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The Best Engagement Rings for an Aries

by Alexandra Wolf
Last updated on August 22, 2023

Those born under the Aries zodiac sign are known to be quite the trailblazers, and they love taking charge. With that in mind, you may want to sneakily ask your partner for a little input on what they’d love in an engagement ring. The birthstone for Aries is the diamond — this works out perfectly! Arieses always want to be unencumbered, and they would never want their ring to get in the way of their routine. So, don’t get a ring that is too bulky, or something that could get easily caught on things. Aries are attracted to the colors white and red, so we suggest a white gold or platinum band. Arieses are amazing lovers and companions and will be fiercely passionate about their loved ones. They’ll never shy away from the spotlight, so you may also want to consider making a big statement when proposing! If you go with a lab created diamond you can get more bling for you buck! You Aires is sure to say I do to a dazzling lab grown diamond engagement ring.

Here are our top 7 ring picks for Aries:

Gioioso Oval Halo Ring

The simplicity of this style of ring makes the center stone stand out all the more — just like your Aries’ personality!

Classic Pear-Shaped Halo Ring

An Aries would love the dynamic cut of this ring: they love to take things head-on and are never afraid to face their fears.  

Starburst Halo Grand Ring 

As an Aries, your confidence is part of what defines you. You need a ring that reflects that! Our Starburst Ring exudes nothing but confidence and shine.  

Senne Ring

While some Aries folks love to make big statements, others may want to be a little more low key — taking nothing away from their confidence, of course!  The utter elegance of a ring can be even more beautiful with a larger stone that appears to have a bigger voice.  

Viaggio Oval Halo Ring

This ring exudes nothing but passion and personality, which is what an Aries is all about.  They are direct and uncomplicated, and nothing stands in their way when it comes to achieving their goals.

Orbital Solitaire Ring

Just like how Aries’ planet Mars orbits the sun, your friends will orbit around you when they see this amazing ring! This sturdy ring is contemporary and simple, fitting nobody but an Aries perfectly.

Bellezza Oval Ring

The intricacies of this ring will mirror the complexities and beauty of its wearer, and at the same time bring out their sense of freedom and creativity.