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All About the Engagement Ring Box

by Haley Anhut
Last updated on August 22, 2023
engagement ring box

You’ve picked out the perfect ring, planned the perfect proposal, and now you just need to wait until that perfect day!But how do you keep one of the biggest secrets from your partner, a secret? When you think about proposing, you’re likely thinking about the diamond ring and your partner’s face when they see what you’ve picked out. Often, we forget about the engagement ring box that holds — and conceals — this special piece, but it’s an important part.

No matter what type of proposal you choose to do (on the slopes, at the park, during the holidays surrounded by family and friends), the box you hold this ring in is an integral part of keeping your ring safe until the big day!

Where will you hide your ring?
Where will you hide your ring?

Where to Hide The Ring

The last thing you want before a big proposal is for your significant other to discover the ring!

You want to make sure wherever you choose to hide the ring, it’s in a safe and clean spot. We’ve gathered the best spots to hide an engagement ring and what to do with the ring box.

Hide it Where They Won’t Look

If you live with your partner this can be extra tricky. But if there’s a place in your home that your significant other rarely ventures, that could be the spot!

Take the garage or a place where you keep tools, gear, equipment, etc. Is there a tool chest they would never look in?

Hide the engagement ring box where you keep your gaming gear.

Stow it with your out-of-season clothes they won’t touch for a few months, that could work also.

Tuck it inside an instrument case if you play one.

You can also keep it somewhere else outside of your home. Maybe you have a secure drawer at your office or place of work. That could also be a good place where your partner won’t go without you nearby.

Ask Friends And Family for Help

You could also rely on a very trustworthy friend or family member. Ask them to hold on to the ring. Just know exactly where they put it and ensure you’re able to retrieve it easily.

Keep the ring safe in its own box.
Keep the ring safe in its own box

Keep It Hidden On The Big Day

The day has finally arrived! But now, where can you hide the ring on yourself that is secure and discrete?

This will depend a lot on where you plan to propose. If you’re at home, it’s easy to grab the ring from its hiding place and tuck it away somewhere before the proposal.

However, if you’re going out to a restaurant or anywhere else where you might be dressing up, make sure you have a jacket or coat pocket that can securely hold the box. 

If a jacket is out of the question (hello summer proposals), we love innovative ideas such as The Box Socks. These socks have a pocket that fits a very slim engagement ring box. The box sits securely in the sock until you’re ready to get down on one knee. It is a great design as well as an easy way to keep your proposal a surprise.

One thing we do not recommend is carrying the ring around on its own. As Kim Kardashian showed us, dropping a diamond into the ocean is way too easy. And once you drop it, it might be impossible to retrieve.

Take your time and think ahead. Get a friend or family member involved if need be — you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Get creative with your engagement ring box.
Get creative with your ring box

Unique Engagement Ring Boxes 

You can get very creative with your engagement and wedding ring boxes.

A custom ring box that goes with the decor of your home might encourage your love to save it. They may even want to put it on display.

A velvet ring box is a popular and lavish option. You can have it custom-made in their favorite color.

Another custom option is a wooden ring box. You can dress it up with paint and a polished finish, or add a romantic touch by carving your initials into it.

A glass ring box and a unique geode ring box are also beautiful options. They are sure to impress your love when you get down on one knee. You can find many options made of natural materials including rustic copper or a shimmery silver.

Save the Engagement Ring Box

Store the ring in a box when it isn't being worn.
Store the ring in a box when it isn’t being worn

It’s important to hold onto your engagement ring box after the proposal, as well.

The box is a place to keep the ring when your partner’s not wearing it. This will ensure it is protected. Your engagement ring shouldn’t be floating around a jewelry box or sitting next to a bathroom sink.

Some newly married individuals switch to wearing their wedding band day-to-day. They forget to place their engagement ring back in a secure box. While it may be sparkly, it’s still small. It is an important habit to always keep the ring in the box when you’re not wearing it.

Keeping the box is also important when you want to bring your ring in for a cleaning or resizing. This adds an extra layer of security. It is also a place for the jeweler to keep your ring safe when the appointment is over.

When you travel, bringing something along to store jewelry is always a good idea. Try to keep the ring in its own spot so it will be safe and look new for longer.

On the Wedding Day

The ring box can be used by the ring bearer to keep both the engagement and wedding ring safe and secure before the wedding ceremony.

A secure ring box will make sure the special moment at the end of the aisle goes as smoothly as possible.

Clean Origin Ring Boxes are Made of eco-friendly paper
Clean Origin Ring Boxes are Made of eco-friendly paper

Clean Origin Engagement Ring Boxes

Every Clean Origin ring comes in a low profile box made of eco-friendly paper. It will discreetly fit into almost any pocket.

This pocket engagement ring box, much like our lab grown diamonds, reflects an important part of our mission. We create beautiful, sustainable, and eco-friendly pieces to last a lifetime.

If you purchase a loose diamond, it is secured within an elegant Clean Origin suspension box. Suspended within a transparent window, your diamond will appear to be floating. Velvet engagement ring boxes are also a classic favorite. The soft velvet adds a nice touch to the diamond or gemstone inside!

If you haven’t already chosen a ring, then now is the time to start looking (we also have beautiful jewelry options for wedding anniversary gifts). Shop our collection of beautiful engagement rings and please let us know if you’d like some help. Our jewelry experts are on hand to help you find the perfect ring to go in that beautiful ring box. Set up a virtual appointment, today!