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Libra Engagement Rings

by Sophia Huxley
Last updated on May 15, 2023

It is the beginning of Libra season, and if you don’t know your zodiac sign trivia, Libra season means love is in the air! Libras are balanced, kind, and romantic to the bone. But don’t let their true-love disposition fool you. They are flirtatious, life-long, fun-lovers. Engagement rings for them will need to be well designed and perfectly fit to match their active, excitable lifestyle. If you are looking for an engagement ring for the Libra in your life, we have the perfect engagement ring ideas here for you. Whatever you pick, as long as you choose the engagement ring with your Libra in mind, they’ll love it!

What is are Libras?

Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the 12 part zodiac and is ruled by the planet Venus. People born under this sign or who have a strong influence of Libra in their chart are believed to have similar characteristics to each other, influenced by the planet Venus and the cosmic forces at work at their birth. This means that love, romance, and relationships matter deeply to them, so they will read into things like an engagement ring deeply. The sign is represented by a set of scales, which is also the shape of the constellation this sign references.

When are Libras Born?

People born between September 23- October 22 are a Libra zodiac sun sign. Keep an eye for cusps, of course! These are people born on the edges of these windows, meaning they may have a connection to the 6th or 8th sign in the zodiac as well.

What Are Their Personalities Like?

Libra’s as a zodiac sign is balanced, much like the constellation they were born under. As a star sign, they can be obsessed with symmetry, and at times an intense person to be around. Astrological signs like this one prefer a bold choice over a subtle one and can enjoy when others choose to switch things up, as long as they get it right. Overall, Libras are warm-hearted romantics with a fun-loving side. Their need for balance sometimes means nixing spontaneity, but a happy Libra can find balance within their personality, life, and sign.

They generally prefer polished behavior, a high art setting, and a fire sign partner, such as a Sagittarius sign. When they’re feeling blue, they may organize a closet just as often as they organize a party. Everything they do is with style and focused around a great sense of taste.

What are the Zodiac Sign Characteristics of Libras?

While this sign has a warm and balanced personality, they are actually an air sign! They are also a cardinal sign, meaning they are doers and makers. They have major style tendencies and can’t help but take on a dynamic shape within their love’s lives. They may favor dark colors and can easily clash with earth signs (like Taurus), but find those with a fire sign or a water sign comforting. While Libras can seem free-spirited, they are planners with a cause more than a flower in the breeze.

So What Kinds of Engagement Rings Will a Libra Like?

When it comes to diamond engagement rings, you want to get it right. For Libras, who can be exacting about their style and accept only the best, you may want to look at vintage engagement rings and yellow gold settings. The level of sparkle is not the determining factor here, so whether you go for a diamond halo or white gold setting won’t necessarily turn them away. What matters is that this is the perfect ring that will rest on their ring finger.

Stick to classic, elegant, and symmetrical engagement ring styles. Also, make sure the engagement ring you pick out has fine materials (white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum) and a bright white diamond or a pink center diamond. Pink is a lucky color for Libras, but they will prefer a perfect white diamond to an imperfect pink center diamond every time. Every diamond needs to meet their style requirements of balanced perfection, and overall the engagement ring should be presented as the perfect engagement ring. Don’t be afraid to ask their opinion on their engagement ring, and take plenty of notes on their engagement ring preferences as you go!

The Perfect Diamond Engagement Rings For Any Libra

Petite Floating Gem Ring

This beautiful diamond engagement ring is available in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. The pear-shaped diamond is a particular favorite, making this engagement ring stand out. Pear-shaped rings are unique and have similar features to classic engagement rings. When in doubt, go pear-shaped for a Libra!

Contorto Oval Halo Ring

When it comes to a halo engagement ring, halo oval engagement rings are an absolute stunner–and this ring is no exception. The diamond halo around this oval center stone will give this thicker band a balanced, complete look that will please the perfectionist in any Libra. An engagement ring like this is a one-of-a-kind marvel with fun details that will only enhance Libra’s inherent sense of style.

Quiet Beauty Emerald Cut Ring

This engagement ring is a simple solitaire setting made fabulous by the diamond detailing in the bridge. The thin band highlights the center stone, and the overall effect of this diamond ring is a perfect style favorite that matches every outfit. Engagement rings like this never fail to please!

The Perfect Libra Engagement Ring for a Libra-Virgo Cusp

A Libra-Virgo cusp is a rare person, with the grace and stability of Virgo and the balanced perfectionist style of a Libra. The engagement rings they prefer will have to be yellow gold and be a great reference to tradition. They will like white diamonds, clean lines, and near-perfect stones. Avoid rubies or blue stones, and focus on a gold setting and a diamond ring with style.

Our Engagement Ring Suggestion: The Pela Vintage Ring

This elegant vintage-style engagement ring has 12 lab-created diamonds, and each one is surrounded with milgrain edges creating a stunning ring. Meant to emulate art deco-era engagement rings, this piece has some gorgeous design pieces involved. Each stone is lovingly set into this excellently cut engagement ring. This ring shouts style from your finger and doubles as a practical fit with its low-profile setting.

The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring for a Libra-Scorpio Cusp

Libra-Scorpio cusps can be dramatic, mysterious, and flirtatious to the max. They love to be chased and wooed but can have a hard time getting to the moment of commitment. If you have successfully bonded with a Libra-Scorpio cusp, congratulations! You have a forever partner who has seen you for the pearl you are. Their style and creative energy will be beautiful additions to your life, and with this ring, you should try to reference them. The engagement ring for a Libra-Scorpio cusp makes a statement and is flashy enough to hold everyone in thrall. Don’t skimp on the sparkle here!

Our Engagement Ring Suggestion: The Regale Emerald Halo Ring

Modern and vintage elements come together to evoke a regal feel in this unique halo design engagement ring, featuring gently curving peaks of precious metal framing a halo of sparkling diamonds. This engagement ring is compatible with the emerald shape lab-created center diamond of your choice.