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Stacked Wedding Rings

by Lucy Coleman
Last updated on September 1, 2023
stacked wedding rings

What do you do when one ring isn’t enough? Buy more! Stacked wedding rings are a fun way to show everyone your love of jewelry and make your fingers feel like royalty.

Not only are stacked rings trending right now, but they’re also very versatile. Stacking wedding bands lets you can change out specific rings based on how you’re feeling. Upgrade your ring collection with stackable rings and say hello to a new world of style.

What Are Stacked Wedding Rings?

A ring stack or stacked rings refers to wearing more than one ring on a single finger. When you stack your rings, you can highlight the special features of each one. Showcase the brilliant diamond on your engagement ring and the twisted or engraved design of your wedding band when you stack.

You can find multiple bands to go above and below your engagement ring. Or you can stack one band with your engagement ring and wedding ring. The possibilities for a ring stack are endless, and we love that you can mix and match whatever rings you have on any given day.

Stack Your Wedding and Engagement Rings

Wedding Bands. Stacked Wedding Rings
Wedding Bands

Traditionally, when couples shop for wedding bands, the groom buys the bride’s wedding band and the bride buys the groom’s. Modern day couples are shopping for their engagement rings and wedding bands together so they can find styles that suit each other.

If you like the look of stacked rings, then it may be a smart idea to shop for a wedding ring that stacks with your engagement ring. This way, you can start building a ring stack that fits your personal style and includes all the rings you plan to wear.

Bridal sets already come with matching stacked engagement rings and wedding bands. So if you haven’t popped the question to your partner yet, check out bridal sets when shopping for the engagement ring.

If you don’t have a bridal set, no worries! You can still easily find a matching wedding band that stacks with your wedding ring. And if your partner wants to match, you can find some couples wedding bands that are easy to stack.

Wedding Ring Enhancers

Enhance your ring. Stacked Wedding Rings.
Enhance Your Ring

Wedding ring enhancers are simple, thin bands that you often stack with your wedding and or engagement ring. A wedding ring enhancer is a great way to spice up your jewelry collection, and it also makes a fantastic gift to give for a special anniversary

What’s the difference between a stackable ring and a wedding ring enhancer? There really isn’t a difference. Both are bands that are designed to be worn with other rings.

Sometimes, you’ll see a collection of wedding ring enhancers from a retailer. These are the same thing as a stackable band that you can pair with your wedding rings.

How Do You Stack Rings With Engagement Rings?

One of our favorite ways to wear stacked rings is to pair your engagement ring with a curved or shaped band that fits around the edge of your diamond.

This will accentuate the diamond and fit perfectly with your engagement ring to create a cohesive look.

Contoured Bands

Epaulette Band. Stacked Wedding Rings.

Contoured bands are simple bands that curve around the gemstone in your diamond ring. A contoured band should complement the shape of the diamond perfectly. It is best to find a contoured band that will sit flush against the band of your engagement ring.

You can either have a band specially made to match your ring or choose one with a similar shape. A contoured band doesn’t always have to fit like a puzzle piece with your engagement ring. There can be some space in between the bands, and many people prefer the look of this.

Notched Bands

Petite Mozart Band.

Notched bands are similar to contoured bands, but they have a sharper notch in the band as opposed to the smooth curve of a contoured band.

These are great to pair with rings with square or rectangular shapes, like an emerald ring or princess cut diamond ring.

Stack Anniversary Bands

The Danica Band.

If you receive or want to buy an anniversary band, keep in mind how it will stack with your other rings. An anniversary band is just a fancy name for a ring you gift to someone on your anniversary.

Many people love showing off their wedding rings with their new anniversary band in a ring stack. While anniversary bands are often not curved, they can still complement your rings beautifully and add extra sparkle with diamonds.

Metals for Stacked Wedding Rings

You can certainly mix metals when you purchase multiple rings. There are no rules for mixing and matching different styles of rings in a ring stack.

We love the look of different metal bands because it can make each one stand out more. Other people like it when things match, and their rings are no different.

If you want to maintain the same metal color, do your due diligence before buying a new ring to make sure the color of the metal exactly matches the ring you already have. If you buy all your rings from the same retailer that only sells high-quality metals, like Clean Origin, you don’t have to worry about getting metals with different hues.

Platinum Stacking Rings

Floral Petal Halo Band in platinum.

Platinum is a very durable and long-lasting metal that is loved by many for its shine and luxurious feel. If you have a platinum engagement ring, wearing additional rings that are also made of platinum is a good choice.

Platinum is one of the most expensive and highest-quality metals for jewelry. If you have a platinum engagement ring, you’ll enjoy the feel of another luxurious platinum band to stack with it.

Yellow Gold Stacking Rings

Windermere Trellis Band in yellow gold.

Yellow gold is a popular metal for rings, and it gives a stunning pop of color that complements warm skin tones.

A yellow gold band can be either studded with diamonds or plain. The Windermere Trellis Band is a stunning ring that has classic prong-set diamonds around the edge. These beautiful lab grown diamonds make the ring look like an elegant crown.

White Gold Stacking Rings

11 Stone Milgrain Channel Diamond Ring in white gold.

White gold is the classic metal if you want the look of fine silver jewelry. It is delicate and adds elegance to any look.

White gold goes with almost any other color, so it’s really easy to pair with your wedding ring or another favorite ring you have.

The 11 Stone Milgrain Channel Diamond Ring is a channel set band with detailing along the edges of the channel. This band comes in white gold and is a simple straight band to add to your ring stack.

Rose Gold Stacking Rings

Louella Band_Rose Gold

Rose gold is a color that oozes love and romance, so gifting a rose gold band is the perfect way to say “I love you” to your partner. You also don’t have to wait for someone to gift you the rose gold band of your dreams. You can gift it to yourself because you deserve it!

The Louella Band is a thin band with two baguette diamonds flanked by small round diamonds. In rose gold, this ring is very romantic and dainty and makes a perfect addition to your wedding ring.

How to Shop For Stackable Wedding Bands

Find a retailer like Clean Origin that sells stackable rings in different styles. This way, you can choose whichever one strikes your fancy. It’s all about trying out new combinations of ring stacks and seeing what you like before deciding on the best ring stack.

What’s great about ring stacks is that you can mix and match different bands, so you never have to commit to just one style.

Stackable rings tend to be more affordable than diamond engagement rings, so you can add even more to your collection and pick and choose what rings you want to wear every day.

Shop stackable rings at Clean Origin for 100% ethical and responsibly sourced jewelry that will be yours for a lifetime.