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Sustainable Couples Wedding Bands

by Lucy Coleman
Last updated on October 17, 2023
couples wedding bands

Exchanging vows on your wedding day is not complete without the perfect set of wedding rings that go together like you and your partner. Couples’ wedding bands represent your true love and commitment to each other for the rest of your lives. By using recycled precious metals like gold and platinum, the bands from Clean Origin are a sustainable choice that eliminates the guilt of shopping for a diamond. With that, you can be sure the rings you purchase are exactly what you envisioned without guilt.

Matching Wedding Bands

Arden Diamond Band
Arden Diamond Band

Wearing matching wedding rings is a way for a couple to express their love. These matching bands are a way for them to remind themselves of the deep affection they have for each other. Couples’ wedding rings are also an outward expression of their relationship. When shopping for wedding bands, consider a wedding ring set to remind you of the special bond between you and your partner.

Nico Diamond Band
Nico Diamond Band

Nowadays, men have more options for a wedding ring than a simple band. You can look for unique men’s wedding bands and still find the perfect match for hers. If you are on a budget, there are plenty of affordable wedding band options to choose from without sacrificing quality or style.

Mix-and-Match Wedding Bands

Couples Wedding Bands
Couple Wedding Jewelry

When it comes to the perfect match, consider each partner’s personal style. It’s okay to mix and match styles for wedding bands.

Your wedding bands can be made of various metals, including yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, and titanium. It’s important to decide on a durable metal that will last for years, especially if you will wear the bands every day.

You may want to match your wedding band with jewelry, like necklaces or other accessories. Or you may want to match it with certain pieces of clothing or everyday outfit staples. Consider as many extraneous variables as necessary to get the ring set that will commemorate your special day and complement each one after.

Pairing Suggestions

Purchase both options in the same metal, and the combination is sure to be seen as a perfect pair.

Add a Customization to Your Rings

Some couples choose to have their wedding bands engraved with meaningful messages, wedding dates, or initials. Even if you don’t engrave your rings at first, if you have another new date you want to engrave, you can always add it later. These extra details can be specific to each person to add individuality to the matching bands.

Bridal Sets

Opera Bridal Set
Opera Bridal Set

Bridal sets include the wedding band and engagement ring in a perfectly matching set. This is a great way to get a matching wedding band for an engagement ring without having to worry about matching the style later on.

Since wedding band sets come with both rings, be certain you or your partner likes the style of both rings. You should also be sure you want to wear them as a set. There are many ways to wear your wedding rings, and some people may not want to wear both at the same time.

The good thing about bridal sets is that you don’t have to shop for engagement rings and wedding rings separately. Additionally, you may get a better price when buying a bridal set. The rings will also perfectly match in terms of the color of the metal, style, and details.

One con is you’ll likely have to shop for a men’s wedding band. If you want your bands to match, it may be hard to find a wedding band to match the bridal set.

A Wedding Band Set That Mirrors the Power of Your Love

Quiet Beauty Wedding Band
Quiet Beauty Wedding Band

You’ll wear your wedding bands for the rest of your life. So, above anything else, be sure you love them.

Clean Origin offers an extensive collection of wedding bands featuring lab grown diamonds set in recycled gold and platinum. Ranging from 14k to 18k, these rings offer superior durability thanks to their high-quality precious metals. Couples can choose from classic white, yellow, and rose gold hues as well as platinum for their bands. The lab grown diamonds adorning the bands are created sustainably in a lab, providing all the sparkle and brilliance of a mined diamond without the questionable mining practices.

Whether seeking a simple solitaire band or an embellished anniversary ring, Clean Origin’s recycled metals and ethical lab diamonds create wedding bands that make a meaningful statement about craftsmanship and sustainability. We hope you find the perfect pieces that are more than just a symbol of your wedding ceremony but speak to your loving relationship forever.