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What Are Low Profile Engagement Rings?

by Sophia Huxley
Last updated on September 21, 2023

Are you looking for a showstopper engagement ring? Go for low profile engagement rings. Their slim design does not get in the way during sports and outlasts all of your other jewelry.

Many take the name literally and assume that low-profile rings come with fewer, smaller diamonds. False! Low or high profile, both types of engagement rings can be glam or understated. The style, size, or amount of stones are not the defining features of a low-profile engagement ring. 

Low profile rings aren’t necessarily understated. They can be gold, silver, vintage-inspired, two-stone, studded entirely with pavé diamonds, or feature a single beautiful stone–like solitaire engagement rings.

What is Low Profile?

The name comes from the diamond’s height from the ring’s band. Low profile engagement rings have a soft flush to the band setting. The point of the diamond rests inside the band rather than on top of it.

You may even notice from a side profile that the band almost thins towards the middle. This creates a small difference in look but is a large change in the ring’s overall construction and effect.

Many low-profile options do not include peghead style settings. So, it can be hard to use your existing ring to upgrade the size or shape of the center diamond. 

Low vs. High Profile: How Can You Tell?

Solitaire bridal set, low profile engagement rings.
Solitaire Bridal Set

There are so many things to consider when looking at wedding rings. Now you’re wondering how you’ll know you’re getting the low-profile ring that meets your needs.

Don’t worry! It is fairly easy to differentiate prospective jewelry as high or low profile rings once you know what you want. The ring’s side view matters most when telling the difference. Clean Origin provides clear pictures of the side view of rings just for this purpose!

Look at the ring setting, the set of prongs holding your diamond and other stones in place in your ring. The center setting, the middle stone retaining prongs, is what you’re most focused on here.

If the prongs extend from the top of the band to hold your diamond, it is a high-profile engagement ring. If it extends from inside the band, settling the diamond lower in the metal, it is a low profile ring. 

Grand Mozart Bridal Set, low profile engagement rings.

Deciding between low and high-profile rings is often a matter of lifestyle and personal preference. That said, here are the pros and cons of low-profile engagement rings!

Why Low Profile?

The pros of a low profile setting are that they are hard to damage and easy to keep sparkling clean. Also, they come in many styles, so you have plenty of options as you shop.

They are not great for additional stackable bands. That is, unless they’re custom matched to the shape of the settings curve since it is dropped lower. This is both a pro and con. Because while you can’t stack with just any ring, it does mean that many low-profile engagement rings are designed to come in a bridal set.

A great example of this is our Grand Mozart Bridal Set. This set comes with a gorgeous low-profile engagement ring and a curved stackable band. Diamonds adorn this band to get all the sparkles you need. The stackable band complements the engagement ring perfectly in a way that most uncurved bands could not.

What to Consider

With low-profile rings, the center stone doesn’t typically hit the light as much. So you’ll miss some of the side bling that a high setting provides. Also, keep in mind that many low-profile options do not have pegheads, so the setting style is a fixed choice. This means you will have to start from scratch to change the shape or size of the center diamond.

While they can still be quite glitzy with large center diamonds, low-profile rings are a practical tradeoff of less light exposure and customization later on in return for protecting your ring from an active, exciting lifestyle. 

Low Profile Engagement Rings

What are Low Profile Bezel Rings?

Tina Bezel Three Stone Ring. Low profile engagement rings.

Low-profile rings come in lots of different styles, but the lowest of the low-profile options is a bezel ring. These types of rings have a band of metal that wraps around the girdle of the diamond, holding it close to the band.

Rings, where the stone seems to be part of the ring and metal is folded around the edges of the stone to keep it in place, are bezel rings. A great example of this is our Tina Bezel Three Stone Ring which has all the trademarks of a bezel set ring. The low-profile setting protects the ring and makes it a better choice for everyday wear.

Many people also love the modern look of bezel rings, but they are not the ring for you if you want to change the diamonds in them later. These rings are meant to hold your diamond forever and no other. The priority with these types of rings is the comfort of wear because any diamond ring will be gorgeous, but not all of them will be functional.

Comfort and Sophistication

Diamond bezel rings. Low profile engagement rings.
Diamond Bezel Rings

Finding a ring can be challenging with so many options, but choosing a ring that best fits you is essential. Bezel cut rings are not just comfortable and pretty; they are also really in style right now due to their modern look that maintains traditional stones in a simple, minimalist fashion. They match every outfit or extra piece of jewelry due to their setting type, making them a fan favorite for most people looking for a beautiful everyday ring. 

Cathedral Settings: The Middle Ground For Many

London Cathedral Solitaire Ring

London Cathedral Solitaire Ring. Low profile engagement rings.

If you’re nervous that a low-profile setting may not give you all the sparkle you need, check out cathedral settings.

These rings have a center stone flanked by two arches of metal that come up the shank. Your stone will lay flusher to your ring base and have all the drama of a high setting. These rings have what looks almost like a basket underneath the arched metal. It’s the perfect ground for extra diamonds, decorative elements inside the structure, and switching up the metal inside.

A great example of this is Clean Origin’s London Cathedral Solitaire Ring. The basket underneath features romantic trellis details, and the diamond sits high but is well protected within the ring. If you want something with less detail work in the basket, there are definitely cathedral rings that appeal to the minimalist in us all.

Beautiful Minimalist Style

Carlisle Cathedral Solitaire Ring. Low profile engagement rings.

While they are great for extra details, some people choose rings like our Carlisle Cathedral Solitaire Ring because they want structural longevity without any added fuss.

Whether your choice of ring is about function, fashion, minimalism, or maximalism, there are rings of all heights, profiles, and designs available for you! Just keep in mind that some styles can be sturdier for certain activities, some are great if you want to change your ring up periodically, and some are perfect for stacking with any bridal band, while others need a custom curved stackable set. 

Clean Origin’s Minimalist Collection

Clean Origin minimalist engagement ring.

If you want something that has exciting sparkle and provides lots of ring protection due to its low profile setting, check out Clean Origin’s Minimalist Engagement Ring Collection.

The jewelry in this collection provides you with the exciting drama of a brilliant diamond ring while protecting the overall setting from getting banged up or snapped off from years of wear and tear. It was designed with the modern minimalist in mind, melding sleek modern styles with traditional stone shapes and arrangements for the contemporary bride. 

There are sixteen items in this collection in total, and all are showstoppers in their own right. Each has a wildly different carat amount, diamond cut, and sitting height. To see so much variation and still be looking at a wide selection of low-profile rings is amazing!

Fashion Meets Function

Low-profile engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes, ranging across all style types. Clean Origin hoped to provide as many options as possible so that couples could find their forever jewelry with us and trust that it not only matches their personal style but it also meets their day-to-day jewelry needs.

Your engagement ring should be as strong as your love, and with a minimal ring, it will last a lifetime. With a Clean Origin ring, you’re committing to a ring made with care for the world, the environment, and your lifestyle. We hope these rings can travel the world with you, face the outdoors, and shine brightly in your hands-on workplace. 

Our Selection Of Low Profile Engagement Rings

June Solitaire Ring

Clean Origin June Solitaire Ring.

If you’re struggling with where to start, here are three Clean Origin options that may help you begin your journey. Each caters to a different personal style, so depending on which ones you enjoy, you’ll have a better answer for which low profile engagement ring is the one for you.

The June Solitaire Ring is a sleek, classic piece with a few modernized elements, such as a thinner band. This piece will likely appeal to someone looking for a modern classic. If you appreciate understated elegance or are a traditional minimalist, this is a great ring! It pairs well with other jewelry, makes a lovely everyday piece, and has a gorgeous round cut diamond so that your ring stands out, no extra glitz necessary. 

Kate Ring

Kate Ring, white gold.

Let’s say you are more of a maximalist, though. If you want something with some gorgeous detailing or a little extra sparkle added in, you might enjoy the Kate Ring.

This ring is elevated by a diamond-lined band and a hidden halo, so your low-profile engagement ring will glitter vibrantly from its low setting.

With forty gemstones, the Kate ring is a beautiful piece for someone who likes to make a statement or someone who enjoys having their jewelry be a necessary accessory. If you want your everyday piece to be an exciting part of your signature style, the Kate Ring may be a stunning fit. 

Cora Solitaire Ring

Cora Solitaire Ring

If you’re looking for something more sparkly than the June Solitaire, but the Kate Ring didn’t have the classically modern feel you loved about the June Solitaire, you should consider the Cora Solitaire.

Combining an updated version of a classic style setting with a modern hidden diamond motif to add to the sparkle, the Cora Solitaire is the best of both worlds. The Cora Solitaire is for someone who likes a bit of sparkle but doesn’t want to overpower their ever-dynamic wardrobe. If your style changes often, or you like having pieces that stand out without every piece being a statement piece, this ring is made for you.

You can have your modern elegance without sacrificing any sparkle with our low-profile engagement rings, and these three are just a few small examples of that.

Caring For Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a cherished symbol of love and commitment. As such, it’s important to properly care for this special piece of jewelry. Be sure to clean it regularly, store it safely when not being worn, and get it professionally inspected each year. Following basic care guidelines will help keep your ring sparkling beautifully for a lifetime.

Build the Perfect Ring

Whatever style you prefer, we have to wait for you. As you peruse the catalog and note what you love, remember that if there isn’t an instant style you want, you can always take your newfound knowledge to our build your ring tabs and create something unique. As you find the ring that is perfect for you, we hope that that means the ring is also ideal for your lifestyle, your style, and your planet.