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4 Ways To Make A Simple Engagement Ring Pop

Everyone has their own personal style and preferences, especially when it comes to engagement rings. Thankfully, the vast variety of settings makes it easy to find a ring that fits your personality. For many women, the effortless and classic feeling of a simple engagement ring is the perfect look. One of the best things about them? You can easily dress them up or down! Let’s review four tips to make your simple wedding ring pop. Then, we’ll discuss some easy ways to accessorize your diamond jewelry from work to weekend.

Ways To Make Your Ring Pop

Choose a Fun Diamond Shape

When it comes to simple engagement rings, our solitaire collection is the best place to start. Solitaire engagement rings are known for a simple combination of center stone + classic, plain band. But the upside and one of the easiest ways to spice up your engagement ring is that many of these settings can accommodate some of the more unique diamond shapes, such as heart, pear, and princess.

Diamond shapes often vary ring to ring based on personality. The most classic shape is a brilliant round diamond — this shape fits into almost any setting and gives versatility to the wearer. Women who really want their ring to stand out will often go with a ‘fancy shape’, such as an emerald — with the right specifications, this shape can make your diamond appear larger than life.

Find The Best Diamond

As mentioned above, picking the shape of your diamond is the first step, but making sure it has the best specifications for you or your significant other is what comes next. If you’re interested in a round shaped diamond, look no further than our True Radiance Collection.

Assembled by our diamond experts for their extraordinary color, True Radiance Diamonds are guaranteed eye clean. This means that the combination of cut and clarity makes it virtually impossible to see any imperfections to an untrained, naked eye. All of these stones also featured hearts & arrows — a pattern created by mastery craftsmanship that indicates an extremely high level of artistry. These diamonds will form eight identical arrows on one side and eight hearts on the other, leaving the diamond looking perfectly cut with incredible light reflection. Finally, these diamonds are graded ‘Triple XXX’ by the International Gemological Institute in New York for their excellence in polish, symmetry and cut grades. True Radiance diamonds are some of our best and brightest at an incredible value. If you’re looking to purchase a round diamond, these stones are sure to make your simple wedding ring stand out.

However, every diamond shape varies based on the 4 C’s — cut, color, clarity, and carat. Make sure you consult with a diamond expert before you make your diamond shape choice, as they can help you find the best stone at the best price.

Go With A Pave Band

Although a simple engagement ring often means a solitaire, that doesn’t mean your wedding band can’t stand out. A pave band — also known as a band with a row or two of closely set smaller diamonds — is another great way to highlight your simple wedding ring. In fact, many of our solitaire bridal sets include a pave wedding band already.

If you’re looking to create your own exclusive look, you can explore our selection of eternity bands to add to your simple engagement ring. Varying in diamond size and style, these bands are the perfect addition to your ring finger and an easy way to dress up that first ring.

Add Some Color

What better way to make a ring truly pop than to add some color?! Although yellow gold engagement rings have been around for a while, white gold is now the most popular color for engagement rings. So you’re already set to stand out if your simple engagement ring is either yellow or rose gold! Not only will all three of these colors play beautifully in their own way with the sparkle of your diamond, but they’re a great way to express your personal style and preferences.

All of our simple engagement rings are available in white, yellow, and rose gold, as well as platinum, so you’re sure to find the ring of your dreams with all the perfect details!

Ways To Accessorize

So now you know what diamond, color and setting your simple engagement ring will have, but how about how you’ll style it from the day of your wedding to your 25 year anniversary?

Add Stackable Rings

One of the biggest trends in rings right now is ring stacking. By adding two, three or even more bands to your wedding set, your ring can easily turn into a fashion statement! The best part? They don’t all have to match! It’s actually extremely popular to mix and match the metal colors, types, and ring sizes in your stack. Additional eternity bands also make a wonderful gift. From birthdays to anniversaries, you can easily add on to your stack over a short period of time.

Create Cohesiveness 

Creating a look of cohesiveness with your jewelry is key to your overall style.

For an everyday look, try moving one of your stackable bands over to your right hand. This is not only casual and fun, but it will go with just about any outfit.

When it comes to workwear, a bit more pizzazz can’t hurt. Try adding a staple diamond stud earring to the mix. This classic look is easy and chic, plus it’s not too dressy if you want to head out for drinks after hours.

Diamonds are the absolute perfect go-to for a dressy night out. From date night to work functions or even a friend’s birthday, having a few diamond jewelry pieces can give you tons of options for any occasion. Create the ultimate classic look by adding a tennis bracelet and diamond hoops to your simple engagement ring & pave wedding band. Not only will people be gushing over your glamour, but your entire outfit will be easily pulled together by the sparkle you’ll be flashing.

If you’ve decided to purchase a simple engagement ring, it’s extremely easy to dress it up or down. But, be sure to find the perfect diamond so the focal point of your ring is always shining. And, by adding just a few staple items to your jewelry box, you can create dozens of styles no matter what day of the week or event you’re attending. Follow these easy guidelines and your simple engagement ring will give you looks to last a lifetime!