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Best Engagement Rings for a Sagittarius

by Haley Anhut
Last updated on June 21, 2023
sagittarius engagement rings

Known for being independent and natural-born leaders, Sagittarians are always up for an adventure. They love the outdoors, are naturally curious, and free-spirited. Sagittarius’ element is fire, which speaks to their enthusiasm for life, honesty, and adventure. A Sagittarius is generally very positive and open-minded, which they apply to their own life as well as to their relationships. With their partner, they are always up to keep things interesting and adventurous. While loving and independent, a Sagittarius won’t fall head over heels for just anyone. They only fall in love quickly when the other person is really perfect for them. But once they know they’ve found the one, they move full speed ahead. And if you’re a Sagittarius, apparently your best romantic match is the lucky Libra, but we’ll let you decide if that’s true or not. Sagittarius rule the legs and thighs, so moving their bodies and getting outside is extremely important to them. But all in all, they make great friends and lovers, being spontaneous, full of laughter, and valuing honesty above all else. Some of the most famous Sagittarius’ are Scarlet Johansson, Miley Cyrus, Jay-Z, Chrissy Teigen, Britney Spears, Jaime Foxx, and Taylor Swift! If you’re looking for the best engagement ring to fit the Sagittarius in your life, browse our top picks, below!

Arielle Ring

Sagittarius style is feminine and polished, so a classic style engagement ring will be a perfect choice. Our Arielle Ring has a beautiful east-west set oval diamond, with 22 accent stones set along the rings sleek 1.7mm band. We love this ring in white gold and platinum. 

St. Tropez Ring

For the Sagittarius in your life that really embraces the free-spirit life, choose a ring that is truly eye-catching. Our St.Tropez Ring is unique with two rows of lab-created diamonds that twist up to the center diamond. Opt for a less than traditional metal, like rose gold to reflect this fire signs passion for flair. 

Lumiere Ring

Your Sagittarius S/O may be adventurous, and always ready to jet off or join in on an activity. Choose a ring that will stand up to her active lifestyle by picking a setting that will protect her precious diamond. Our Lumiere Ring features a half bezel setting, which will protect that center round diamond. Not to mention, you’ll get some extra sparkle as the delicate 1.55mm band is decorated with accent stones. 

Pave Set Pear Shape Halo

This fire sign loves attention and should have a ring that is equally attention-grabbing. Make a statement with our Pave Set Pear Shape Halo. Featuring a stunning pear center diamond, surrounded by a reverse-tapered band of lab-created diamonds, this is a ring that has plenty of sparkle!

Floral Petal Halo Ring

For the Sag in your life that loves the great outdoors, surprise her with our Floral Petal Halo Ring. Decorated with flower petal shaped channels that rise up to the round center diamond. A stunning ring in any metal.