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Elegant Engagement Rings

by Clean Origin
Last updated on October 18, 2023

Shopping for an engagement ring is an exciting time as you prepare to spend the rest of your life with your significant other. But it can also be overwhelming trying to sift through the many engagement ring options if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. You want to choose from classic, elegant engagement rings that complement your style and will look great for many years to come, even with the shifting trends. 

To find the perfect ring, you need to know more than just your ring size. You need to know what kind of engagement ring best suits you. From an emerald cut diamond ring to a classic engagement ring style with a complementary wedding band, choosing from a variety of ring features and accent diamonds can make all the difference for a modern ring.

Clean Origin offers a wide range of different styles and types of elegant engagement rings to suit all types of brides, from the more traditional to the alternative bride. Find an engagement ring that is perfect for any proposal when you browse the selection of lab grown diamonds from Clean Origin.

Engagement Rings 101

Three Toi Et Moi Engagement Rings: Oval and Emerald Pair, Pear and Oval pair, Oval and Oval pair.

As you begin the search for your dream ring, you might come across some common terms that you may or may not be familiar with. Marquise cut stones, and halo bands can seem meaningless without the proper context. That is why we want to help you know how the rings differ from each other and what each has to offer. The major components of any engagement ring are the stone, the setting, and the cut.

Some of the Most Common Stone Shapes Include:

  • Round. Perhaps the most timeless design, a round diamond works great for every setting, from solitaire to multiple stone and even geometric settings. A round diamond offers maximum sparkle and is a center stone that works with nearly every style.
  • Princess. This versatile shape provides a more modern look, with either square or rectangular sides. 
  • Cushion. A cushion cut diamond combines the squareness of a princess cut with rounded corners, resulting in a stone ideal for vintage engagement rings.
  • Emerald. An emerald cut diamond offers an understated sparkle with a rectangular step cut and cropped corners. An emerald cut stone is often less flashy than other classic shapes, so it is great if you want understated elegance.
  • Marquise. If you are interested in a more regal look, the curved sides and pointed ends of a marquise cut stone are a great choice. The shape creates the illusion of greater size, and the cut offers the brilliant sparkle you want in an engagement ring.

Uncommon Stone Shapes:

  • Oval. An oval center stone offers the same sparkle as a round brilliant diamond but is a less common choice for engagement rings. This is ideal if you want the same elegance with a bit more uniqueness than other classic engagement rings.
  • Radiant. This particular shape is similar to an emerald cut diamond but offers a bit more sparkle with deep cut facets. It is also a relatively rare shape and can help your diamond engagement ring stand out.
  • Pear. If you want a stone that appears larger and works perfectly for vintage inspired diamond engagement rings, pear shaped diamonds are a great option.
  • Asscher. The octagonal shape of this stone eliminates the sharp edges of other shapes that can be prone to breakage. 
  • Heart. For a delicate shape that is not often used for engagement rings, a heart cut diamond is perfect. It can be used in both simple and elaborate settings for an instantly classic engagement ring. 

In addition to different center diamond shapes, you can choose from different stone types based on your engagement ring preferences. While diamonds continue to be one of the top choices for timeless engagement rings, you can include other gems to add a bit of color, like sapphires.

Once you choose the shape of the stone, you will need to decide which type of setting will work best for your engagement ring. Some cuts work best with specific settings, but you still have plenty of options. Some common engagement ring settings include a simple band, a halo band, a multiple stone setting, and a vintage inspired band. 

As you might expect, a simple band setting typically features the main stone secured with prongs and a plain band. A halo band is when the center stone is surrounded by smaller stones, like pavé diamonds. Most multiple stone settings are often either a two or three stone engagement ring with stones that complement each other. 

10 Elegant Engagement Rings

Clean Origin has a variety of settings, cuts, and stones to choose from. Check out some of our top engagement rings to find your ideal style. We offer countless options, from an emerald cut diamond engagement ring or a simple, elegant round diamond to much more unique, ornate rings.

Classic Engagement Ring

Choose a classic cut and setting like a round cut center stone and smaller diamonds along the band for added sparkle.

Simple Engagement Ring

Our simple Holly Solitaire cut diamond engagement ring is a great choice for brides who want classic engagement rings. Especially for those seeking a subtle sparkle and total elegance. This style works best with a round cut stone secured in a prong setting.

Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Combine modern design with vintage inspiration in this three stone setting. Whether you opt for a round or oval shape, the hexagonal milgrain detail around the center stone sets this ring apart.

Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring

This engagement ring provides extra sparkle from lab created diamonds set in a floral-inspired halo. Choose from emerald, oval, or a round center stone for the perfect look.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

If you want to keep the diamond to a classic solitaire while also adding a unique touch, the rose gold band of this elegant engagement ring has it all. It works best with a princess cut diamond that stands out against the simple yet beautiful band.

Gem-Stone Accents Engagement Ring

You can enjoy the timeless elegance of diamonds and add a splash of color with this ring. The sapphires in this halo band perfectly complement the center stone.

Asymmetric Engagement Ring

If you can’t choose a single shape, you can combine two with an asymmetrical ring like this one. This two stone engagement ring offers a more modern style that works with nearly every diamond shape.

Large Setting Engagement Ring

If you want that added wow factor, a large setting like this emerald shaped center stone and a double halo is a great choice.

Unique Engagement Rings

For a completely unique style, consider a pear-shaped diamond in a bezel setting with accent stones. This pear cut diamond engagement ring provides all of the sparkle and elegance that you could want. All with a style that you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Find the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams

Even if none of the above rings are quite what you have in mind, from oval engagement rings to princess cut engagement rings, you can find one that speaks to you at Clean Origin. You can even design your own ring. Create something unique to you that perfectly matches your preferences, from the stone shape to the setting and band color.

The best part is that all of our lab created diamonds are 100% ethical and affordable. You can feel good about buying the diamond engagement ring of your dreams from Clean Origin.