Rose Gold Engagement Rings

by Haley Anhut
July 17, 2018

A favorite choice of trendsetters and romantics, rose gold engagement rings are an especially amorous choice. Created by alloying gold with copper, engagement rings of rose gold are considered one of the most romantic choices due to their pinkish-red color. This brilliant, stand-out metal has been a favorite of many fashionistas in the past, but its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. With a range of styles that will accentuate your diamond of choice, our collection of rose gold diamond engagement rings will be sure to stun your special someone.

Clean Origin’s Selection Of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for engagement rings, rose gold is unique, but thankfully not too difficult to find. In fact, when you’re browsing our collection, you’ll find that most of our engagement rings are available in rose gold. This distinctive coloring makes each of our already special settings even more unique. Shop for rose gold bands in our Halo, Classic, Vintage, and Solitaire collections. 

Tips For Buying A Rose Gold Engagement Ring

How do you pick out a rose gold diamond engagement ring? Here are some things to think about as you shop.

Set Off Her Skin Tone — There’s no need to worry about whether the unique color of rose gold will complement your love’s skin. Rose gold highlights the blush undertones in almost every skin tone, ensuring your love will look beautiful no matter how light or dark her skin is. 

Downright Durable — Because rose gold is created from a combination of copper and gold, it has several interesting qualities. One of the most striking features, of course, is its pink coloring. But one of the most practical of its features is its durability; the strength of the copper makes these stunning rings stronger than yellow or white gold.

Before Making A Bold Choice — Most women will absolutely adore a rose gold engagement ring. But before you make the leap and purchase one, check out your significant other’s jewelry. Does she wear a lot of rose gold? Great—go ahead and take the plunge. Does she have gold and silver, but not a lick of rose gold or copper jewelry? Casually ask her opinion on it. Rose gold is not hypoallergenic since it is infused with copper. If your loved one has sensitive skin or a known allergy to copper, she could experience an allergic reaction. Pay attention to the details so that you can make the right choice.  

Rose for Romance — Any engagement ring, rose gold or otherwise, is going to be romantic. After all, you are declaring undying love for someone. But the unique color of rose gold is even more romantic than your typical yellow or white gold—and is sure to make your bride-to-be blush with pleasure. 

History of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Although it’s certainly all the rage now, the metal type, rose gold has been popular in the past, too.

Originally called “Russian gold” because of where it first appeared in the 1800s, rose gold really took off during the Victorian era, a time in which romance was especially celebrated due to the public affection between English monarchs Victoria and Albert. Rose gold dipped in popularity until 1920, when Cartier began selling its Trinity Ring, which incorporated yellow, white and rose gold all in one piece.

A few other brief rises and falls in popularity eventually led to a comeback in the 1950s, when Audrey Hepburn’s husband Mel Ferrer gifted the stylish star a stackable set of engagement and wedding rings in yellow, white, and rose gold.

Today, rose gold’s popularity continues to rise. More and more people are purchasing rose gold jewelry—especially engagement rings, due to their romantic coloring.

You might be wondering, is rose gold real gold? The answer is yes. Although it is an alloy metal, rose gold is definitely real gold, it’s simply been combined with small amounts of copper, which process gives it its distinctive hue. However, because of the way it is made, there is no such thing as 24 carat rose gold—the most common is 14k or 18k.

Celebrities With Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Many famous hands have worn engagement rings made with rose gold, so if you are wondering, “should I get a rose gold engagement ring?” Here are some celebrity examples that might help you decide.

Leighton Meester — The Gossip Girl star kept true to her classy character with her sleek rose gold engagement ring. A gift from husband Adam Brody, the cushion-cut diamond ring made news once it was finally sighted.

Hayden Panettiere — Reportedly designed in part by Hayden herself, Hayden’s ring was a gift from boxer Wladimir Klitschko. The 6 carat, emerald-cut diamond sits on a split-shank rose gold band.

Alison Brie — Given to her by husband Dave Franco, Alison’s rose gold engagement ring features an especially large sparkler. The ring highlights the round-cut diamond with double diamond halos set on a rose gold band—an eye-catching combination.

Teresa Palmer — In a daring move, Teresa’s engagement ring not only has a glamorous rose gold band, but also a rose quartz center stone instead of a diamond. The slim band is covered with French-set diamonds for a modern, yet vintage look.

Naya Rivera — Though her marriage didn’t last, Naya’s rose gold engagement ring is so stunning that she wears it post-divorce. Given to her by actor Ryan Dorsey, the diamond halo ring’s value is estimated at $100,000.