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Stacked Wedding Rings: Stack ‘Em High

by Haley Anhut
Last updated on August 21, 2023

Stacked wedding rings — the newest trend in jewelry is getting significant praise from women everywhere. Why? Because it means more rings! So, what is a stackable wedding ring? It is where you get to stack engagement rings and wedding bands to fit perfectly together. You can also add several rings or straight bands to the traditional two bands.

Stackable wedding bands are nothing new. Traditionally, a woman wears her engagement ring alone until she adds her wedding band on her wedding day. These two rings usually stack nicely on top of one another and typically match in metal color and accent diamonds.

What Do I Need to Know about Stacked Wedding Rings?

You may have some questions about stacking rings.  Should you buy the engagement ring and wedding band together? Do the engagement rings and wedding rings need to match? Are there any features you should look for in stackable rings? How do you make the most comfortable ring stack? What is the purpose of stacking rings?

There are even bridal sets (a stacked wedding ring set that includes the engagement ring); the rings come together to complement each other perfectly. Most importantly, the ring stacking trend gives women even more opportunities to style that stunning ring finger! Stacking rings allows you to express a more custom, exclusive look to your jewelry.


Is There a Limit to Stacking Rings?

Choose a ring that gives you a stacked wedding ring look. Stacked wedding rings.
Choose a ring that gives you a stacked wedding ring look.

The rule of thumb for ring stacking depends on how much space you have between knuckles. You want to be able to bend your fingers, but you can also stack rings between your two knuckles. Other than that, how many rings you want in your rings stack is a personal decision.

The most important thing to consider when stacking rings is your own comfort — too many rings or ones that are too thick (depending on your ring’s size) may make for an awkward or even painful ring stacking experience. Custom ring stacking sets can help ensure that every ring fits together optimally.

Choose a bridal set so your rings match perfectly. These simple stacked wedding ring sets are timeless.

How Many Rings Should I Stack?

Although most people start with only a single ring on their ring finger, it’s very common to see women with three or four stacks scattered on their hands. If you are looking beyond your wedding jewelry, there are many unique stacking rings that you can choose from. suggests stacking in odd numbers. So, instead of just your stacked engagement ring + your wedding band, add one or three other bands to create an asymmetrical look. Every ring stack offers a unique opportunity to express yourself along with your commitment.

Do All My Rings Have to Match?

No way! While some people prefer custom stacking wedding ring sets, it’s actually extremely trendy to mix and match stones and metal colors. There are beautiful stacks featuring a wedding ring and engagement ring of different metals. It depends on your personal style — take the opportunity to express yourself through your jewelry!

Mix Metals for a Modern Look

Add a pop of rose gold to really make your ring stack pop or layer bands that have different settings to create a custom look that is all your own. The outcome can be fantastic when you mix metal colors across multiple bands to highlight the one wedding band in the ring stack.

Don’t feel like you’re only allowed to stack gold and diamonds, either; a birthstone ring or something in sterling silver or white gold can provide a nice contrast to other high-value rings. Adding a unique color like rose gold to your ring stacks is another stand-out choice. Different metal colors add personality.

Choose Your Engagement Ring or Wedding Band as The Focus

It is, however, recommended that you choose a focal point to center your stack. Although it’s popular to combine different elements, you don’t want your stack to look unplanned. So, for example, perhaps have your stacked wedding ring featured in the middle, surrounded by regular thin bands.

Alternatively, choosing your engagement ring as the focal point may add personality depending on how you wear it. Say you select a fancy-shaped stone like an oval. You may have gone with a premium metal like platinum for your engagement ring and really want to show it off.

Celebrate Life with Your Stacked Wedding Rings

Stacked wedding bands are a beautiful way to commemorate your love and commitment to your partner. In general, stacked rings can signify the celebration of many milestones throughout a lifetime. You can just add to your wedding ring stack or build them on other fingers for other events.

Add Stacking Bands for Special Occasions

You can always add additional rings to your bridal set for special occasions. For example, you can add a ring for special anniversaries and life events. You can also wear different ring styles to add character and change the look of the entire stack.

With each new addition, your ring stack will tell a story. Moving beyond the traditional bridal set and stacking bands in new and unique ways will display the evolution of your personal style throughout your life.

What Engagement Ring Style Stacks Best?

Choose a ring that gives you a stacked wedding rings look.
Choose a ring that gives you a stacked wedding ring look.

There are a few ways that you can style your engagement ring with your stack. It’s important to note that even if you already have your engagement ring, it’s not too late to find bands that will easily layer!

One of the most popular stacked wedding rings is a center diamond that expands over the top and bottom of the band, such as our Petite Delicate Halo ring. The staggered stack allows the other bands to partially lay underneath the center diamond of this halo ring, which will enable it to sit flush. Remember that if you are planning ahead, bridal sets are two rings that will fit perfectly for that stacked look.

Another popular look is an engagement ring with a band that already creates a stacked appearance. This allows you to wear fewer pieces of jewelry but gives the illusion of multiple rings. Our Square Halo with Split Band is an excellent example of this type of ring.

Celebrity inspiration

Need some inspiration from the stars? Numerous celebrities have taken to the stacked wedding rings trend, and it seems like they’re not stopping anytime soon!

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco has a stack of dream rings She mixes her white metal, square-shaped 2.5-carat engagement ring with two bands of yellow gold to create a fun mixture of classic and modern. This mix of metal colors is a beautiful style that has inspired many women.

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards gives us some serious ring envy with her cushion cut engagement ring and three gorgeous diamond stacked rings — the middle of which shows off a pop of color. The use of lab grown diamonds and different metal colors inspires anyone looking for a unique wedding ring stack.

Wait, Can I Afford This?!

Many of you (especially the ones opening their wallet) might be thinking, “How can I afford so many rings? Isn’t the engagement ring enough?”

We get you — collecting several collections of stacked wedding rings can be expensive. Luckily, the price of Clean Origin diamonds can be anywhere from 20-30% less expensive than ones from jewelry companies that use mined diamonds. By purchasing jewelry from Clean Origin, you will save money on your engagement ring as well as any other wedding rings you collect.

So what could you do with the money you save? You can buy a fun, stackable ring that complements her other Clean Origin jewelry or save up for your dream wedding.

Add To Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Over Time

It’s also trendy to create the stacked wedding ring look over time. Adding a ring for your one-year anniversary or gifting a band as a push present are both great ways to achieve this style without having to buy all of the rings at once.

No matter when you decide to start ring stacking, the diamond experts at Clean Origin can help you pick out a band that will not only complement an engagement ring but will fit your style and personality! Schedule a virtual appointment today, and we can help you out.

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