring Band Tester

This method is one I have used in grade school when buying class rings. Thankfully, the ring still fits to this day, so it’s a method worth trying. The sizer includes a range of sizes, resembling a bingo card or plastic ring bands for you to try. Put your finger through the many inserts, and keep a record of the number associated with the one that fits the best.

2. Buy a Ring Sizer

When you want to find your or your partner’s engagement ring size, you can order a ring sizer. You can also use a chart offered by the store you want to purchase your ring from.

To use a ring sizer, simply slide your ring down the mandrel. The ring will stop on a line that will tell you your correct ring size.

Clean Origin offers a printable paper sizer. All you have to do is copy our ring sizer image and paste it onto a blank document. Print the document out, cut out the image, and you’ll discover your Clean Origin engagement ring size in no time.

3. Utilize a Ring Size Chart

A ring chart is an efficient and effective way to discover your true ring size. Better yet, Clean Origin offers its own chart, so you can be confident that you will receive an accurate ring size for your stunning Clean Origin ring.

To use a chart, simply print it out and move the ring from circle to circle until you find the perfect match for the inside circumference of the ring, and voila! You have your engagement ring size.

4. Visit a Jewelry Store in Person

When considering engagement ring sizes it may be worth stepping into a jewelry store to have your ring finger measurement taken in person. Finger size is taken in person, so this will be the most accurate measurement of your ring size. However, you need to keep in mind that there is still a margin of error because ring sizes are not standardized.

Helpful Tips to Keep In Mind

While these methods provide an accurate picture or ring size, there is still a margin of error present. To help lower this margin, try to keep the following in mind:

  • If you’re stuck between two sizes, it is always better if you go half a size up.
  • Your dominant hand will always be a slightly larger size than your non-dominant hand.
  • Wider ring bands, often wedding rings, are more likely to fit snugly than thin and delicate bands. As such, it may be worth going about a half size up to account for the band.
  • Finger size will vary throughout the time of the day and even year. Fingers tend to swell on particularly hot days for example.

What Happens if You Bought the Wrong Size Engagement Ring?

Clean Origin understands that ring sizes can vary. That’s why we offer one complimentary free resizing within 100 days of the original shipment date to US customers. Rest assured that we will resize your ring quickly, correctly, and safely. And along with lab grown diamond rings, we all carry a large selection of jewelry. Whether you’re looking for rings, earrings, bracelets, or even a new necklace for your girlfriend or spouse, we have something you will love.