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Shopping for engagement rings when you're unsure about your significant other's ring size can be challenging. To determine the proper fit — without ruining a surprise by using a ring size chart — read our ring size guide below.

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How To Make Your Own Printable Ring Sizer:

A simple and accurate way to measure ring size at home, this method can be paired with the string method: Wrap a string around the ring finger, and compare it to the printable ring sizer.

  1. Print the ring sizer image. Make sure the scaling of the page is set to 100%. If you know your ring size, measure and compare to ensure it is accurate.
  2. Measure the 3½ inches with a ruler or measuring tape to ensure the printout is precisely to scale.
  3. Trim the paper to match the outline and cut a slit as indicated by the vertical line.
  4. Insert the pointy tip of the paper through the slit.
  5. Place the paper around the ring finger and gently tug until you have a secure, comfortable fit. 
  6. Read your result by finding where the number line meets the slit. This indicates the ring size.
  7. Consider repeating steps 4-6 a few times to ensure accuracy.

Covert Ways To Measure Ring Size

Buying a diamond is a significant purchase. That is why each Clean Origin lab created diamond is independently verified and graded using the same scientific rigor applied to mined diamonds.

But even the best diamond can't make up for an incorrectly sized ring with an improper fit. The last thing you want to do is spend a large sum of money on a ring only to discover that it won’t fit on your beloved’s finger. We developed this covert ring size method to help you get an accurate measurement.

Wondering how to measure ring size without having to ask?

Here, we cover three tried-and-true methods for getting the right ring size so you’ll be able to get a proper measurement for the most important ring your partner will ever wear. We have included a printable ring size chart that you may find helpful.

Method 1: Measure a ring your partner wears now

If you are shopping for engagement rings, secretly “borrow” and measure a ring that fits the left-hand ring finger (if they are right-handed, it is likely that the left-hand ring finger is smaller). Then you can easily measure with a ring sizer or tape measure and buy the same size.

Tread carefully — you don’t want them to find out, and you definitely don’t want to lose the ring accidentally! Depending on how much time you have with the ring before they notice it’s gone, here are a few tactics to help find the accurate ring size:

1. Take it to a jeweler.

If you have a few hours, take the ring to a local jeweler to determine the correct ring size for the left ring finger. While this takes some time, it’s also the most accurate way to measure the proper fit.

2. Invest in a ring mandrel.

To accurately and quickly determine the correct size yourself, purchasing or borrowing a ring mandrel (also called a ‘ring sizer’) is a reliable and accurate option to get the perfect size. A mandrel is a tapered rod that is labeled with ring sizes. Simply slide the ring down the mandrel — the line where the ring stops indicates the ring size.

3. Use the printable ring size chart.

Be sure to print our ring size guide ahead of time and use a tape measure or ruler to double-check that it is precisely to scale. You can use it to measure your ring size first so that you know it is accurate. Move the ring from circle to circle until you find the best match for the ring’s inside circumference. If the ring lands between two sizes, always choose the larger one.

4. Trace it.

Carefully trace the inside and outside of the ring on a piece of paper. Repeat several times for added accuracy. Take the paper to a jeweler for a size estimate.

Alternatively, you can use the string method by tying a piece of string to the same size as the ring, and compare it to a ring size chart.

5. Try it on yourself.

If pressed for time, take your partner's existing ring and try it on your own fingers to see if one of them fits well. If it does, you can measure that finger's ring size later to figure out the perfect fit.

Method 2: Pretend To Shop For Someone Else

If you’re up for the acting challenge, pretend that you want to buy a ring for someone else and ask for help. Whether it’s a friend or relative, picking someone whose hands closely match hers can help ensure accuracy. This can also be a great way to gauge personal style preferences, especially if you ask for advice on color and other design elements.

Here are a few tactics you can apply to find the right ring size:

1. Casually ask if they know their own ring size.

As you browse for rings, say something like: “I don’t know what ring size my mom would wear. Do you know yours? I could use you as a reference.” Make sure this feels like a natural part of the conversation.

2. Ask your partner to try on rings.

Pay attention to which size fits best. If needed, take a trip to the store by yourself ahead of time to familiarize yourself with ring size measurements.

3. Bring their ring for approval.

If visiting a store together is not possible, try purchasing an inexpensive ring you think would fit. Casually ask them to try it on, and pay close attention to the fit.

Method 3: Ask a Trusted Friend For Help

Enlist the help of a close friend or family member who may already know your partner's ring size or can assist you in executing the other methods.

Make sure this is someone you can trust with your secret! Here are a few questions to ask:

1. Do they already know your partner's ring size? 

Perhaps their mom or best friend recently purchased a ring for them as a gift. In this case, they may already know the right size.

2. Are they open to having her try on their rings?

If they have similar-sized hands, they could try each other’s rings for fun and gauge the right size in the process. Knowing the most common women's ring sizes — 6-6.5 — can also help find the right ring size.

3. Would they go jewelry shopping together? 

Whether at an artisan market, the mall, or even a jewelry store, they could browse for rings while also noting your partner's size. There will likely be a ring sizer there as well to figure it out down to the half size.

4. Can they ask her for her ring size? 

If the question fits naturally into a conversation, they can ask for her ring size without giving away your secret. They can also discuss if cold weather affects finger size, or if there is a difference in ring size from the dominant hand.

Considerations To Find The Perfect Ring Size

Since some of these methods come with a margin of error, here are a few other considerations when finding the right size at home:
1. Always go with the larger one when torn between two sizes. Going too small may result in the ring getting uncomfortably stuck on the knuckle, and it’s generally easier to size a ring down if needed. 
2. Wider rings typically have a tighter fit and may require a slightly larger size to fit comfortably. 
3. Different countries will also measure rings differently. Make sure you use a ring size chart that matches the ring sizes you intend to buy.
4. If possible, avoid measuring ring size first thing in the morning or on extremely hot days, when the ring finger can be more swollen than usual.
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