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Timeless Engagement Rings

by Lucy Coleman
Last updated on August 24, 2023

Timeless engagement rings sound exactly like what you’re looking for when you want to propose to your special someone. But what is a timeless engagement ring and how do you even go about finding one?

What Are Timeless Engagement Rings?

What you think is in style may differ from what the next person thinks is in style, but there are generally accepted jewelry trends in popular culture that you’ll see often. The same goes for fashion or home decor– there are always trends that are more popular and that everyone wants to try.

A timeless engagement ring is a ring that will stay popular for years to come, no matter the current trends. Classic engagement rings have stayed popular throughout the 1900s, and some have even been traditional style engagement rings for past civilizations. They truly stand the test of time!

While there’s nothing wrong with buying a trendy ring, keep in mind how long you’ll have your engagement ring.

Why Should You Buy a Timeless Engagement Ring?

Classic styles are classic for a reason. Over the years, people have experimented with new trends and styles, and the classic ring styles have come out on top.

A classic ring also carries a lot of tradition, and if this is something important to you, then having a classic engagement ring that expresses this will make it even more meaningful.

If you plan to pass your engagement ring down to your children and future generations, having a timeless style will make it hard for anyone to pass up. Classic styles will never fade, and they generally appeal to more people than flashier rings do.

If you’re the type who likes capsule wardrobes or buying clothing and jewelry pieces that are fashionable for many seasons, then a timeless engagement ring is for you.

Timeless Engagement Ring Styles

There’s a reason these classic diamond engagement rings are so popular: they preach simplicity over extravagance. While flashy and bold styles may be the rage currently, some people prefer to keep it simple and classic.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Cora solitaire ring

A solitaire engagement ring is a ring that features a center stone set on a simple band. This style will make the diamond stand out and be center stage whenever you show off your ring finger.

Solitaire rings are so popular because they are simple yet versatile. You can pair a solitaire setting with any cut diamond and any type of metal. This gives you a little flexibility on the style of the ring, so you can still have a ring that is distinct from everyone else’s.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

tine bezel three stone ring

A three stone diamond engagement ring is a very classic engagement ring style. It is truly a timeless choice for your special ring. These are some of the most traditional rings, and they represent a true commitment, which is an integral part of any marriage.

The three stones are not just for looks– they also have great meaning and can truly represent any three parts of your relationship you love the most. Traditionally, the first stone is either the past or the people you were when you first met.

The middle stone, usually the largest, is the present and your current relationship. Your love for your partner will always be growing, and this diamond lets you appreciate the time you spend with them. The last stone represents the love between the two of you that will continue into the future and last forever.

Because three stone rings have such a special and timeless meaning, they have been a tradition for many years. They are still as popular as ever today, and you can find three stone rings with many diamond shapes. Two stone engagement rings are a unique and beautiful alternative, but their popularity is less well established.

The three stone engagement ring setting can feature either round diamonds or ones with more elongated shapes, like emerald diamonds. In fact, emerald cut diamonds in three stone rings are also popular for many men’s and women’s wedding rings.

Round Cut Diamonds

milgrain vintage ring

Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular diamond shape, and they’re frequently incorporated into engagement rings and other jewelry.

Any ring with a classic round diamond will have the most brilliance and sparkle because round diamonds are cut and shaped in a way that maximizes the amount of light reflected.

A diamond with a round center stone or round diamond accents will be elegant and graceful, so you’ll want to show it off whenever you can.

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

waverly ring

When talking about classic engagement ring styles, we can’t forget emerald cut diamonds.

Why are emerald diamonds traditional? An emerald diamond ring has a unique cut compared to a round brilliant diamond. But that doesn’t make it shine any less. Emerald diamonds are step cut diamonds, which means they have straight facets and a square shape.

Step cut diamonds have large tables that draw your attention to the center of the stone. While they don’t have the same brilliance as round cut diamonds, their square shape and sleek lines make them one of the most elegant diamonds.

They have been popular with everyone, including celebrities and royalty. Women love to choose emerald cut diamonds for their rings because they often are flawless or internally flawless. The cut of the diamond shows off blemishes more than a round diamond, so people tend to shop for diamonds with a higher clarity.

Platinum Bands

The Noemie

An engagement ring with a platinum band is sure to be timeless. Platinum is a luxurious metal that is used in many types of jewelry, and it is especially popular for engagement rings.

Platinum has a heavy, more expensive feel to it. It is also generally more pure than gold alloys like yellow gold and white gold.

It has a silver color that complements many skin tones, and it won’t wear down over time. This makes it even more timeless because it will truly last forever through wear and tear. Scratches on platinum can be buffed away without losing any of the actual metal. Thus, it makes the perfect choice for a shiny ring that will last for the rest of your life and beyond.

Halo Engagement Rings

Kira ring

A halo engagement ring is a timeless style with a little more personality than a typical solitaire diamond.

Halo rings feature a row of smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone. This creates a sparkly ring that will never go out of style. The halo setting makes the diamond appear larger than it actually is, and it is favored by many for this reason.

You can have a halo setting with any diamond shape. However, the most common center stones are round diamonds and oval diamonds because the circular halo complements them well.

Shop for an Engagement Ring Unique to You

When shopping for an engagement ring or wedding band, you have everything from the diamond to the band to the metal type and more to think about! But it shouldn’t be a chore. Enjoy the thrill of shopping for jewelry that sparkles, and cherish your love for your partner while you do it.

You can have it all with Clean Origin engagement rings! Whether you’re browsing styles for yourself or shopping for a partner, you’ll find a wonderful, fine-crafted selection of rings that will make anyone speechless. With us you can rest assured that your timeless engagment ring features 100% pure lab created diamonds.

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