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The Rectangle Engagement Ring: A Guide

by Molly Jones
Last updated on October 18, 2023
Demi Marquise Halo Ring-Rectangle Engagement Ring

Do you want a unique engagement ring with a diamond that promises as much stunning shine as a round brilliant (one of the oldest diamond shapes)? What about an eye-catching design? If yes, then look no further than a rectangle engagement ring. A sister to popular square diamond shapes, the rectangular engagement ring makes a stunning statement piece.

Interested in learning more about the rectangle engagement ring? We’ve compiled this handy guide that explains it all and more!

What Are Rectangle Engagement Rings?

Waverly Ring in white gold.

A rectangle engagement ring (aka an emerald cut ring) has an elongated, rectangular shape with eight sides and clipped corners. Throughout history, people have prized the emerald cut diamond engagement ring for its unique shape. An emerald cut diamond is also appealing because it can be set either horizontally or vertically.

Unlike the round diamond engagement ring that uses a brilliant style cut, the emerald cut diamond has step cuts. These step-cuts produce a stunning hall of mirrors-like effect within the diamond for maximum brilliance and sparkle.

How Does the Step Cut Differ from the Brilliant Cut?

Step cuts and brilliant cuts are quite similar when it comes to appearance. But there are some key differences between the two that make them ideal for different uses.

The main difference between a step and a brilliant cut is their symmetry. A step cut has slices that taper off at different angles; a brilliant cut has slices that taper off at the same angle. Therefore, in a step cut, you can see one side of the diamond engagement ring from a birds-eye view. Whereas in a brilliant cut you see multiple sides of the diamond from a birds-eye view.

You will typically find a step cut used in larger diamond engagement rings with smaller carat weights. This is because they help hide flaws in the stone’s surface or structure without sacrificing too much brilliance (or shine). These diamond engagement rings also tend to be less expensive than those with more facets. Why? Because they require less work on behalf of the cutter during production.

Emerald cut engagement rings are the most popular step-cut diamond shape. But there are many other different diamond shapes that also utilize the step-cut. These shapes include Asscher-cut diamonds and baguette-cut diamond engagement rings.

If you’re interested in learning more about different gem cutting styles, check out this article from the Gemelogical Institute of America (GIA).

How Does an Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Differ From a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?

Split Shank Solitaire Ring

Princess cut engagement rings are well-known for their brilliance and sparkle. Much like the emerald cut, princess cut diamonds are not round or oval and have four sides.

Unlike the emerald cut’s rectangular appearance, however, the princess cut has four equal sides and pointed edges. This, coupled with a brilliant cut, creates a completely different-looking engagement ring than the emerald cut diamond shape.

What Are the Pros of Emerald Cut Engagement Rings?

Matte Finish Quinn Signet Solitaire Ring.

An Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Will Seem Larger

Thanks to the larger surface area of the emerald cut diamond, your engagement ring will seem larger than other cuts of similar carat weights or shapes.

Consider a one-carat round diamond engagement ring next to an emerald cut diamond engagement ring. When viewed from above, the emerald cut diamond will seem larger. This is because it has a larger face and table–despite being the same carat weight as the round diamond.

Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings Are More Affordable Than Other Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Due to the precision required by jewelers to create a brilliant cut, round diamonds and other similar brilliant-cut engagement rings are generally more expensive.

Despite this, your step-cut emerald diamond engagement ring will still be as radiant as a brilliant radiant-cut diamond engagement ring.

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Will Make Your Fingers Look Leaner and Longer

The emerald cut engagement ring’s rectangular shape draws the eye upward. As a result, the ring wearer’s finger appears longer and leaner. A square radiant cut diamond engagement ring cannot achieve this illusion.

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Offer Exceptional Clarity

A diamond cut that utilizes steps offers an unobstructed view into the center of the emerald-cut diamond. This is a wonderful feature, particularly when you invest in a diamond that has a strong clarity rating. The clarity is greatly highlighted by the diamond shape.

What Are the Cons of an Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?

Marie Classic Ring in yellow gold with emerald.

An Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Has Less Brilliance Than Other Diamond Shapes

An emerald-cut diamond is often thought to be less brilliant than other brilliant-cut diamond styles. They have the same number of facets as other shapes; however, their elongated shape equals more surface area and less depth. Therefore, they tend to reflect light in only one direction while other diamond cuts reflect light in many directions.

But don’t let that stop you from considering an emerald cut diamond shape for your engagement ring! The elongated shape creates a unique look that many people love. It also gives you more room for creativity when it comes to designing the setting around your stone.

An Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Won’t Hide Inclusions or Color Like a Brilliant Cut Diamond Shape Would

Thanks to the exceptional clarity of the emerald cut engagement ring, you can clearly see the interior of the diamond. This is great as long as you buy a highly-graded clarity and color diamond.

Alternatively, if you are just in the market for something unique, color and clarity may not mean as much to you. If you believe that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, your emerald cut engagement ring could provide a fascinating conversation starter in the world of diamond inclusions and color.

What Is the Best Setting for an Emerald Cut Engagement Ring?

Juliet Ring in rose gold with emerald--rectangle engagement ring.

When you’re ring shopping for engagement rings, you need to know what setting will work best with the ring’s design. There are two setting types that work best with a rectangle engagement ring: prong and bezel.

Prong Setting

The prong setting is one of the most popular because it’s the easiest to set. It consists of four or six claws that hold the stone in place. Prongs are often used for expensive jewelry because they are easy to make.

Bezel Setting

A bezel setting is another popular option for an engagement ring. This is especially true when there is a lot of detail on the side of the stone. A bezel setting consists of a lip around all sides of the diamond that holds it securely in place. It also prevents any light from leaking out from underneath it.

What Is the Best Style for an Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring?

Simple Elegance Solitaire White Gold with Emerald--rectangle engagement ring.

The Stunning Solitaire Ring

The solitaire style is the perfect complement to the show-stopping emerald cut. It will place the clean lines and angles of the diamond on full display, creating a look that is both bold and elegant.

The Classic Rectangular Engagement Ring

Your emerald cut engagement ring can surely surpass the test of time with timeless bands and classic brilliance. The emerald cut stone shape makes its beauty known by highlighting the contemporary design of a masterfully crafted ring.

The Three-Stone Engagement Ring Style

Promise your partner that they’re your past, present, and future with a three-stone engagement ring. Emerald cut diamonds are especially striking if you pair them with baguette-cut diamonds. The result is a stunning look with high brilliance and beauty. Emerald cut diamonds look great in two stone engagement rings, too.

The Vintage Style Engagement Ring

An emerald cut diamond engagement ring already brings a modern classic appeal to an otherwise vintage stone shape. Why not highlight this vintage feel with a vintage band? The result combines stylish brilliance and fashion for an engagement ring that will blow your partner away.

What Is the Best Carat Weight for an Emerald Cut Engagement Ring?

The best carat weight for an emerald cut engagement ring depends on what you want out of your ring. If you want to make a statement, opt for a larger carat weight. But if you want something more understated, choose a smaller carat weight.

Regardless of how big or small your emerald cut is, make sure it fits your lifestyle and personality.

Can a Rectangular Diamond Shape Work in a Wedding Band?

Louella Band--Rectangle Engagement Ring

Yes, a rectangular diamond shape can work in a wedding band just as well as in an engagement ring–and it looks good with any metal color from yellow gold to white gold, platinum, and even rose gold.

In fact, the same basic principles of good ring design apply to both. You want to ensure that your ring has enough metal for durability and comfort, but not so much that the ring becomes heavy or bulky. Make sure the stone is placed at an angle that makes it look its best—which means that some stones (like diamonds) will look better if they’re set diagonally rather than vertically.

Like considering the everyday wear of your engagement ring, it’s also important to consider how you’ll wear your wedding ring. If you’re going to be wearing it on a regular basis, then you’ll probably want something durable enough to withstand daily wear; if you plan on only wearing it sometimes (or only when going out), then you might not need such high-quality materials.

Consider a Lab Created Rectangular Engagement Ring From Clean Origin

Natura Ring in yellow gold with emerald-shaped stone--rectangle engagement ring.

If you’re looking for an engagement ring to represent your love and commitment to your partner, then a rectangle engagement ring could be the perfect choice for you. At Clean Origin, all of our premium lab created diamonds will bring the brilliance and shine you need out of your engagement ring.

Plus, because our emerald cut, lab created diamonds aren’t mined they are eco-friendly, responsibly sourced, and competitively priced.

You’ll love the way a lab created diamond will look on your ring finger. But you’ll also be happy knowing you’re doing something good for the planet by choosing a lab created diamond engagement ring over mined diamonds. Check out our stunning rectangular, emerald-cut diamonds today!