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radiant shaped diamond

Radiant-Shaped Diamonds

Radiant diamonds are square or rectangular with beveled corners and 70 facets that create a mesmerizing sparkle. These nontraditional stones are perfect for the bride-to-be who doesn’t mind standing out. Radiant diamonds are popular because they provide the striking appearance of angled shapes and a shine similar to that of a round diamond.

Clean Origin’s Radiant-Shaped Diamonds

Our selective collection of radiant diamonds offers stones with a variety of colors, clarity ratings, measurements, and sizes for you to select from. Once you choose the perfect stone, pick a setting that will help her new rock shine from our solitaire, halo, classic, and vintage collections. Because they are so versatile, radiant diamonds awe their wearers whether you choose a streamlined solitaire, classic pavè, or detailed vintage setting to highlight the stone.


radiant diamond engagement rings

Radiant-Shaped Diamonds - The 4 C’s

Cut —The shape of a diamond refers to its physical appearance, while the cut refers to how well the diamond’s features interact with light. Because radiant diamonds are a “fancy” cut, they are not graded. However, radiant diamonds should provide ample sparkle due to their astonishing 70 facets.

Clarity — Clarity, or the amount of inclusions and blemishes in a stone, is often a problem for fancy shapes, but not so with the radiant diamond. Each diamond will have a different amount of these flaws, ranging from SI2 (having the largest amount) to VVS1 (having the least). However, radiant diamonds tend to hide—not emphasize—these inclusions, giving you a much wider choice of diamonds that will work within your budget.

Color — In the diamond trade, color refers to the absence of color. Clean Origin only offers diamonds from J to D, though there are diamonds with color from Z (containing the most color) to D (containing the least color). Radiant diamonds disguise color tints in addition to flaws. Feel free to get a more colorful stone, knowing that it will not make much of a difference.

Carat — Radiant diamonds look much larger than their carat size. If you want to make them look even bigger, add a halo of smaller diamonds to surround the center stone. Keep in mind that lab-grown diamonds are priced 20-30% less than mined diamonds, letting you add carat size or enhancements without exceeding your budget.


white gold radiant ring

Buyers Tips for Radiant-Shaped Diamonds

Once you determine that the radiant shape will be a perfect match for your loved one, you’ll need to decide whether to purchase a more square stone or a rectangular stone. Rectangular stones have a length-to-width ratio of 1.20-1.30, while square stones have a ratio of 1.00-1.03. Both will sparkle like there’s no tomorrow on your loved one’s hand, but a more rectangular stone will add length to her fingers, while a square stone will evoke a bolder aesthetic. If you’re not sure what your sweetheart’s style is, it might be a good idea to choose a more rectangular stone. If you know she likes to stand out? Square is the way to go.

Radiant Lab-Grown Diamonds

As you compare lab-grown radiant diamonds to mined radiant diamonds, you will examine the same qualities in clarity, color, and carat, and make the same decisions when it comes to length-to-width ratio as well. With identical chemical constructions and appearances, there are barely any differences between the two—though because lab-grown diamonds rely on a shorter supply chain, they are priced 20-30% lower. This price difference allows you to purchase a quality ring below your budget or even enhance her ring with a special halo or pavè band that might have been just out of reach before.


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